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Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review and Guide

Hey guys! Today I’m going to give you an unbiased review of one of the best Digital piano that is Yamaha P115 digital Piano. I hope this review will help you in taking a right decision for your purchase. So then make it convenient for you to decide which digital piano you should go for!

Yamaha is a brand which is known for its quality for so long. It is one of the largest piano companies. So, its standard products give you some extra pleasant than others at the same cost. Yamaha ensures the durability of their product by giving an extended time of warranty. So let’s have a glance at Yamaha P115 Digital piano.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: Width 1326mm, Height 163mm, Depth 295mm
  • Number of keys: 88
  • Keys Type: GHS keyboard
  • Touch sensitivity: Hard/medium/soft/fixed
  • Number of Voices: 14
  • Key size: Full
  • Connectivity: DC in 12V, Headphones standard, Sustain pedal, USB to HOST Port
  • Piano Sound: Pure CF Sound Engine
  • Number of preset songs: 14 demo songs and 50 piano songs
  • Rhythms: 14
  • Pianist styles: 10

Yamaha P115 Digital piano  Reviews:

The P115 Digital Piano is a top-selling Piano of Yamaha in its class, mainly in the US. Yamaha has covered some of the features that make it a top-selling piano. Let’s start with the kind of mechanics of it and see what’s so special in  it:

Graded Hammer Standard Keys:

Yamaha P115 comes with 88 keys or so like an acoustic piano. Its key bed is a Graded Hammer Standard which is little heavier on the lower register and a little lighter on the higher register. It’s great for beginner pianist to get used to that muscular action of the weighted keys.


Now, in terms of connectivity, it consists of two Piano headphones outputs on the very front. So, if you want to practice silently by yourself, with a friend or with your teacher, then you can do that without any hesitation. On the back connectivity, it has separate audio left and right outputs that allows you to use it for live performance. You also get a sustain pedal input and PA150 Power supply with this piano.

USB to HOST Port:

It has a USB to HOST port on the back through which you can communicate directly with your computer or your IOS Device. It means after any recording or performance you can send data without trouble. The AUX Out jacks allow audio to be sent to an external amplifier for powerful performances during live events, parties or different occasions.

Controller App:

Yamaha P115 possesses its own Controller App for IOS devices allowing you to easily control many functions in your digital piano. It adds a rich, graphic user interface allowing for quick and easy navigation and configuration. Plus, you can easily save your favorite settings through this, for quick recall at any time.

Pure CF Sound Engine:

In terms of the sound, the p115 actually has a pure CF Sound Engine and what that means is it took very close measurements of CF 3s. So you can enjoy the best-selling acoustic piano sound. Besides this, you get built-in speakers, which sound great, where you’ve 13 other voices you can choose. So then, you’ll have mixtures of staged pianos, electronic pianos, strings, vibraphone etc.  

Energy Saver and 192 Note Polyphony:

You can also save resources or energy with the help of its convenient auto power off feature. Here, you’ve 192 note polyphony, which is obviously a high range. Polyphony is the number of notes that can simultaneously be played. So 192 notes basically let you sustain a lot of notes and play a lot of stuff in real time without any notes dropping out, which is kind of an industry standard.

Built-in Song Recorder:

It also has soft built-in song recorder and two tracks for that so you can have a left part in the right part, plus you can record the idea whenever you want and be creative by that way.

Pianist Styles:

This Yamaha p115 have pianist styles which are basically paginated in different ways whatever you play. So if you play a chord or a note, then it’ll kind of fill in with other notes, which are complimenting the style that you’re planning.

As having all these features, this piano is ideal for home, home-studio or even stage use. Now you can find new ways to enjoy your this model, by using iPad functions that can only be possible with a modern digital instrument!


  • Best buy for Price
  • Great quality for all ages and skills
  • Sounds amazing and audio output is very crisp
  • Well-built Keyboard with properly weighted keys
  • Easily portable
  • Have volume control and recording function
  • Also has Midi Port
  • Good range
  • Covers less space and have easy setup


  • There is no visual display
  • A pedal is not stable or fixed


The Yamaha P115 is the best choice for both beginners and advanced pianist. It is fairly portable, has weighted keys to mimic the feel of a real piano. It feels very real to the touch, has a nice rich sound, plus you’ll like the recording/playback option, metronome and the voice options of this piano.

It’s a built-in metronome which you can say that is essential for practice on so many instruments. You can also change it to drum rhythm for practice or performance, which is more fun than the metronome sound. The built-in instruments are limited, but that is a good thing on one side, as it helps you to stay focused on piano.

It actually plays much better than some cheap acoustic pianos. It features both MIDI IN and OUT which is the reason why it is so important when practicing one hand of a song. While Synthesia will play the other hand on your keyboard.

Well, the built-in speakers are not so great but you can use headphones while playing. So it doesn’t affect that much as if you consider the standard of this instrument. Moreover, connecting it to a dedicated sound system would fix that issue.

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