best 308 scopes

Best 308 Scopes In 2018 Buyer’s Guide | Cartvela

Before talking about best 308 scopes lets know about the history of Ar 308. Introduced way back in 1952, the .308 Winchester is a bottleneck and rimless rifle cartridge. After the announcement of these cartridges, Winchester’s .308 rifles particularly model 70 and model 88 became widespread. Formerly developed for the battlefield and then used to hunt in forests, it[…]

best 308 ar scopes

Nikon Buckmaster II Review | Best 308 Ar Scopes to Buy in 2018

Nowadays Ar 10 optics is seen to be the most important development in rifle accuracy. When 308 Ar Scopes was not invented, most of the marksmen are forced to aim and secure their targets through the iron sights. On a current note, this process can be very hard to master and can cause too many inconsistencies in the shoot.[…]