How to connect Bluetooth headphone to Xbox One
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How to connect Bluetooth Headphone to Xbox One

How to connect Bluetooth headphone to Xbox One

How to connect Bluetooth Headphone to Xbox One

Bluetooth headphone is quite common nowadays, not only for music and media purposes, these headphones are very common among gamers too. They are becoming an obsolete and popular style of headphones as they work perfectly with many of the gaming devices. But why do they cause trouble when they are connected to Xbox One or Xbox One X? The reason behind this is Xbox One lacks on a couple of features, among those features one is the inability of connecting the Bluetooth heading and earphone to the console.

But don’t you worry, today we are here with the article which can resolve this Bluetooth headphone issue. These headphones are only of one kind, but there are many types of headphone which offer different types of features. Some of these headphones come with a built-in microphone that supports in-game chat and others are designed with intricate sound and gaming design. Unfortunately, not all earphones are compatible with the gaming console.


Xbox One doesn’t have an integrated Bluetooth chip installed, which is why it is more difficult to develop a connection between headphones and gaming console.

You are here for an ultimate solution to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One, and we are glad that we could be a great help to you. Stick till the end of the article and follow the steps as written, and you will probably get to set up and complete your gaming environment. Before the procedure to connect the headphone to the device, there is something that might be useful to you. So first, discuss them, and then we will list the method to connect the headphone to Xbox One.

Is the Bluetooth chip installed in Xbox One?

Bluetooth headphones are an important ally by which you can take full of gaming. You can’t connect Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth headphones directly to Xbox One. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided not to place a Bluetooth connectivity option in Xbox One. Bluetooth isn’t a part of this console because it’s slow in terms of sound interaction with gamers. So, they discovered a faster way to bring sound to gamers.

They said the Bluetooth is not necessary, while they developed other faster ways of sound transmission which is through a wireless system.

Why can’t Bluetooth headsets be used as in Xbox One?

We can’t state the main reason for the unavailability of Bluetooth connectivity option in Xbox One because Microsoft themselves hasn’t specified any reason, why Xbox one doesn’t support Bluetooth. Microsoft should think about the Bluetooth connectivity option in the next gaming machine, as PS4 comes with Bluetooth connectivity option.

You play games while sitting on a sofa, right? So surely there would be a distance between you and LCD so you can’t use wired headphones for such long distances. To overcome this issue, we are here to tell you that how can you avoid wired headphones which become a great distraction in-between game.

Can wireless Bluetooth headphones be used with an Xbox One?

The answer is YES. You must be lucky because Microsoft didn’t take that option from gamers so they can easily connect their wireless headset and enjoy the game.

You can easily connect the wireless headphones by the help of a USB adaptor. You will have to plug-in USB adaptor to the controller and then connect the headphones to the adaptors, then you can easily enjoy your game.

Now, without any further delay, let’s dive into the main topic.

How to connect Bluetooth headphone to Xbox One

  1. Connect adaptor to the controller

To generate a link between an Xbox One and headphone or headset, you need to plug a 3.5-millimeter audio plug right into the audio jack which is placed beneath the controller, at the left of the directional pad. The audio is in the shape of a hole. Microsoft offers a one headset stereo adapter just because you can easily connect your Bluetooth device to the console. Unfortunately, this feature is only limited to the device that was made after 2015. So we are sorry if you have a controller of the older model, you have to buy a new controller.

  1. Connect headphone cable to the adaptor

Get a One headset stereo adaptor and connect it to the controller through the USB input which is located in the lower side of the controller. When you connect the adaptor to the controller, you need to connect the headphone to the jack of the input of the adaptor. Right there, you have the advantage to regulate the volume of the game, while the headphone can regulate overall volume.

  1. Third-party adaptors

Talking about the third party adaptors, they look a bit different, but they work in the same way. The only difference is that these third party adaptors also come in 2.5 millimeters to 3.5 millimeters cable which is an advantage because these adaptors will allow you to connect it to the Xbox 360 headset for party chat to Xbox One.

By the help of joypad

You can also connect another joypad to the controller. Still, you will have an option to connect a headset to the controller. But now you have to connect through the joypad, and you will find a 3.5-millimeter audio jack in the joypad. With the joypad being connected, you will not only be able to use audio, but you can also handle party management commands directly from the controller.

Things to note

There are following points you should note and take care of:

  • It’s not possible to generate a direct link between Xbox one and headphones. The only way to connect the headphone and Xbox One is to connect by through detours.
  • On the lower part of your controller, there is a round connector to connect the headphone.
  • First, connect the adaptor into the USB port and then connect jack cable to the adaptor.
  • Another, easy and simple option to connect a headphone to Xbox One is to use a Bluetooth adaptor with battery and connect it to the controller.

The procedure written above is a simple and easy way by which you can connect your headphone to your Xbox One. These adaptors usually used in car radios. After you built a connection through 3.5 mm jack, make sure that you properly attach the adaptor to the controller so that the adaptor doesn’t hang from the controller.

Connecting headphone by RCA cable

If you own headphone whose cable is Radio Co-operation of America (RCA) cable, then you can directly connect the headphone to your monitor. But it’ll be quite disturbing because some headphones won’t offer you a long distance when you plug them. If you sit close to your monitor, then you are good to go but if your monitor is far away, then you might consider buying new headphones.

There are some USB Bluetooth adaptors which are old fashioned or clunky and don’t offer the microphone function, and it means you won’t be able to communicate with your other players.

So, that’s all of the procedure for connecting the headphones to the Xbox One. If you own PS4 and little confused about the procedure of connecting the Bluetooth headphones to the PS4, then we have something for you too. Let me tell you that connecting Bluetooth headphones with PS4 is far easier than Xbox One.

Yes, Sony allows user to connect Bluetooth headphones directly to console. Except for PCs and PS4, you won’t any other gaming console with the feature to connect headphone and Bluetooth. Nintendo Switch also doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity option. Maybe it is because when these consoles were manufacturing, Bluetooth wasn’t as popular as they are now.

How to connect Bluetooth headphone to Xbox One 

First things first make sure your Bluetooth headphone is compatible with xbox one , because not all Bluetooth headphone is connectable to xbox one . Don’t worry we have written another way too by which you can connect those Bluetooth headphones to the console who aren’t compatible with the console. But first, let me tell you the basic method of connecting the headphone to xbox one .

To connect both devices, you have turned on both devices. Then go the “settings” panel from xbox one , there you will an option of “Devices” click on it, then go for the “Bluetooth devices” and search for you. Wait until the console searches and find your Bluetooth headphone. If you can’t find Bluetooth headphone, you can also start manual searching, and it works by pressing the power button and lamp will start to flash. Now surely your console will find your headphone and icon will appear to pair and connect them. First, the console will ask you to pair and headphones, when paired you can connect them to PS4

As we told you that not every Bluetooth headphone is compatible with PS4, the console won’t be able to find the device if it’s cot compatible with the console. Note that there is a limit of devices you can connect if you reach the limit you have to disconnect the previously connected devices so that you can connect the new devices.

How to connect unsupported Bluetooth headphone with Xbox One 

If your wireless headphones aren’t on the official list of Xbox One compatible devices. Then don’t worry, we have got a way to go in. You will need an audio cable with a built-in microphone. Almost all the Bluetooth devices have it.


  • Connect the Bluetooth headphones and the PS4 controller with a 3.5 mm audio cable and then turn on the headset.
  • Now, go the settings panel and repeat the process aforementioned that is settings> Devices> Bluetooth devices. There you will find your Bluetooth headphones, and you have activated it.
  • Once activated, go back to the “Devices” menu and select “Audio Devices” button.
  • In the “Audio devices” select output device and then headphones connected to the controller.
  • Now, select the “output to headphone” and make sure to select the all audio option as against to “chat audio.”
  • You are good to go now, and this procedure works with most of the devices.

Connect through a USB adaptor

These USB adaptors are very useful, and they can be used to connect Bluetooth devices to different devices Xbox One included.

  • Connect the USB adaptor to the USB port of your PS4. Make sure the device the adaptor is turn on so the PlayStation can identify it.
  • Then go to settings> Devices > Audio Devices.
  • Select output devices then select USB headset.
  • Select the “output to headphone” option then select “All audio.”
  • That’s all folks, enjoy your game.

Best headphones for Xbox One. 

As we all are aware of how important headphones are while gaming. And the market is full of these headphones which makes it very difficult for one to decide which will be the best headphone for him. So to save your time, best headphones for Xbox has listed below.

  • Steelseries Arctis 9X
  • Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
  • Razer Nari Ultimate
  • Microsoft Xbox One Official Stereo Headset
  • Creative SoundBlaster H6
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2
  • Turtle Beach Stealth 700
  • Corsair HS35
  • Beyerdynamic Custom Game.

Here is a list of top-rated headphone at a glance.

The ending line

For now, Adaptors is the only way by which you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One. If you have an Xbox One controller with 3.5 mm jack, you will just to need to cable to plug it in and you are good to go. But if your controller doesn’t have a 3.5 mm cable, then you will need to buy a new controller.


#1 – How do wireless headphones connect to Xbox One?

We can connect wireless headphones by the help of USB adaptor. USB adaptor needs to be attached in a controller and then you can connect headphones to Xbox One.

#2- Can I use Bluetooth headphones on Xbox one?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One by the help of audio cable or USB adaptor.

#3- Which Xbox One controller has Bluetooth?

Xbox One S Wireless Bluetooth Controller TF5-00001 (White, 1708) comes with a built-in microphone.

#4- Do all Xbox controllers have Bluetooth?

No, all of the controllers doesn’t have Bluetooth. Built-in Bluetooth can be found in the latest controller like Xbox One S Wireless Bluetooth Controller TF5-00001 (white, 1708).

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