How I Can Use WhatsApp On My Laptop
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How I Can Use WhatsApp On My Laptop

Are You working on Laptop and want to use WhatsApp on your laptop to avoid phone usage? Here I will tell you How I Can Use WhatsApp On My Laptop? Being one of the great messaging applications throughout the Smartphone world, it has got more than 1.6 billion active users worldwide. Along with sending messages, it enables you to share videos, images, files, etc. like a regular SMS; you don’t need to worry about message delivery either. Updating you regularly, it delivers messages instantly, if your opponent has an active WiFi or data. Almost all OS stores have WhatsApp application.

Wait! Here you must be thinking that this awesome app is only for the Smartphone users, so what’s the point of discussing it here. Well, we have got good news for you. WhatsApp messenger application can even use in a PC or a laptop. It’s beneficial when our Smartphone is having some issues, and we are unable to use it so that we can have an alternate in our PC or laptop for it.

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So in this article, we are going to give you step by step instructions of how to use WhatsApp on your laptop.

How I can use WhatsApp on my laptop

WhatsApp can use in 2 ways on a computer

  1. Using WhatsApp directly in a browser
  2. Installing and downloading its application in your laptop.

How To Use Whatsapp On Window 7 or Window XP?

Installing WhatsApp your operating system must be Windows 8.1 or newer. It can’t fit on Windows 7 or XP.

How WhatsApp installation on windows 8.1 or newer version

By following 3 simple steps, you can install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1 or later release

  1. By visiting WhatsApp official website and then click download page and you will get the .exe file.
  2. When the file saved in the download section, open the file WhatsApp.exe for completing the download process.
  3. Launch and match the QR code and start using it.

How I Can Use WhatsApp On My Laptop

How WhatsApp installation on MACOSX 10.9 or newer version

  1. By visiting WhatsApp official website and then click download page, you will get the .zip file.
  2. After download, open the zip file for using WhatsApp.
  3. After installation, it asks you either you want to save it in desktop dock or application folder.
  4. Launch and match the QR code and start using it.

How to use WhatsApp on PC/Laptop

As smartphones are unreliable and can be easily damaged anytime by falling or breaking, it’s better to download WhatsApp on your PC and have it on an ultra full monitor screen. For staying connected with your loved ones and for avoiding the distraction by constant ring of a phone, using WhatsApp in PC/Laptop is an easy way out.

By following four simple steps, you can start using you WhatsApp on PC.

  1. : Installing the Blue Stack App player; First of all you need to install the “Blue Stack App player.”
  2. Installing Thin Blue Stack App player; Now download the version Thin Blue Stack APP player, but you have to make sure that at least 2 GB of free space is available for installing it, otherwise, it will give an error.
  3. Downloading WhatsApp on PC; open all messaging applications and select WhatsApp and download it. After this, you can start using it.
  4. Download WhatsApp and configure it on PC; for opening the WhatsApp messenger, click the WhatsApp icon and agree to their terms and conditions. By verifying your mobile number, get started by using WhatsApp on your PC or laptop.

Final verdict:

I hope I have made everything clear of how to use WhatsApp on a laptop. Now you can stay connected with family and friends by using WhatsApp on your computer.

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