Gechic, being a well-known Taiwan native company never ever fails to verily impress the customers with its new products due to their innovation and novel specifications as compared to many other brands in market. Once again it is in the market with another wide diverse range of Portable monitors with great quality, durability, and innovation. The very own Flicker-Free technology & the Blue Light Filter verily enables to minimize the eye strain during longer work sessions and viewing durations. With its trusted warranty protection and the overwhelmingly awesome View Sonic product make quality makes this a very high-performance and a diverse option multi-touch definitely displays a very long-term induction of investment for the most useful touch applications in these monitors. This GeChic 1503I portable monitor is loaded with a compact and a slim sleek design which allows the user to connect it with the various devices, applications which include the laptops, game consoles, PCs, computer sticks and HDMIs with the wireless display adapters.  GeChic 1503I has diverse multiple display connectors like the known HDMI and VGA. It also tends to support the rear port connector that mainly allows the wires stay hidden in rear side of portable monitor.  In weight it numbers out to be 2.34lbs, being about 1.2cm in thickness and dual built-in speakers.

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Features Gechic Portable Monitor!

  • Resolution

Having an HD 1366 x 768 advanced resolution and a broad 15.6″ widescreen as well as a 16:9 display is designed to add as a quick addition to your personal devices, upon adding the basic feature of using it in the landscape and portrait mode it has been a source of useful features for you. This monitor is specialized to feature about 200 cd/m² level brightness and about 400:1 contrast ratio. It allows a wide range of viewing angles of nearly 20° and 45° for all four directions  giving you a really amazing life experience of  acute ,sharp, and all very  clear images.

The GeChic monitor is indeed a very high-class portable monitor as it does not lack a single kind of performance expectation for the valued users. The ultra-high slim and very lightweight design of monitor makes it a very portable. It has also has come with a lot of improvements and features than its predecessor. While fulfilling the basic requirement of a portable monitor screen. GeChic also offers a great view experiences to you because of its full HD IPS resolution feature.

  • Rear Dock Expansion:

This 1503 series is equipped with a very unique rear dock connector that consists of the power, displays, and all system configuration signals at its rear sides. This monitor can be used verily in a conjunction with the variety of many HDMI compatible and a supported device that includes laptop, gaming console, mini-PCs, compute sticks, and more.

  • Detachable Stand:

The standard detachable stand that allows the monitor to be kept placed in a horizontal or vertical position; also it offers a variety of different angles that includes 72°, 62°, and 52°.

  • Diverse Multi-Mount Kit:

The Multi-Mount Kit is mainly designed for the 1503 series to verily support its VESA100 industrial standard. It can be secured verily with a monitor arm but also enables you to fasten it with a camera tripod of about 1/4” screw hole.

Key Characters:

  • The perfect and efficient digital interactive signage is the key feature of Gechic monitor.
  • Digitized document sign feature entails it to be useful feature for this monitor.
  • Productive output is targeted in form of displays.
  • Small audience and group tasks are easily managed using these smaller portable monitors.

Wireless Media Sharing:

  • The Gechic monitors are verily supported to connect with chrome books and Mac book.
  • You can verily stream all your main multimedia images and the music directly to portable display.

Accessories in package:

Following are the main accessories and supported ports available with the Gechic monitors.

These are listed as follows…

  • USB-A to USB-C power and touch signal cable (1.2m) .
  • Philips Screw_Black(M2x3.2mm
  • HDMI-A to micro-HDMI video cable (1.2m) .
  • Protective Cover*1~ Stand*1 ~5V-2A adapter.
  • USB-A(male) to USB-A(female) power cable(1.2m) .



  • It offers many multiple connectivity options for devices.
  • It is portable and easy to handle.
  • It is a diverse option device for users.
  • It is verily user friendly with easy manual operations.


  • The main negative point is it’s no touch screen feature.
  • It is not VESA compatible.

Final Conclusion:

Thus we conclude by considering all above factors that indeed this portable monitor is a useful and efficient device for the use of office purpose as well as longer sessions of work for personal use. It is easily available on Amazon in great economical price ranges. Such products by Gechic are always a source of elevated product likings by customers for the company. Portable monitors have now verily reduced the use of ordinary desktop monitors due to their key features of easy handling and use.

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