Gechic 2501H Portable Hdmi Monitor Review

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Portable Monitors nowadays are verily efficient to perform as compared to the older versions of monitors. Gechic 2501H HDMI portable monitor is one of the best options available as portable monitors in the present market.

Being the best portable monitor, it entails many ambient features which induce you to buy it not only because of its performance and a specialized functionality but also due to the economical range in which it is available in the market. A wide 15.6” display screen with an overwhelmingly brilliant full HD 1920×1080 resolution is the first most attraction for the users.

This monitor comes up with an enhanced 250cd/m2 brightness level that induces a very ambient display for the viewer. The contrast ratio for this Gechic 2501H comes up about 400:1 and a high range 262K colors with the key correct color depth feature that helps you to professionally edit photos and videos very efficiently.

The monitor comes with a well-known latest IPS panel technology that entails pure image quality and a higher level of precision in the image. Its viewing angle is 1600 that gives it an optimal gaming and high-quality video play for about one or more users viewing at different angles of the monitor. A user-friendly manual for color adjustments and toning is available for color temperature settings. You can enjoy this monitor features as it is elevating supported with many USB-enabled devices used in common practice like laptops, nearly all smartphones, tabs, PS4, Xbox consoles, DSLR cameras, MacBook, and even with any device of your likings. The standard HDMI and VGA inputs are available in it that allows its use easy for a normal user to use it.

Gechic 2501H Design

The Gechic 2501H is a complete loaded full HD portable monitor that is USB powered having a fine matt-black attractive body. The slim and sleek design that makes it an efficient, lightweight device weighing about 1.72lbs which is very useful for users who prefer lightweight devices due to traveling and office work sessions. Adding a protective covering for it increases its weight a little bit but that does not affect its portable mobility nature for the ease of using. You can carry it as an external monitor too long distant places, and anywhere you want just due to its key features of slim and lighter build.

All DC power, HDMI, and the VGA are located on its right side of the display. Buttons for different functions for the ease of use are available on the right side. The arrangement and organization of buttons are done in an essay accessible pattern for the users. The two inbuilt powerful speakers are placed at its back. Having a plastic body definitely makes it a bit delicate, but, summing up, the general design of Gechic 2501H is a very efficient and well-organized with great quality built and finishing.

Accessories in the box:

  • The Gechic 2501H being a Portable Monitor has one protective cover stand with it.
  • One USB cable and a single HDMI cable
  • User manual for the ease and guidance of user.
  • A 5V-2A charger with high-performance features of fast charging.

These accessories enable you to use the monitor with all its best extent of performance and output. USB cable that comes with it is a high-performance cable that doesn’t distort or disturbs the video quality when used with another device like mobiles, laptops, tabs, etc. The charger is capable of fast charging to assure your usage of a monitor for the longer term and short charging sessions.

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Features of Gechic 2501H portable HDMI monitor :

Gechic 2501H features are combinedly in the table below…

Panel Type




Response Time

17.5 ms





Viewing Angles

80/80/80/80 U/D/R/L


1.72 lbs.



  • User-friendly handling and operations.
  • High-level full HD resolution loaded with ambient IPS technology.
  • The lightweight built design makes it greatly portable as compared to heavy monitors.
  • Brilliant picture quality and minor details are clear without and scum, or blur edges
  • Wide viewing angles for multiple user ease and efficient displays.
  • No touch screen options for you so you have to operate it using buttons and connected devices.


Final Verdict:

Having a plastic body and a bit slower response time as compared to some other monitors of this category, the Gechic 2501H entails all good characters for being the first choice of a buyer. Its key lightweight design, excellent picture resolutions, bout 99.9% color reproduction feature, and many other marvelous loaded features in this monitor makes it the best choice for you to enjoy great experiences of good image quality an lightweight portable monitor. Thus we conclude that Gechic 2501 H is a best rated and advisable choice for people who seek portability with the high build quality and performance features in a monitor. It is easily available at Amazon with an economical price range that allows you to get a lot more in reasonable financial ranges.

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