GeChic 1303I Review | Touch Screen Portable Laptop Monitor

Gechic 1303I Review

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GeChic 1303I is a lightweight touchscreen monitor with an HDMI and efficient VGA Inputs allowing you to use this portable monitor with your laptop, DSLR cameras, cell phones, mini PCs, and other such devices. It has a 1920×1080 resolution range, with about 2lbs in weight, 1.1cm in length and a great dual built-in speaker feature. The GeChic 1303I is your very smart latest touchscreen and portable monitor in choice range.


Ethic 1303i is a 13.3 inches and 1080p Touchscreen Portable Monitor. It has an HDMI, a VGA connector option. The new Inputs Ethic 1303i is the currently available latest model in range with the best and highest resolution. This being a USB-powered monitor verily has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The exclusive “True Color display” feature of (16.7M colors) for an extremely stunning color projection and precision is present. Ethic 1303i is verily suitable for all Windows users, professional gamers and traditional Apple users who require a great high resolution loaded portable monitor with an exceptional screen performance level. Compatible with: MacBook’s, Mac Minis, Gaming Console, Raspberry, the Go Pros via all HDMI or specialized VGA ports. This monitor’s touchscreen functions are certified by Windows and compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10.

Main Attractions for You:

FHD IPS Panel:

Using this full efficient HD 1080p IPS panel in range, the 1303I efficiently provides a 1920×1080 resolution range, the16.7M color depth, and auto-brightness adjusts. The 1303I monitor is perfectly made equipment for all photographers and designers.

Easy Designing:

With a ten-finger multi-touch recognition system it allows you to very easily type on the screen as if on a keyboard to draw and tap easily. 3.

Enhance your productivity:

With a very light and reliable compact screen, the 1303I monitor can verily satisfy all your diverse portable demands.

Multiple Port Connections:

With an efficient standard HDMI and a specialized VGA input option, you can easily connect your 1303I to any Mini PC, a Raspberry Pi, an Intel NCU or any other desired devices. The 1303I can even simply turn into a great digital signature for easily displaying the product video.

1: True Color:

The Gechic monitor is loaded with an HD 1920 x 1080P resolution and 16.7M colors that allow a crystal clear display.

2: Plug & Play:

The monitor is simply a normal USB source powered HDMI Mini Display with a VGA input that requires no drivers to work.

3: Touch Type:

It comes in range with a “Projective Capacitive Touch”. It supports a clear 10-finger multi-point touch for ease of usage.

4: Weight:

This portable efficient monitor weighs 1.9lbs only.

5: In the Box:

Following accessories are present in the box,

  • A Cover Stand · Single USB to Micro USB Cable about (1.2 m) long
  • Standard HDMI Video Cable (1.2 m) for display
  • 5V-2A Charger for power
  • A single efficient Mini-HDMI – Micro HDMI Video Cable about (0.6m) long
  • Cable Clips for placement of cables
  • User Manual for detailed guidance

Our Final Verdict:

To state our conclusive remarks we take all above-mentioned features to be the key supportive points for this best portable monitor. You should go for it because it provides you an exclusively awesome range of performance loaded features. Thus we can conclude that HP Pavilion is a best rated and advisable choice for people who seek portability with the high build quality and performance features in a monitor. It is easily available at Amazon with an acute economical price that verily allows you to altogether get a lot of more features in a reasonable range.

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