Gechic 1102I A Small Portable Computer Monitor

Gechic 1102I Latest Touch Screen Monitor


The GeChic 1102I a newly introduced Portable Touchscreen Monitor. It designed for getting maximum flexibility and greater portability. It supported with all various applications and devices such as laptops, chrome- boxes, minicomputers compute sticks. This GeChic 1102I is not only a single display unit but it also has a diverse connectivity range. It has multiple connectors for displays such as the HDMI and VGA.  It is an all in one specialized monitor for your regular requirements and demands.


It comes with the GeChic Rear Dock system. You can enjoy the Multi-Mount Kit in the package. GeChic 1102I verily demonstrates its all versatile connection solutions for the users. Being an efficient yet hi-tech loaded device it features a 1920×1080 resolution. It is about 670g in weight.

This monitor GeChic 1102I is indeed your perfect portable touchscreen monitor choice for multi-tasking and use. As a full HD 1080P FFS panel it serves the maximum output possible in shape of clear cut displays and sharp pixel adjustments. The monitor has a well-known IPS panel technology that easily entails a pure image quality build and exclusive higher levels of precision in the displays. View angle of this monitor is awesome indeed that can easily allow an optimal gaming experience and a high-quality video play. Being the best portable monitor for laptops, smartphones, Mac, and tabs it is an efficient device. With a standard HDMI and a main VGA input is available that verily allows an easy use for a user to use it in practice

Main Attractions for you:

Writings & Designing: GeChic 1102I is a stylish flat-back design monitor that is made for easy desired placement. The 10 multi-point touch recognition features allow you to easily type on the screen. The efficient palm rejection technology helps avoid any unintentional input that can bring you the comfort of touch on the screen.

Rear Dock Expansion Feature: GeChic comes with a great “Rear Dock” connector that consists of all power, screen display, and system configuration basic signals. It very easily consolidates the whole HDMI signal & with a USB power to develop an efficient portable monitor. GeChic 1102I can very easily use as a conjunction with a great and large variety of different HDMI compatible devices.

Applications: With an HD 1080P FFS panel, the GeChic 1102I easily supports about 16.7 M color depths in range. With an ultra-light 1102I, it can easily provide different applications such as a meeting room display, or for medical use.

Security Slot: The standard Kensington Lock present in the industry on the side of this great GeChic 1102I verily provides an exclusive anti-theft protection system for the monitor.

Versatile Multi-Mount Kit: Multi-Mount kit for the Gechic 1102 efficiently supports the VESA 75 interface. There are positioning screws holes present on the backside of the bracket. You can easily adjust to 4 different viewing angles by easily screwing the main bracing plate.

Accessories in a package: Cover Stand for ease of usage · A specialized HDMI-A to a micro-HDMI cable of 1.2m length · Single USB-A to the micro-USB cable 1.2m length · 1 efficient 5V-2A adapter for the power source.

Conclusion Gechic 1102I Monitor:

So we get to conclude the verdict by considering all above-discussed factors that indeed this portable laptop monitor is a useful and efficient device. It is easily available on Amazon in a great economical price range.

These products by the Gechic are indeed and always a major source of useful products from the company. Portable laptop best monitors have now verily reduced the use of ordinary desktop monitors.

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