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Gechic 1101P Review and Guide: Best Monitor for Mac

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The GeChic 1101P is a specialized portable monitor. It has a great compact and sleek design theme for professional photographers and users. The GeChic 1101Pis a newly introduced Portable Touchscreen Monitor. It is designed for getting maximum flexibility and greater portability.


With a very refined 1920 x 1080 resolutions, this IPS panel displays a great 16.7 million true colors. With its ultra-super stunning image clarity feature you no distortions in pixels and displays. Especially this device is verily compatible with Apple devices. The 1101P supports an efficient Display Port signal input useful for charming display features. The display port cables are present to achieve a mechanized dual monitor workstation for your ever loved MacBook and iMac devices. The On-Lap 1101P’s maximum range of power consumption is about 5 V-2. An efficient screen monitor with an efficient overwhelmingly and full brilliant HD 1920×1080 resolution range, the first most major attraction point for the user.

The useful efficient monitor verily comes up with all advanced 250cd/m2 major brightness levels that clearly induces a very attractive and ambient display for the viewer. The built-in contrast ratio for this Gechic 1101P monitor is about 400:1 and with a very high range of 262K colors, it helps you to very professionally edit all stuff. The monitor is loaded with a specialized and well-known latest digital IPS panel technology that provides a pure image quality with a higher level of precision in the pixels. Its viewing angle is efficient enough that gives it an optimal gaming and high-quality video play.

Main Attractions for You:

Photography Equipment:

You can now share the real-time moving images while you are recording with the 1920 x 1080 IPS range of resolution with a wild-angle-view efficient monitor with about 16.7million colors in range.

Designed for Mac:

Especially for Apple lovers, the 1101P supports an efficient Display Port signal input for Mac. By easily using the main 1101P Display Port cable, you can very easily get a fully functional dual screen monitor for your MacBook and iMac. This clearly makes them all the way best portable monitors for Mac.


The best On-Lap 1101P’s maximum power consumption range is about 5 V-2 A. Using an efficient power bank with the 1101P indoors or outdoors is easy.

Mount Kit:

An easy to use mount kit is also present for user ease.

The cool design:

Tripod Mount Kit is generally suitable for the major cradle head’s 1/4″ screw holes. Putting your 1101P into the main Tripod Mount Kit can very easily combine the monitor and tripod firmly for use.

Productive work:

It makes you verily agile and efficiently unrestricted for work even while moving.

Accessories in Package:

Following accessories are present in the box, ·

  • A Cover Stand · Single USB to Micro USB Cable about (1.2 m) Long
  • Standard HDMI Video Cable (1.2 m) for display
  • 5V-2A Charger for power
  • A single efficient Mini-HDMI – Micro HDMI Video Cable about (0.6m) long
  • Cable Clips for placement of cables
  • User Manual for detailed guidance

Our Final Verdict:

Being a lightweight portable monitor it is a must choice for you. Thus we can conclude that Gechic 1101P is a best rated and advisable choice for people who seek portability with a high build quality and performance features in a monitor. It is easily available at Amazon with an economical price range that allows you to get a lot more in reasonable financial ranges.

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