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Can you play games on Chromebook

Chromebooks are a different breed of laptops. You can easily download Android Games on your Chromebook by Google Play Store App.

Games on Chromebooks has become a hot topic nowadays. Due to the lack of knowledge, a lot of people are confused. So, let’s clear all of your doubts!

Chromebooks are a different breed of laptops. Unlike other laptops and notebooks that run on Windows 10 or MacOS, Chromebooks are designed to run on Google’s Chrome OS. These are designed primarily for the use of all the applications by the Internet. The files and data of the Chromebook users reside in the cloud.

If you are looking for a firing up the experience of gaming and you want to do it by using Chromebook, then you are at a loss. The games on Chromebooks cannot match the pace of a gaming PC. It is because the purpose of Chrome OS is different from the other operating systems. Chrome OS is a browser-based operating system. Learn which Chromebook supports Android apps

But luckily, it does allow you to enjoy gaming that it can fully support.

Android Games on Chromebooks

You can easily download Android Games on Chromebooks by Google Play Store App. Make sure your Chromebook supports Google Play Store because not all Chromebooks supports it.

To have Android games on Chromebooks make sure your Chrome OS version is up-to-date. Install Google Play Store App and sign in to it. Allow your Chromebook to download apps and games from Google Play Store from settings. Now, you can find and download Android apps and games on your Chromebook. Learn full procedure to install Google Play Store apps

List of Games to Enjoy on Chromebooks

Not all Android games run on Chromebooks, as there is written only for mobiles or tablets and not for laptops. With day by day advancements, the majority of Android games are being added to be used by Chrome OS. As a short note, Fortnite is not supported by Chromebooks as it is installed outside the Google Play Store. But the good news is that PUBG Mobile now runs on Intel/x86 Chromebooks.

1. Alto’s Odyssey (Free):

games on chromebooks

It is a game on a majestic desert with splendid background views. Alto and his friends discover the secrets of that desert while travelling on a sand-board. Check out the features of this game here

2. Asphalt 9 Legends (Free):

It is a new thrilling racing game from the Gameloft, the same makers of the Asphalt 8: Airborne. Get in gear and face the world’s most fearless street racing game. Check out the features of this game here

3. Flipflop Solitaire (Free):

Flipflop Solitaire is a game from the creator of Sage Solitaire that breaks all the limits and the rules. As the name suggests, this is a non-restrictive solitaire game. In this game, you can stack down, up or even both ways on a single stack. It is a whole new and fun experience for the spider lovers. Check out the features of this game here

4. Tekken:

Tekken is the world’s most fascinating and thrilling action game that has now brought to mobile and tablets. You can duel with your opponents and defeat them using different tricks. Check out the features of this game here

5. Pokemon Quest:

The well-known and loved Pokemon is now on a search of treasure with his friends on a Tumblecube island. All the characters converted to cube shapes and they all look so adorable and cute. Check out the features of this game here

6. Tales of the Rays:

Tales of the Rays is also a battles and duels game. The fights take place live and perfectly adapted to the control systems. It is an outstanding JRPG with colorful backgrounds and animations within the game. Check out the features of this game here

7. Injustice 2 (Free):

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It is an action game by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Join your favorite Justice League Super Heroes and Villains in the best fighting game. Assemble your team of favorite heroes to defeat the forces against you. Check out the features of this game here

8. NBA Jam by EA Sports (Free):

Jam consists of your favorite stars from all 30 NBA teams in a basketball game. It a very close-to-reality game and something you have never experienced before. Check out the features of this game here

Some other Android Games are now available for Chromebooks. So, enjoy the time with your Chromebook; Gaming and Browsing.

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