Can I play My PS4 on My Laptop? Guide Easy to Follow
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Can I play My PS4 on My Laptop? Guide Easy to Follow

Can I play my PS4 on my laptop

Can I play My PS4 on My Laptop? Guide Easy to Follow

PS4 is the best version of gaming compared to other models and we are all aware of its features and gaming on it is quite fun. You have got more than a hundred gaming options but we do not have a screen available to play all the time as someone is watching TV or worst case is when TV is out for repairs. It becomes a huge constraint for gaming lovers like us.


A lot of users are a bit reluctant about the possibilities of using a laptop or PC screen as an alternative. So let me tell you, yes it is possible indeed!

Video Tutorial

Can I play PS4 on my laptop?

It might seem a bit complexes but it’s not impossible at all.

Here are a few short steps which will help you understand it easily

  • Make sure you have a ps4 Dual Shock control
  • Download a software called “remote play “Available for windows and mac
  • Download and Install as per instructions
  • Turn on the ps4 after setting up everything
  • Go to the settings and find the remote play settings make sure you enable it.
  • Disconnect the dual shock4 from your Ps4 by going to devices-> Bluetooth devices-> press the cross button
  • You will successfully unpad your ps4 controller.
  • Go back to the Laptop and now we have to connect the dual shock controller to the laptop
  • Now you can do it in two ways
  • You can connect it directly using a USB cable into the laptop (which is a cheaper option)
  • You can wirelessly connect it using a Wireless dual shock USB adapter.
  • Set a resolution according to your internet. Choosing a high resolution on a frame rate of underspecified internet connection will cause lag and disconnection issues. You must have a 5mbps-10mbps connection.
  • Click” Start”
  • Enter the user Id and password. It will sign in and find your PS device and connect (It might take a while at first)
  • Now put the window on full screen and enjoy your gaming experience!

Why an HDMI input is necessary?

I don’t recall any laptop with HDMI input. I could not be right, however, I see no advantage in the expense. An appropriate 20-inch screen can be utilized between $ 100 and $ 150 most extreme. I don’t presently do this, yet my companion associates the PS4to it on an enormous screen on his work area, which makes it simpler for him to utilize the FFIV: ARR console and mouse.

It is a not too bad setting and looks decent. Or on the other hand, if the screen size isn’t that enormous, you can get Vita and utilize remote playback. I use it and it works extraordinary on PS4 games. If you expect to utilize your laptop completely as a ” screen ”. For instance, how to utilize the TV as a screen, no, you can’t utilize the laptop as a screen since all Laptops, for the most part, have an HDMI yield port, which implies the laptop can show its screen on different gadgets. It has an HDMI port.

You can take care of this issue by buying a catch gadget with an HDMI port and associating it to the laptop with Thuderbolt/USB/.

Things to Consider

  • If you put a PlayStation 4 game plate on your laptop, nothing will occur. The PC won’t have the option to peruse the plate and you won’t have the option to play the game. In any case, you can in fact run PS4 ” on ” your laptop by introducing and synchronizing PlayStation Remote Play with PS4, so you can play PS4 On your laptop, for example, PSVita.
  • You should remember this requires a strong web association, so it is minimal by and large deferral between the laptop and the PS4 Not with a laptop, a PS4 and an HDMI link. Laptop HDMI ports are commonly incapacitated, except if you have a committed information port.
  • The explanation is that most laptops, for the most part, don’t have an INPUT screen. They simply have a show outside. So, if your laptop is shown, you can utilize it with show words as a reassure screen
  • In any case, you can spend somewhere in the range of 50 and 150 (ostensible) to get a USB to HDMI connector. You’ll need to observe precisely what you’re purchasing, the same number of them are for individuals who don’t have an HDMI port yet need to add another screen to the laptop.
  • The drawback is that you should introduce gadget drivers and have a developed window to see the screen you need. Likewise, there might be observable idleness that you won’t have the option to peruse. An elective arrangement, purchase the screen. You can get it for less, and that will take care of the issue you are confronting (also, If you don’t utilize it with PS4, you can utilize it with your laptop as a subsequent screen)
  • The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) port is given in the laptop so as to show the laptop protests on a greater or better screen or if the laptop screen is harmed, you can utilize it to utilize a substitution screen.

However, here you are attempting to do the inverse, you are attempting to utilize your laptop as a screen so that HDMI will be utilized as the info port that you are probably not going to have. You can utilize your laptop as a screen for your PS4 gadget since your laptop’s HDMI port has an Input/Output work.


We hope you are clear now. You can utilize the Remote Play application on a Mac or Windows 8.1/10 PC to mess around remotely on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro comfort. You will likewise require a Dual Shock 4 support associated through USB or the Sony Bluetooth connector. Suppose you need to utilize the PS4 laptop screen by interfacing just the two gadgets with an HDMI link. It is absurd in practically all cases. Most laptops just have HDMI yields for yield.


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