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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Drone

Do you want to buy a Top Best Drone but you’re up to some good research just because you think you won’t end up in the right place? Or are you someone who wants to know what drones are? Are you purchasing a drone but are not sure whether what you’re buying is the best drone? Or are you looking for the latest drones in the market? Whether it is from a dummy guide to and expert research we got it. As this article has all the information about the Top Best Drone that you need, all you have to do is to go through our complete and honest guide, and we promise, you will find this article interesting, useful and according to your desire.

Definition of a Drone:

Also known as the UN-Manned Aerial Vehicle, drones are the flying objects or gadgets that are operated by a person having remote control specially designed for the drone are called unmanned because it does not need a pilot to fly it and is used for different purposes. They may or may not contain a camera.

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According to techtarget.com, the definition of a drone is that “drone is a flying robot which can be remotely controlled or can be flown through software-controlled flight plans that are embedded in their systems and work on GPS.

History of drones:

The first country to make drones was Israel which is now the top country selling drones even though many other countries have made drones, the history of the drones traces back to that of the military drones which were used for military purposes like killing the terrorists of that specific time to ensure the safety, drones have caused to be very helpful in the military. Drones were also used to save the nearly dying people in South Africa, and medications were sent to them through flying drones to save their lives. Hence drones were used to serve many purposes.

People gradually started calling the UAVs as drones because they were almost same by construction and functions and nowadays they are called as a type of drones.

Drones And The Latest Technology:

Drones play a  very important role in the latest technology; they are used in almost every kind of task these days ranging from security to watch over many different things in many different areas and they might start delivering food through a drone delivery? Exciting right?!

Which is what makes drones so much fun, day by day there are advancements in technology of drones a drone camera and GPS is way past our present which now introduces many autonomic flight features like following an object, returning home, waypoint, and even obstacle avoidance so you never have to worry about your drone safety. The camera that has been introduced to a 4k resolution which allows the user to get a really vivid experience of the things around them; you can even operate drone by installing the application in any of your devices like mobile or tablet and run it to experience a live image of things.

How drones work:

Drones work in a very ingenious manner, when you press the start button the propellers start, and flies up because of the GPS installed in it, it is so modified that you can take your drone anywhere you want , a drone also has some flight features involved in it like following an object or coming back home all through the GPS. The propellers of the drone, however, are the more, the better to ensure the safety of the flight. 

Uses of Drones:

The drone is used for many purposes ranging from personal to professional, but we have some uses of drones here for you so that you can clear up your mind.

 Following are the benefit of drones

  • Professional photography.
  • Aerial photography
  • Business purposes, i.e., making money through your drone.
  • For security purposes
  • In Police stations to watch out for different things.
  • Weddings for capturing those moments
  • Many other events
  • Deliveries of many lights weighted items including food.
  • In the making of movies
  • Sports like cricket football etc.
  • Monitoring different landscapes.
  • In mapping for different places and to see things we can see through the foot, e.g., Niagara Falls.
  • Unmanned cargo systems.

What a drone consist of:

A drone usually consists of:

  • Copters or wings are also known as propellers for flight
  • Remote control or an application may be given to installing on your preferred device.
  • Mayor may not have a camera.
  • A GPS is installed in it.
  • Comes with a charger, remote control and other vital things that may vary from drone to drone depending upon your choice and price.
  • A set of VR glasses is also found with a drone.

Types of Drones:

Upon the position of the propellers or wings of the drones and their number drones are divided into bi-copter, tri-copter, quadcopter drones, etc. Usually, drones are quadcopters.

Another type of drones are divided on their construction since all drones are not ready to fly, so for that, you need to put in all the parts and then fly it.

Binded Drones:

These drones are fully bonded and ready-made, you don’t need to put in any parts to fly them, they come with a battery and charger usually, and you can easily fly them without any efforts. Such drones are mostly preferred.

Un-binded Drones:

Un-binded drones are those drones that are not binded that you need to put in all the parts together to prepare the drone for the flight like putting in the copters, i.e., the wings, etc. Such drones will take up some time to fly since they are not ready-made.

An Ideal drone:

Let’s tell you what we mean by an ideal drone; an ideal drone is the one that is completely ideal as it is perfect with all its features, so it is best for everyone to use for every purpose.

An ideal drone should have the following features:

  • A good camera, probably a 4k resolution camera, so it is best to see around especially for photographers.
  • A very good flight time, the maximum it stays in the air the better. Usually, 40 minutes is the maximum time so far.
  • Good battery life so you can carry it around without the fear of the battery going down or having rechargeable batteries to put in and experience an adventure full of fun.
  • Lightweight so you can carry it around easily.
  • Portable so you can take it anywhere you want.
  • LED lights for safety.
  • A highly intensified GPS to help you locate it easily.
  • Maximum autonomic flying features to give you the best.
  • Spare tools like batteries extra propellers should be there.
  • The drone should be protectively made to avoid all the harsh conditions.

Price for a Good Drone:

While buying a drone, you need to keep the price in your mind, make sure that you get the right drone for the right price, investing good price matters a lot in getting a good quality drone. Hence we will always recommend you to look up to your investments, the more you invest in a drone, the best it will be. But there is a wide variety of drones for different prices available all over the Internet.

Price varies for kids drones to professional drones or those drones that are used for leisure or security purposes. A drone with a camera will be of a higher price than the drone without a camera; same goes for the GPS, in other words, the more complex a drone gets, the higher the price of that drone will be.

To get good drones at affordable prices, we would recommend you to visit rcdrones.com

Things to Keep in mind before you buy a drone:

Here are some of the expert advice that you should know before you end up buying a drone. It is highly recommended that you know them since they will help you in getting the right drone for you.

Flight time:

The flight time of the drone should be maximum or at least it should satisfy your needs, because of the lesser the time the lesser you have the experience.


The drone should have a good battery life because the battery is as important as anything else. You can also get a set of spare batteries with you. But still, should be kept in mind.

Know-How and Complete Information:

Before buying a drone, one must know everything about them, search about drones all over the Internet and grasp the maximum information you can get.


The price of the drone should be affordable and then in that price, the drone should be one of the best ones, but the more you invest, the better you get.

Buying From a Trusted Source:

It is always recommended that you buy things from a recommended source be it anything but the authenticity of the product matters. Amazon is the largest drone market with trusted sellers so far, and they also have sales. Of Course, you can always visit the official stores.

Type of The Drone:

Know if the drone is bound or un-bonded, you can’t sue yourself, but people prefer a binded drone more than an un-binded drone because it is more convenient.

Exact Purpose for buying:

If you know your exact purpose towards buying a drone then it will be easier for you to select a drone, there are thousands of drones available in the market for many different purposes like security, leisure, photography, etc. So for that, you have to be clear about your purpose before you hop in.

Should withstand harsh environment:

The Harsh environment is always a concern when it comes to drones like windy and rainy conditions. Therefore one must always purchase a drone which withstands these harsh conditions because without it you may be at risk.

Which Drone is right for me?

Nowadays everyone wants to get a drone since it is becoming a trend but you may screw up if you get a wrong drone which may not be what you want which is why we have our professionals to guide you through in getting the right drone for you. We have thus divided drones into the following latest types so you can easily choose one of your choices.

Camera Drones:

DJI MAVIC PRO – Insanely powerful, portable drone:


The DJI Mavic is the most recent drone in the market is could be the drone of your dreams because it contains all the features that an ideal drone would consist of, especially recommended by us, this drone is so portable and handy you can take it anywhere, it’s almost the size of a bottle. The whole body has a sheer and elegant finish and has the best 4k resolution, battery and flight time, it’s an all in one drone.

YUNEEC Q500 4K TYPHOON – (Best Drone With Camera) :

Specially designed for aerial photography this drone is a 4k resolution drone bringing you the experience you have been longing for in hand. You can take great 12 mp shots with it and it’s guaranteed that everyone will just love them, the battery life is up to  25 min which is so far superb and has a 5.5-inch touchscreen for viewing the camera. Overall best drone for the best price.


3DR ROBOTICS IRIS – (Quadcopter with Go Pro Mount):

With stylish LED lights and a bold finish, the 3D Robotics Iris is all about shooting photos from a wider and unique angle, it’s so simple and smart, the tablet software will make your flying much easier. This drone is a 12 mp display and 4k resolution. The operating system is so simple everyone can easily adjust to it. Flight time is up to 22 minutes which is great for traveling.

PARROT AR DRONE 2.0 – (Elite Quadcopter Drone with Camera):

The biggest achievement of this drone is the flight time which is approx. 40 minutes so you can fly it over and over without any fear of the battery loss since the battery itself is very strong. The pivoting feature makes takeoffs and landings very easy. The sensors are twice as strong, and GPS is well equipped, so your drone does not go out of your site. Also, the autonomic features are very well developed and the obstacle avoidance and return home feature is very convenient so you can be safety free

Drones For Photography:

DJI INSPIRE 1 – (Best Quadcopter with 4k Camera):

One of the best and handy drones around this drone is especially recommended by us for professionals and it also comes with some extras in the pocket, with a 12 mp camera and a DSLR 4k resolution this tiny quadcopter has a 20 mm lens, it also weighs so light like 2935 gms and has a powerful and stable battery of 5700 mAh Lithium-Ion. Furthermore, this drone has one of the best sensors and carries a strength, the speed f this drone is 22 m/sec which is so much faster. The upper board is removable and this drone has spark-proof plugs so that you can be safe and sound and saved from shocks of all types.

DJI PHANTOM 3 PRO – (Professional Drone with 4K Camera):


Unlike any other drone the Phantom 3 Pro still, manages to remain on the hot market just because it’s so lightweight and portable we still can’t get enough of this drone. This quadcopter is 2.5 lbs which quite handy, and the battery has a great power of 4,480 mAh Lithium-ion. You get some cool features like waypoint and return home, object following, etc., the Go Pro Camera feature makes it much more exciting. It is a very easily adjustable drone however you need to read the manual thoroughly.

DJI PHANTOM 4 – (HD Camera and Gimble):

The DJI Phantom 4 is one of the best drones in the market these, and you can obtain so many different things with it. It has a smooth flight and an ability to give you a very smooth ad safe drone flight. Also, its autonomic feature and obstacle avoidance make it a great choice, regarding camera and photography it is one of the best drones. It weighs 3 lbs which are quite handy and has a supervised 4k resolution and a 12 mp camera. The battery time is really good and so is the flight time which is 28 minutes. This drone overall is a really good drone if you are a camera lover.

Best Kids Drones to Buy:

SYMA X5C – (Quadcopter equipped with HD Camera):


One of the best kids drones in market the Syma X5C is famous for is wind resistant capacity which can aid a lot for the beginners and kids since its a new experience for them, the Syma X5C has a 360 degree rotation as well as 6 axis gyro stability, with high sensors twice as others a good GPS this drone offers a 10 minute flight time and 2 GB internal card. A good drone for beginners.

Sky Viper Video Drone – (V950HD) High Definition Vehicle:


Easy touch stunts like a barrel roll and with an adjustable camera and 720p resolution this drone is a heartthrob in its price, best for beginner photography or small scale photography this drone serves as one of the very reliable drones in the market because of its shatterproof technology, extra tools are included in the box and the flight time is one of its greater and good specs.

Affordable Drones under 300$:

DB POWER HAWKEYE 3 – (Value Drone with GoPro):

Specially made for beginners this drone offers a great 6 axis gyro flying with special LED lights to make your eyes pop. It comes in two modes means you can connect it via your phone application or WiFi, this drone is made crushproof so your drone can be safe from all the shatter, has a great indoor and both outdoor use with a high quality of a live recording. You also get some extra tools in the box which are why we think this drone is just worth every penny.


Syma X8C Venture – (Quadcopter with HD 1080p Camera):

Now you can hover your drone over a 360 angle with a stylish remote control system which is unique in its ways, this quadcopter has a six-axis flying system, fly the drone both inside and outside as you please, It has an HD 8 mp camera which will just do the job and give you quite a bit of vivid experience from the top. The flight time is extended to 12 twelve minutes, overall this is the best drone you can get at this price, it comes in quite striking colors and also is very handy and easy to use.

DIY Drones: (Do it Yourself Drones)

DIY, do it yourself drones is yet another hot topic these days, let’s all agree who does not love to make drones and fly them


  • Frame
  • Motor
  • Props
  • Flight controller
  • RC transmitter/receiver


  1. To make the frame, cut up two lengths 30 mm thick and 2 feet long. From one of the lengths, cut off a 30 mm length from a 2 feet arm so that the required structure is formed. Using the three-piece from an X and glue it to stick it. Put a small wooden block on the top for setting the apparatus.
  2. Now we need mortars and electronic speed controllers that may vary depending on the size of the quadcopter to be made.
  3. Use a vernier caliper to measure the distances between the motors and screws to be used. You can also dig a hole in the shaft to make an engine. Now mount the motors and connect them to each of the four sides.
  4. Connect ESC below the sides and secure it. Attach the battery at the bottom as well.
  5. For landing, you may wanna use 20mm thick 6-inch diameter pipe. They help in shock-absorbing and safe landing. Tape them around.
  6. You may want to buy an electronic system to take care of the quadcopter in flight.
  7. A wireless remote system will be needed to fly the drone without the wires in the sky, e.g., Turning and Flysky is much affordable and good quality.
  8. Connect flight controller to ESC and remote control.
  9. Now put everything together and test it before the flight.
  10. Watch the following video for more information, we found it very helping.

Interesting Facts About Drones:

  • There will be about 30,000 drones overhead in the U.S by 2020.
  • We still argue about what name should correctly be given to the drones.
  • People in Britain suggested making the color of the drones brighter so it can indicate peace and harmony.
  • Drones are used to fly over the crops to check if they are damaged

Get the best out of your drone:

Take a Selfie With it:

Who says you can’t take a selfie with a drone, fly it up and use it to take a perfect selfie like a boss and watch people love it.

Show It Off on Social Media:

The drone is a fun thing, and after all, not everyone has it. Do some great shots and photography and post it up. People will love it.

Make money with it:

Photography, landscaping is all about making a huge deal of money and starting your own business. The drone is a cool way to earn money.

Your deliverer:

Did you know that you can deliver those small, lightweight items to your family and friends and enjoy it, or pass something to someone in the next room? Yes, you can do that with your drone now.

Treat that boredom:

If you get bored and have nothing to do,  better than grabbing your drone, going out showing it off and taking it up in the air watching a relaxing and peaceful view of the world from the deep blue sky.

Your Agent:

Use your drone as your agent to protect and secure you or things, have it set up somewhere secret and you have a great security camera or a guard.

Don’t Take it to Harsh Areas:

Drones are not technically designed to maintain a very harsh environment, up yo some extent they do, but then it becomes hard. So don’t take it out in places where you don’t think it may survive because you don’t wanna kill your little friend.

Learn to Fly drone like a Pro:

Read the Manual carefully:

Reading the manual is the key to knowing your drone very well. It helps you become a much better friend with your drone and also lets you practice and know things well. So you can adapt very quickly to learn, and you will be a pro in flying the drone when you have a command over your drone.

Drone Registration:

Register your drone for free, and you can have several free facilities. Register your drone with the FAA. Search over FAA on Google. You need to register your drone in most cases.

Educate yourself with the navigation:

Make sure you everything about mapping or are good at mapping and the whole navigation system because it counts when you are flying a drone.

Learn the Rules And Regulations:

There are rules and regulations for almost everything which is why you need to know about all the rules and regulations of a drone and how to fly it so you can avoid all the mishaps that may knock your door at times.

Know About All Drone Safe Areas in The City:

To ensure the safety of your drone, you must learn to fly it in the areas which are open and safe for drone flying because some areas are so harsh and wind blows hard which increase the chances of your drone getting crash, always find safe spots like parks, gardens, etc which are open and plane so you can easily fly up your drone.

Pay Attention To It:

Pay good attention to your drone while flying it up. You need to have a full concentration on it so you may not miss something or hit something, also it gives you more power and control over all the obstacles.

Do the Flying Without GPS:

Without your GPS, try positioning your drone and move out till some places. That will instantly make you pro if you gain some co troll over it which eventually you will.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect:

Practice makes a man perfect. You can learn nothing without practice hence practice is always a must if you want to learn something and be good at it. Keep doing it and ultimately you catch that goal of perfection where you will be able to fly your drone with closed eyes.

Turn Your VPS Off:

It may sound crazy but birds do have a good sense and they can almost hear many sound frequencies so when your drone enters their territory there may be a hindrance and your drone is likely to get crashed because the birds may mess with it.


as we have provided you the information about the best drones, now you can easily choose the drone of your own choice. they can be used to help others it depends on you that how will you gonna use this technology

We hope that you like our article on the latest and updated list of drones in May 2017.

If you have any questions let us know in the comments below.

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