Are you a hunting lover or in need of great shooting experience? Well, here we are to furnish you with concrete information to help you to know about o the BUSHNELL DROP ZONE 223 Review Best Scope For ar 308.

Introduced back in 1952, .308 Winchester cartridges are the most popular rifle in the world for military and local use (law enforcement, shooters, hunters, security professionals etc.).

best scope for ar 308 scopes

This rifle comes with great efficiency as it is easy to use even for beginners and has many options to pick rifles from.

The addition of ar 308 scopes to an already accurate rifle is a bonus for targeting large object or distant objects. However, as far as the selection of scopes is concerned you need to consider few things. According to your needs like distance capability (at least 300-500 yards), durability, clarity, easy to use and cost.

Via this article, we would provide you with real evidence for the most recommended scope either you are a starter or professional

Although many scopes are offered in the market to use with .308 rifle. Bushnell drop zone 223 is most admired scope by its users and prospects since it was first online released and now easily available, catering the needs of almost everyone.

List of 5 Best Ar Optics:

Best Ar 10 OpticsMagnificationLens Diameter Price
Nikon P-223

Berris 2002612x-7x32mm
Nikon Buckmaster II
Bushnell Drop Zone -223
Bushnell Trophy Sight


Bushnell drop zone 223 Review

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Let us have a look at its features to fully discover this scope.

Appearance and technology: It comes with black colored, aggressively textured and aluminum alloy body. Bushnell 3o8 scope is completely scratch and rust proof with an advanced technology including sides parallax adjustment.

Durability: Its target turrets not only adjustable by fingerprints. but it also has O-ring sealed to avoid moisture and dust.

Control: The magnification ring is not going to ever move by itself and fast focus eyepiece is for achieving the quick and reliable target.

Range: Bushnell ar 308 Scope has reticle to accurately place rounds on target out to six hundred yards. Enable it to enhanced and unbeatable quality to shoot.

Lenses: The scope has objective lenses of 24mm which is reasonably small and lightweight.

Additionally, the lenses are fully multicoated. The scope allows the right amount of incredibly bright and clear vision even in dull light and hostile weather conditions.

The above-mentioned features give you an excellent experience of shooting/hunting and high quality

  • This scope for 308 ar is Budget and user-friendly.
  • It is easily available in the market for starters/ from manufacturers.
  • It is mainly famous for its Outstanding target accuracy.
  • The brightness and clarity of vision are amazing.
  • The scope may not help people having eyesight problem but it does not affect or deteriorate anyone vision.


To summaries, Bushnell drop zone 223 Review Best Scope for Ar 308  also Good ar 15 scope is an intelligent choice for the user of any level and need. Giving you the complete satisfactory experience of possession as it equipped with advanced technology.

Its side parallax, lenses, and reticle empower you to switch and adjust target range as per your desire. This 308 scope for ar fully coated body keeps it from fog and dust. It provides best worth of your money in terms of both control and durability.

Thus, this scope delivers at its best comparing to the other expensive scopes available in the market, being offered at half a price.

                                                                            🙂  Good Luck! 🙂

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