Best USB C Hub Adapter For Monitors and Electronic Devices
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Best Usb C Hub Adapter For Monitors and Electronic Devices

Well, before jumping to know about USB C Hub Adapter by different brands, lets first discover what’s USB C?

USB-C type:

There is a number of ports offered in the market by different manufacturers in different sizes. There was a time and still, we use different cables for charging our different devices, by the different brand through different cables or hubs. For instance: HMDI, Thunderbolt designed by Intel, Lightening by Apple etc.

You must be familiar with USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 but USB-C type is a new standard in the Industry now i.e.  A new version of connector. The USB type-C is actually tiny, small, thin and USB 3.1.

USB-C Connector was first introduced by the USB Implementers Forum, it’s a group of companies which develops and certifies USB standard. It Almost has 700 companies as its members which includes Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung etc.

Now even Apple has introduced USB-C ports in its devices

What makes it unique are following its most important features and qualities:

  1. Universal: it’s truly universal and can use on any computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, monitors etc.,
  2. Power: It can carry the power of 100 watts and can charge any full-size electronics,
  3. Data: this tiny USB has a data capacity of 10 Gigabit per second
  4. Reversible: means it has no right or wrong side i.e. you can plug it in from any side and it will fix.


Usually, the only accessory required with USB-C types hubs is USB-C Adapter. It may come as small cable for connecting with other devices. These adapters facilitate charging and data transfer with speed etc.

Although there are a number of USB-C ADAPTERS available in the market. We chose five of them for your consideration and discussing those in details below so that you can choose best USB-C Hub for yourself.

1: Anker Micro USB to USB C Hub Adapter

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The adapter comes in a pack of two, Converts Micro USB female to USB C Male, uses a resistor of 56K and works with Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, Google Chromebook, Apple MacBook, Sony XZ, LG V20 G5 G6 etc.


Anker is a leading brand of America in USB charging brands with more than 10 million happy customers and the number is still growing, additionally, the brand provides a warranty of 18 months along with customer services.

Anker Micro USB to USB C Adapter is the save and fast charger with advanced technology.  It’s simple that doesn’t need other hardware once you have plugged in with your device and this small USB-C converter has great multi-device compatibility i.e. it enables you to easily connect and use you USB-C phone to any charger, tablet, computer, laptop etc. It offers a safe, reliable, full speed charging technology which includes Qualcomm Quick Charge and data transfer of approx. 480 Mbps speed which can transfer around 20 songs in a second.

As for the durability is concerned, this adapter made with finest material and accuracy to tolerate 10,000 plus insertions which are 3 times than any other adapter

Last words:

Although it doesn’t support some device perfectly or charge at full speed. This adapter is worth the price you pay for the compatibility, data transfer speed, charging technology and durability is concerned.

2: USB C to Micro USB Convert Connector

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This connector comes in a pack of 4, compact with key chain, sync and charge for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, Mac Book, Chromebook Pixel, Nexus 5X & More Type C Cable port devices and comes with the warranty of 12 months.


The brand Ailun designs manufacture and markets products i.e. Cell phone accessories kits including phone case, protective covering, screen protectors etc. The company is known for delivering the innovative experience, convenience, and value to its customers.

This easily turns port from USB-C to Micro USB and matches standards of Micro USB cables with USB-C laptops, tablets, phones etc. It is thoughtfully made adapter keeping in mind the safety of your devices from exceeding recommended amount of current (56k ohm pull-up resistor) and tested for the same. Its compatible with Apple MacBook, Google Chrome book, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, OnePlus 2 and other devices supporting type-C.

The easy to use plug and play adapter made using a high-quality material for durability and dependability. The metal keychain along makes it portable and keep it from losing, you can easily hook it up to your wallet, bag etc.

Last words:

The portable connector with keychain offers the great ease of use and handling that you don’t have to worry about its lose or to remember to carry it all the time. This Ailun USB C to Micro USB Convert Connector is a great value for money as it comes in a pack of 4 and offer, safety, durability, and enough compatibility to get you going.

3: USB C Adapter RAV Power USB C to USB 3.0 Adapter

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The adapter comes in a pack of 3 in 1, offers data transfer for Apple MacBook, Galaxy S8 & S8+, Sony XZ, Nintendo Switch, Pixel, Nexus 6P 5X and many more. witha warranty of 18=12 months.


RAV power comes with 2 USB to Micro USB adapters and 1 USB-C to USB-A Adapter to offer you to easily charge your devices and transfer data. This will enable you to connect and use the adapter with multiple devices along compatibility with All USB-C Devices. You can either use all, keep one as a backup or even share it with anyone.

The set of 3 made of Alloy Coating/finish which keeps it spotless and scratches free means the adapters are durable and will in its original condition after a long use also.

Last words:

Some people said while posting reviews on the Amazon they had difficulty while transferring data from MacBook and galaxy but that’s only 3%, the others are happy with its look, compatibility with numerous devices, 3 in 1 option, durable, Alloy finish of the adapters and worth the price they have paid for it.

4: Hoo Too USB C Adapter 3.1 with Type C Charging Port

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Hootoo USB C Adapter comes with three USB 3.0 ports for MacBook Pro 2015/16, Google Chromebook 2016/17, HDMI output, Card Reader and added USB devices.


This is a beautiful looking adapter comes in attractive colors of Grey. Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold. Specially designed aluminum alloy body with an ionized finish, TPE cable coating, and Mac-style LED indicator for durability and to avoid the interference with 2.4 GHz wireless devices i.e. Keyboard and mice.

HooToo USB C Adapter 3.1 with Type C Charging Port offers more ports including charging port, HDMI port, 3 USB 3.0 port and SD memory card reader. That enough options for an adaptor to offer. These ports can connect to a mouse, keyboard, and thumb drive to MacBook Pro and other C-type devices. SD card reader allows you to access files with ease.

With HooToo USB C Hub you can easily charge Type-C devices and MacBook simultaneously and/or transfer data.

HMDI port available in the adapter allows enjoying Full HD 1080p video on projectors, HDTV or monitors.

As far as the speed is concerned this USB C hub transfers files to your MacBook at 5 Gbps Speed.

Last words:

the HooToo USB-C Hub is a great tool for photographers for reading SD card. A suitable adapter for UHS-I device. The Adapter is little high in price but you can’t ignore the numerous ports and options it offers you along with durability, speed, HMDI port for enjoying HD videos and of course an elegant look with 4 colors to choose from.

5: Rankie 2-Pack USB C to USB-A 3.0

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Rankie USB-C Adapter turns USB-C into USB 3.0 ports for connecting keyboard, flash drives etc to MacBook Pro and other USB-C $ USB 2.0 devices. The Adapter is compatible Smartphones, tablet, USB_C type connectors like Galaxy S8, Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 950, Nokia N1, Lenovo Zuk Z1, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Pixel C.

Its s new type connector by Rankie that connects live through 3A current with minimum 100W electric power. Apart from this adapter has a reversible design, lightweight and smaller portable size which makes the connecting easier and gives you the ease of plug and play.

This Rankie Adapter has a Hi-Speed USB-C Male with normal Type A USB 3.0 Data transfer up to 10GBit/s and charging along with Audio Video 4 in 1 Cable.

Last words:

Rankie USB C Adapter is a smaller portable adapter with ease of use, a reasonable amount of data transfer rate, power. And the speed of compatibility to connect with numerous devices offer a good value for money. Additionally, the pack of 4 enables you to increase your horizon of use and options to connect with many devices at the same time.


With the above details, its difficult for an editor to choose best USB-C Type Adapter. But the same can sort if the use and needs defined along with of budget limit as each one of those five mentioned adapters have its own diverse features and qualities. So now over to you to chose one that is best suited to your utility and pocket limits.

Have a good day ?

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