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Best Selfie Drones Guide in 2018 | 10 Best Selfie Drone

Trying to take a perfect selfie, but tired of holding a camera for so long?  Then why don’t you try best selfie drones as he is specifically prepared to help all the people who are crazy about taking a selfie

Today we are going to tell you 10 outstanding Best selfie Drones, with all the qualities that you are finding in your selfie drone. Before moving toward the selfie drone product. Let’s take a look at the history of drone and how they are invented

Do You Know
The First Selfie was made by Robert Cornelius in (1839), Basically it was a self-portrait and then in 2013 Oxford dictionary declared the name as Selfie which means “the picture taken of itself”.

Before moving on to the deep information about selfie drones products, let’s grab some piece of information about selfie drone

What is Selfie Drone?

Selfie Drones are regular drone which has picture taking feature’s or maybe this feature installed in it for the selfie craze, it helps in taking the picture of you, your group and any activity you are doing. Keeping the mind frame of Selfie there is the certain function which can see like, Facial Recognition, Beauty mode or even Altitude mode is present in it.

Most of the Selfie Drones controlled or operated by smartphone App means the selfie mode made easier for everyone. The newbie can get a great focusing  on getting their own Dronie

The mixture Of “Selfie” and “Drone” invented a new Air Drone which is known as Dronie.The most Famous Dronie can take a clear picture focusing on you or your group and even the can reveal your location as well. Selfies are the best but the Dronie gives an ” Amazing” Factor

Selfie drones are probably the best item on the market with HD cameras. They are making a good sale in the markets. These selfie drones are becoming famous for their features of taking ‘still HD selfies’.These aerial selfie cams can cover all the angles and are capable of maintaining their balance. For best HD results you must read about the Cameras in detail. Most of the tech companies are manufacturing selfie hover cams because of their viral trend

Features Of Best Self Drones:

Compactness/portability: it’s the most liked and preferred feature in any gadget today.

User-friendly: as its operated through your smartphone via an app, this is easy to a user as the controller is at your fingertips. You can conveniently share the taken photos or video with your friends or on social media as well.

Quality image/video:

Having made an investment in drones, you can save the cost of calling professional photographer at your events i.e. birthday parties, holidays, picnics, camping, hiking etc.  by yourself clicking as many pictures and videos of HD quality as you want along with professional quality camera of 4K.

Flight timing/battery life: usually camera drones manufacturers claim 30 minutes of battery life or flight time but that’s under ideal condition. The actual flight timing and battery life will vary on various factors which include the pressure of wind during flight, the speed at which it’s flying etc.

Cost:  Drones operated through batteries which can cost you from 5-100$. It’s advisable to spend on extra batteries or your drones might get crashed when it runs out of battery which will eventually cost you more on repairing cost.

One more cost factor to keep in mind is to consider if parts, battery, and charger of your drones are easy to find in the market in case there is need of replacement

Others: apart from basic features being offered in a drone, some automatic functions like, automatic face detection, follow me mode to focus your face from a front or to follow from behind etc.

Safety Measures:

you can’t ignore the fact that today privacy is not only a personal but also a safety issue. When you are flying done in your garden, backyard or any other place, people might not like it or think that you are spying or might take it as a threat.

Another thing to keep in mind while flying is you should be good enough to handle your gadget as to avoid people from doubting your flying skills which will make them insecure and may think that your mishandling can hurt them.

You also have to take care of the distance and height to keep and that you may not operate your drone camera in any not flying zone which can put you in any substantial trouble etc.

Some abbreviations you Must be familiar with:

Normally there is some vocabulary and abbreviations along with specific technology, same goes for drones including:

  • RTF means Ready to fly: obvious by the term that drone requiring little or no assistant to fly
  • ART/ARF means Almost ready to fly: drones need a little assistant to fly i.e. receiver (Rx) & radio transmitter (Tx)
  • BNF means Bind-n-Fly: these RTF drones with no radio controller but the receiver. However, you can buy radio receiver separately.
  • FPV mean the first-person view: this is used for piloting, framing photo or video in the drones directly from a camera. FPS googles are also worn by the user giving him an immersive experience.
  • RTH means Return to home: the feature that allows a drone to automatically get back to its starting point, this is for safety.
  • Follow me: it’s an interesting feature that enables drone to follow subject by tracking it through GPS. The GPS signal emits from a mobile or remote control handled by subject, following him/them while moving, surfing, skiing, driving etc.
  • Gimbal: it’s system through which camera is stabilized for clear photos and videos when the drone is flying, having the fast moment or when winds are high.
  • Headless mode: this mode will control the drone through remote stick for moving left right, backward or forward regardless of the fact where the face of a drone is. Commonly Used by beginners.

We have chosen some of the drones as to assist in considering and buying one for you and have shared the details of them below.

Following are the list of Best Selfie Drones

1: DJI Mavic Pro ( Best Seller)

This drone is known as the professional drone as it takes the 4 k video and 12 MP still images. Able to fly up to 40 mph. 16 GB memory card installed inside it. Wih the help of smartphone app, it can control easily.


It’s a battery-operated drone, comes with pocket-sized remote control with a built-in the new technology of OcuSync transmission, covers the range of 7 kilometers, quality video streaming of 4K with full HD 1080p, Flight Autonomy technology, 3-axis camera, Micro SD card slot, USB type-C port and internal storage of 8GB


This is portable as well as the foldable quadcopter and like its name, it’s a Pro device as it offers complete 4K HD video streaming of 1080 p with its 3-axis gimbal camera for a clear, smooth photos and video means it makes the most of each of its pixel. While being in air Mavic recognize your gesture to click a picture of professional touch. It has Tripod Mode in it which makes it move slow for taking the accurate picture.

Watch Video

While being outdoor, its Flight Autonomy technology is one of its best feature which can detect obstacle from the long distance of approx. 49 ft and avoid bumping into it by hovering with satellite positioning. Being indoor it uses its forward and downward sensors to drift.

Mavic is an example of bid thing packet in the small package, it’s small and compact in size but have a capacity to flight for long 27 minutes at a distance of 13 kilometers and this is due to its motors of high power and efficiency. The battery takes about an hour or so to fully charge and the drone will land itself if its battery goes out of charge.

It’s an obedient device too, to follow all your commands almost instantly whether it’s for being slow or fast. Additionally, Mavic pro comes with DJI wireless Goggles to make you experience sight like a birds eye and 32 MP Sphere Panoramas can view through it.

The device is user-friendly even or beginners who are not or less familiar with the joystick, with Mavic’s TapFly you can precisely select your direction with just a tap for the smooth shooting of the video.

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Final Findings:

Mavic is high performance and extremely portable device in spite of its small compact size it offers all great function be it, quality picture or shooting, flights timing, DJI Googles for pro sight, Tapfly etc. some people reported issues with its customer service and dim light may affect its image quality otherwise it’s all in one package.

2: Holy Stone HS160 (Shadow FPV RC Selfie Drone)


This 6-Axis Gyro quadcopter is designed for kid and beginners with a foldable feature, extra battery, HD 720p WIFI camera of 2.4 GHz for live video.


A small, portable, foldable drone having flexible blades made with ABS plastic. Its blades are not only flexible but also foldable offering safety to drone while flying. Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor flying.

The drone starts and lands with a single key providing ease for both newbies and experienced people. With an altitude mode, the drone is capable of maintaining a stable flight at height.

It is having an adjustable HD 720p FPV WIFI camera for taking quality pictures and videos. The data through the camera can be stored in both App and on your mobile phone. A real-time transmission covering the range of 30 meters can experience when connected your drone to Wi-Fi via smartphone App. The system enables you to easily click, shoot and enjoy sharing the same.

The drone package offers you a bonus battery along with a Modular one, both of which are both safe and powerful having 3.7V 500mAh, enabling prolonged flight timing for longer fun. The battery takes around an hour to fully charge and provide 7 to 9 minutes of play time.

The headset can be connected to this drone for the more enhanced viewing experience. It has a gravity sensor mode in it offers you to handle it through your smartphone for directions easily and 4 high-low speed modes facilitating all its users.

Night navigation light and remote-control indicator light both LEDs are also being provided in it assisting you during the darkness of light.

The kit additionally includes a dust proof bag. Phone holder, USB charger. Extra landing pads and propellers.

Final findings:

the drone with extra battery is surely a bonus in a completely affordable price, featuring G-sensors, foldable blades, a small and portable device which can be carried in a pocket. Suitable for both beginners and experienced users for using indoor as well as outdoor, live video transmission with quality and adjustable camera along with an option of sharing through your smartphone, combinedly is a good choice.


  • It can use for kids and beginners.
  • It is compatible.
  • This Drone is affordable.
  • It gives HD quality picture.
  • It has bonus battery.
  • Its flying timing is good.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • Loved by drone lovers.


  • Sometimes its signal reception gets weak.
  • Sometimes its battery timing gives an issue

3: Force1 Drone with Camer (HD quality)

One of the best selfies drones you might have heard about. It gives the HD quality picture and 1080P quality video, which gives an excellent look. Easily connected to Wi-Fi and can make the coverage up to 500 meters. Easy to use even for the beginners. The battery timing is excellent. It also has a strong GPS connection. Its body is made up of a good quality, but should be used with a lot of care Has a 2.4Ghz Remote Controller and it also has a 7.4V 1800mAh LIPO Battery. It has a home returning system fixed in it with the help of which they can cover the distance of up to 500 meters and still give the HD quality pictures or videos.


  • A quadcopter featuring live video.
  • HD camera with 1080 p
  • Bugs 2 Wi-Fi, GPS
  • Brushless motors.


designed with latest brushless, this quadcopter is an efficient and durable device.

This drone has a camera to capture live HD video with 1080 p. interestingly its 720p camera is capable of RTH, returning home within 500 meters of range in case it runs out of battery or loses signal and can shoot in wide angle of 120 degrees for quality photos and video.

The drone is easy to fly for beginners as well as experienced people as it has only one key to lift, land, Altitude Hold and headless Mode along with IOC i.e. Intelligent orientation control for a smooth flight. The drone has a prolonged 30 minutes of flight timing (10-12 minutes on continuous flying).

With ESC, electronic speed control you can increase the speed to fly along with the camera. Its built-in GPS signal ranges up to 0.6 miles and it offers the connectivity with Bugs 2 Wi-Fi via smartphone App, these bugs are capable to fly even in the darkness of night. However, you will need a micro SD card for recording video.

The package of force 1 Drone offers extra battery which is a plus, extra propellers, UL-Certified Balance Charger, smartphone mount and you can keep track of your camera activity with a remote control having LCD screen and two-way powerful connection and signals of 2.4Ghz. it even is able to flip 360 times.

One of the best offers you get along with this Force 1 Drone is 100% refund in case it doesn’t please you with its performance, which is a great ease.


  • Easy to use even for the beginners
  • It is portable.
  • Gives an HD quality image.
  • Strong GPS system.
  • An excellent battery timing.


  • Sometimes it doe has a strong connection with the wifi or GPS system get disturbed.

4: Noiposi RC JJRC H47 Elfie (Pocket Selfie Drone)


This selfie drone is known as the pocket selfie drone because they can easily control with a remote control which you can place in your pocket. The features which make this drone differ from the other one is the presence of G-Sensor, which means that to activate this drone we have to place it at a certain angle. The main quality of these drones is that 720P HD quality picture, which means you will have the best display. It can easily take a photo with the distance of 40Meters. It also has a Headless Mode, in this mode, the drone will move as per your requirements. Has an aerial mode which means that it can easily rotate in the 360-degree direction. It has a G- sensor with the help of which you can control the drone with the app installed on your smartphones.


It’s a foldable and pocket-sized drone having gravity sensor.it comes with a 720 MP camera which is HD and a remote control, Night navigation LED light, Wi-Fi, Modular battery and much more.


This Noiposi RC Drone Quadcopter has remote controller with gravity sensors, the feature makes it function easier. You can tilt the camera to 90° to direct the drone in specific or any direction and it will operate smoothly.  It has a ‘Flight Planning’ button through which you can draw and set altitude for flying after it takes off. Can cover the distance of 250ft.

The drone is super portable with the rectangular design and plastic body, having blades which can be folded underneath.

This drone has a built-in Wi-Fi technology of 2.4 GHz (within the range of 150ft) and 720p camera which enables you to watch live video on your smartphone through an App and that too with great quality.

This drone not only enables you to take photographs and make your moments immortal during the night but Night navigation LED light in the drone offers you to take pictures and shoot videos during the night and keeps it from getting lost in the dark. Anti-shakes, foldable design, beauty mode and a protective bag is also included in the package.

Apart from G-sensor, a good Altitude hold with advanced barometer sensor is also been offered in the drone for stable flight and hovering which eventually enables you to take a good quality photograph.

For Charging a Modular battery is been provided which also ensures safety. The battery has the specific locking system and it takes about an hour to charge them completely.

Final findings:

It’s good to practice gravity controlling function and take guide user manual initially for properly handling the drone. You will need App for Saving videos and photos as this drone doesn’t include a microSD slot. You will also need to keep extra batteries with you to get most out of this drone, however, the other features offered in JJR/C H47 is a good value to of your investment into the drone.


  • Easy to use
  • Can control by an App.
  • Rotate at 360 degrees.
  • Has an aerial mode.
  • Take a photo from a 40M distance.
  • It Gives An HD quality picture.


  • There is no as such drawback of this product.

Final findings:

Initially, it takes some efforts in pairing the drone with the controller and it has no GPS although this device is a good value of money with lightweight, portable, IOC, LCD screen remote control, Bugs 2 Wi-Fi. Strong brushless motors, optional HD & GoPro sports camera.

5: GoolRC T33   (Mini Selfie Pocket Drone)

This drone is also one of the most trending drones, they give a 720P HD quality Picture, and can take a clear picture from a 40 Meter distance. An excellent battery timing and that is about 45 min flying time of Gool RC T33 is 6-8 min. It has a wifi remote control device which means you can control this drone with the smart app. It has a headless mode which means it can easily rotate at 360 degrees. The Drone is a stable drone because of its construction. Has a Beauty mode through which the photos and video can make more beautiful. Because of its G-Sensor, it can easily control by moving the cell phone. Its battery should keep full care, it should not overcharge or keep at a high temperature. it should keep safe from the fire and water.


Golic T33 is a portable pocket-sized, foldable drone that comes along HD camera of FPV 720P, Wi-Fi, and an extra battery.


This RC model of a drone made for the people beyond 14 years of age in other cases an adult supervision is advisable. Its pincer-shaped is inspired by a crab, protects it against bumping and its made with ABS material for durability.

The drone offers an awesome selfie click and video recording with its 720p camera, real-time FPV Wi-Fi and transmission ranges around 40 meters. The drone is completely and simply controlled by a smartphone via Wi-Fi, the remote isn’t included in the package and the data consisting of photos and videos are transferred to the phone in real time

The device completely portable with its arm designed which are foldable, making them half of its size. The arms will easily come out once you Tap its sides. The drone is also capable to flip and roll freely in 3 dimensions.

Selfie lovers will surely fascinate by this drone as it has a beauty mode enabled by the app to making your photos and videos more beautiful and making them come alive.

Its headless mode offers you to have a good control over it keeping the drone in your desired direction. Due to barometer sensor, it can keep a stable altitude and hover in the sky. The LED light lets you keep a track of drone during the night as well.

Its flights’ timing isn’t so impressive and ranges between 6-8minutes, however, charging takes 45minutes.

The manufacturer also offers to give you after sales customer service with 24 hours on contacting them.

Final findings:

the drone is completely portable, lightweight and made of durable material, its crab-like structure and headless mode protect it against any damage during and while taking off. Controlled by an App through WIFI, you have an additional ease i.e. not having the remote to take care off. Moreover, its LED light, beauty mode, 3D flip, and roll are all great feature to fascinate any selfie lover.


  • Portable and Easy to use.
  • It has a 3D model.
  • It has a G-sensor.
  • Controlled by a smart app.
  • It can take picture from40 meter of distance.
  • Foldable and Portable.
  • It has a wifi- remote control.
  • It has beauty mode installed.


  • Sometime might give problem in connecting to the wifi.
  • Other than this there is not as such drawback.

6: GoolRC T49 Camera Live Video (Foldable Selfie drone)

This Drone is unique because of its 2 important features
1) It is Ultra Thin

2) It records live video


The RC Quadcopter is FPV, foldable, Wi-Fi camera featuring live video of 2.4G, LED night lights and more.


GoolRC T49 is super thin, the foldable drone with the mouse like and headless, gesture remote control which you can easily handle and operate. Its remote control is even thinner then drone itself i.e. 1.8cm.

The drone has automatic positioning system built in which can operate by just a return key i.e. by clicking the button the drone will come back to the location of remote control.

The remote control has 8 controlling buttons in it which includes, RTH, headless mode, Calibration, Left & right fine-tuning, backward & forward fine-tuning, high & low speed. Right shoulder button is for starting and stopping the flight, it is also used to switch off all motors of drone in an urgency, while a left button on its shoulder is to control Flip and Roll modes.

For real transmission 720p camera offered with the drone, the recorded photos and videos are saved through Wi-Fi in your smartphone memory. Beauty mode also offered.

A playful function of 3D flip and roll at 360 degrees also featured in it, controlled by a single key even by the beginners.

The drone a capability to automatically maintain its flight due to its barometer sensor. This will offer an extra ease to beginners as well.

Additionally, LED lights are built in for night navigation, blue ones are in front while the red ones at the back.

With 5 minutes flying time its built-in battery of 250MAH takes about 45 minutes to recharge and can control distance to the range of 30m. USB charging cable also included in the kit.

The company also offers after sales customer services in case you face any problem while using it. You can contact them any time and your query will answer within24 hours viz e-mail and services will be provided on the earliest possible basis.

Final findings:

Apart from its battery life which is just 5 minutes, GoolRC T49 FPV Drone is ultra-thin, portable and foldable device, its remote with 8 buttons is even thinner and easy to handle and control, Wi-Fi camera for live transmission is offered with beatifying mode, barometer sensor, 3D flip and roll, and one key return all together makes a good deal of drone.


  • It is super foldable.
  • It is unique in features.
  • Gool RC T49 records live video.
  • It has an altitude mode.
  • It has a USB charger.
  • This Drone can control by a wifi remote.
  • It is portable.


  • Battery Life is not great.

7: EACHINE E56 Selfie Drone With WIFI

It has foldable arm and can easily packed and carry every ever you want.It has a Gravity  Sene mode inside it. EACHINE Camera gives an HD quality picture and can easily control by a mobile App.


It won’t be wrong if we say that this drone is a twin of JJR/C H47 both in looks and features, a foldable device having HD camera of 720p for capturing live video, gravity sensor, altitude mode, LED lights for night navigation etc.


The drone has the 720p camera to capture photographs and videos within the range of 150 ft along with 2,5 GHz Wi-Fi technology. This can do through an App on your smartphone.

EACHINE E56 Drone offers a great portability with its lightweight rectangular and plastic body. It has foldable blades too.

Gravity sensor control in the drone makes an operation of the drone easy even for beginners. ‘Flight planning’ feature included offers smooth flying direction once it’s taken off flight along with tiling camera of 90 degrees. This drone can cover the distance range of 250 ft with flight timing of 5-6 minutes.

An advanced barometer also offered for smooth and stable flight and same enables the drone to stay in the air for taking quality pictures and shooting videos.

LED light also included for navigation at night, this enables you to keep watch on your drone while clicking and shooting. The feature is also a safety measure keeping the drone from getting lost in the darkness of night.

Additionally, the drone comes with nice protective bag, offers anti-shake feature with six-gyro balances, one key return, Modular battery for safe charging along with lock system which takes about an hour to charge completely.

Final findings:

The user-friendly drone and gravity sensor remote control makes it, even more, easier to operate the drone in any direction. An emergency stop button given in case you need to halt it immediately. A greatly portable toy drone having pocket-sized and affordability. One thing to consider that it saves videos and photos in smartphone App because micro SD slot not included in it. Also, keep extra batteries with it for an unstoppable experience of taking selfies.


  • It’s Very easy to Use this drone.
  • It is portable.
  • It has an excellent battery timing.
  • The Drone gives an HD quality picture.


  • There is no as such drawbacks of this product

8: TeckEpic H47 Elfie (Foldable Selfie Drone)

It is loved by everyone because of its features and design. It has a gravity sensor control. TeckEpic H47 drone has a live video feature inside it with the help of which you can see everything live on your mobile screen which is shown by the drone. It has altitude mode and a beauty mode and with the help of these 2 features, the drone takes stable and a clear image. It has a USB charger. Its arm can easily fold and after folding the arms it is safe to carry the device in the pocket. It has a headless mode with which it can rotate 360degreese.

If you are a beginner then you should first read all instruction book. It has a warranty card as well. It has a good battery timing but you have to be careful with the battery that you should not overcharge it or keep it in water or fire.


  • It is excellent for Pro and even for the beginners
  • it has an excellent battery timing.
  • Teck Epic is compatible.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has a beauty mode as well.
  • This Drone gives an HD clear image.


  • There is no as such drawback for this product.

9: GoolRC T37  ( Foldable Selfie Drone with Wifi Camera)


We have already discussed the T49 version of GoolRC drone, now it’s time for the T37 Mini Drone version which is also foldable, having 6 Axis Gravity Sensor, RTF, WIFI camera for lice video and 2 additional batteries.


GoolRC T37 Mini Drone is an upgraded version, made with ABS material, has a built-in 6 Axis Gyro, a portable design with beautifying mode for clicking photos and shooting videos like a pro. Its small in size but having greater qualities.

The drone has high definition 720p camera which connected to your smartphone and you can view in real time whatever you are focusing directly on its image or video. This drone offers you to have a viewing experience like a bird.

This drone can control both by remote and your smartphone. Gravity sensor and barometer offer an easy to operate and control drone through tilting your phone. Other functions include the 3D roll over for fun and play, headless and altitude mode also includes the device for better stability and control.

The drone has the capacity to cover 40 meters of distance with flying time of 6-7 minutes and the battery take about an hour to charge completely.

After sales service also offer by the manufacturer who claims to answer your query within 24 hours.

It has a super folding quality, It also has a light sensor present in it which makes it great for taking photos and videos. It has a wifi remote controlled and can easily control a smart app.

Final findings:

although some people have reported the problem with its battery which can overcome by proper handling and also the problem can resolve by taking their after sales services, overall the drone a great value of your investment. Its red color makes it look different and stand out from the crew. An extremely portable device you can carry in your pocket and take anywhere. It user-friendly no matter if you are an experienced user or a newbie. Its durable material, reasonable coverage with quality image and video with control through remote and your smartphone offer you almost every ease a selfie lover would expect.

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  • The Selfie Drone is Affordable.
  • It has altitude mode.
  • It has beauty mode.
  • Its battery timing is good.
  • It is compatible.
  • its has a unique design and color.


  • There is nor such drawback of this product.

10: EACHINE E57 Quadcopter ( Best Selfie Drones)


This version of Eachine is headless mode enabled.


The quadcopter has Wi-Fi enabled camera built in for real-time FPV transmission. It will view on your smartphone. It’s a pretty good drone for beginners

The drone flies back to its original location through one-key return button on its remote control. It also has a protection system to protect its motors from damage.

It is 3 dimensional and 360 degrees roll over features fascinates not only its user but viewers as well. The LED lights greatly help in flying the drone during the night or in dark environment.

With headless mode, you have an ease of not needing to adjust the position before your drone takes flight. Additionally, 6-axis gyro offers more stable and easily controllable flight.

The drone can fly for about 8-10 minutes, within the distance ranges from 80 to 100 meters and the battery takes a bit more than an hour to charges itself completely.

The package includes 450 mAH battery, a USB charger, 4 propellers, a holder for your phone and instructional manual to help you assist in saving, the smooth and proper functioning of drone.

Final findings:

Some people reported a problem with its battery and controlling directions while operating. However, the problem is totally resolvable via properly taking a guide from its user manual as the device is a reason within the price paid for it and the features offered in it.


  • Affordable.
  • It is loved by everyone.
  • Portable.
  • Super foldable.
  • Wifi remote.
  • Battery timing is good.
  • Headless mode.


  • There is nor such drawback of this product.


Now you have enough knowledge about Best Selfie drones, its basic terminologies and basic features for your understanding. And we have even given you our recommendations. The ball is in your court now to select the selfie drone best suited to your needs. Almost all above drone have great features to select them for, however, your budget, usage, and needs are the best judges to select one for you. However, in all above drones, our favorite is DJI Mavic Pro. The reason is not needed to mention as we already discussed all its features in details above. We would only sum up by concluding that DJI Mavic Pro has all features covered under one umbrella including great technology, quality camera for clicking and shooting awesome photos and video, connectivity and storage options and especially the prolonged flight timing which confirmed by numerous users.


Have a nice selfie…

And Have  A Nice Day…!!