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Burris 200261 Review | Best Scope For Ar 10 Rifle to Buy in 2018


best scope for Ar 10Most people who are fond of hunting surprisingly feel the same question in the start that what is the best scope for Ar 10 or which scope can be a perfect pair to the Ar 10 rifle. Well, I am pretty sure you are here because you felt the same.

Isn’t it?

Yeah! Not to worry then because you will find the best scope for Ar 10 review here which proves to make a standard match to your rifle. As many people who are into hunting bought several scopes like crossbow scopes and scopes for compound bows, reviewed them bad or good but here I have reviewed those AR 10 scopes which are worthy enough to be on your favorite list.

Since I have been reviewing the whole family of AR 10 scopes, that what should be the best fit for your rifle. On my experience, I’m comfortable to review the best scopes available, and since thinking of a person who is not into hunting like a pro and earns a civilian life.

I’ve found best 5 AR 10 optics on the list right down with complete descriptive reviews. Just like trading a Ferrari for a Tercel, hunting is not kind of sport that makes you feel quite the same after experiencing military grade equipment. So better to jump on the very first product that is Burris 200261.

List of 5 Best Scope For AR 10:

Best Scope for Ar 10MagnificationLens Diameter Price
Berris 200261

Nikon Buckmasters II

Nikon Buckmasters II

Bushnell Drop Zone -223
Bushnell Trophy Sight

Burris 200261 (Best Scope For AR 10 Review):

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This product is named for the Company Burris which has made a considerable fame in making the best Ar 10 optics. This company is well-known for making the reliable and reasonable cost products. Burris not only make these best scopes but the scout scopes as well.

As far as the review of best scope for Ar 10 is concerned, Burris 200261 comes first in the mind. Saying that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Burris 200261 will not be a lie. So I have picked up to review this in 2-7x32mm size and in matte black look for the price, I wasn’t expecting a great deal.

All I can say is that the scope over-delivered, big time. The glass is surprisingly good for such an inexpensive scope, and everything about it screams out quality. The scope has a solid build, excellent field of view and incredible long range performance (a tricky achievement on a low-budget scope).

I’m pretty sure after reading the complete article you will take no time to click on BUY! You will enjoy hunting with this new gear. This scope is one of the great ones who have the phenomenal features.

Features of Burris 200261:

According to the magnification it upholds, 2x-7x is the minimum range in which it zooming variates.

The reason I have selected it on the list of best scope for Ar 10 is its light weight which is quite noticeable when you hold it in your hand.

Although the objective lens is small i.e. only 32 millimeters as I have already discussed the field of view in AR 10 scopes that the maximum area one can see at the field is “field of view”. So it has the count of 21 feet at a distance of almost 100 yards.

This count of FOV is more accurate with the magnification of 7x. In spite of the fact that it has the lightweight, there is a plus point of its reliability, non- scratchable and water/fog proof glass illumination above the lens.

However, the eye relief of Burris 200261 is long enough which helps one to set the target easily using the minute of the angle which is set to be ¼ for this.

It has the parallax free nature which can help you out to focus the target with both the eyes even if you or your target animal is moving. The turrets for the sight are the low profile that aids for the same result.

Not to worry about the case that you are going to use this scope with your rifle in different fields like gaming, targeting deer or just for the sake of playing in your backyard. Burris 200261 makes the perfect focus to your goal within no time.


  • Reasonable price for such an amazing rifle scope.
  • Fast and easy in setting and changing the position with respect to your target.
  • Shockproof and is resistant to any scratch.
  • Adjustment is extremely handy.
  • Owns a very less weight to feel as if you are holding the only rifle.


  • Price can be less but still, it is affordable scope to buy.
  • Does not come up with the lens cap or mounting rings.


As you have found that there are many clues for Burris 200261 to come with the best scope for Ar 10 review list. The performance exhibits in the mentioned price are beyond phenomenal. You just have to check its price with your eyes that the review on this best scope for Ar 10 matches how much with it cost and what features it entails.

If I have to recommend this product, I will Go for YES! it has that x-factor, a charm to operate, a handy way to adjust with your rifle. So it better without wasting any time, fetch it from Amazon and enjoy your shooting games.

🙂 🙂 🙂 Good Luck! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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