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Parkour is the new workout trend, exercise includes fast movements, jumping over objects and running over uneven surfaces. Parkour shoes highly improve your strength, safety, and performance.Always look for comfortable best parkour shoes in the market. Most of the parkour shoes are designed for specific purposes and different sports. Most of the running shoes you wear for running are not considered good for parkour. Don’t waste your money on buying different parkour shoes which won’t suit your activity.We will provide you a list of parkour footwear which is going to clear up your mind.You must know that which manufacturer is making what kind of sports parkour shoes.

When you are looking for best parkour shoes it means you want them for outdoor challenging activities. Always keep in mind that not all shoes can be tested for parkour activities. When you wear parkour shoes it just feels like you are walking barefoot on a carpet because of its soft cushioning.For any kind of hard parkour activities , shoes with more cushioning are also available with a great grip and good sole.

 Buying Advice

  • the shoe must be lightweight because it won’t put pressure on your feet
  • Lightweight parkour shoes makes you feel free to walk
  • soles of the parkour shoes must not be thicker because it do not maintain the proper physical balance of your feet with the ground and hence it can damage skin tissues and can cause injuries
  • Always look for a thinner and strong sole which is good for landing impacts and its good for muscles.
  • Material rubber or cloth rubber from which shoe is made describes how long shoe will last, softer materials are good for gripping but can run down in a quick period of time.
  • Always look for a good parkour shoe which comforts your feet, sometimes even a cheap shoe can perform better than an expensive one.

What to look for in Best Parkour Shoes:


  • Depends on your structure of feet most of you want a soft low cushion layer likely to feel ground


  • Grip can make a parkour shoe good and bad, strengthens the ability to jump and maintain balance over obstacles

Most of the soles get good grip on solid grounds while some soles don’t have any grip on wet grounds


  • Parkour shoe must give good sensitivity with the ground


  • Parkour shoes are tested hard in tough environments, so always look for best parkour shoes which will work for a longer period.

Comfortable shoe:

  • Comfortable shoes are good for your feet muscles and shin muscles, the shoe must be comfortable so it won’t damage your shin muscles during long-running exercise periods.

If you do not feel comfortable then you won’t be able to physically perform well during parkour, keep your feet good with best parkour shoes which are available on

Now I am going to show you a list of best parkour shoes for training , the list contains cool kind of shoes for parkour which is safe and good for shin muscles, these shoes are light and do not put the eavy impact on your feet. I can assure you that this list has good parkour shoes which will keep you safe from injuries like bad ankles, Back strains and shin strains.

List of Top 5 best Parkour shoes:

Now as you know the important things to keep in mind before buying parkour shoes, so without further ado let’s have a look at the best shoes for parkour

1.  Asics Onitsuka Tiger Unisex Tiger Corsair Sneakers -(best parkour shoes)

This shoe is best for shock absorption because of its outsole stability, with its two-layer EVA midsole and flexible heel with cushion support makes it the best choice for parkour. This shoe is very popular around parkour group.These shoes are very lightweight and are highly reliable, the grip is very strong with any kind of surface whether wet or dry.Its soles are very balancing because of thin nature. Sensitivity factor is also very good.Very flexible from toe to back heel, very comfortable for feet and excellent in quality.


  • This shoe has a superb grip
  • It’s a lightweight shoe
  • These parkour shoes are highly reliable
  • Its cushioning is thin which is suitable for most of the runners



  • A bit Lack of shock absorption


2. PUMA Men’s Faas 500 V2 Running Shoe: (Comfortable Shoes)

Puma is the name of comfort and style, it is best known for making comfortable stylish sports shoes. Puma shoes are up to the trend and come in a variety of colors. These good parkour shoes provide shock absorption and landings.PUMA 500 v2 shoes are breathable and balancing for your feet. Best Parkour shoes so far for newbies, very well cushioned and sensitivity factor is good for parkour. Very comfortable from toe to heel, best recommendation because of their reliability and comfort factor.


  • These Puma Parkour shoes are highly moderate
  • 500 V2 are very lightweight and best parkour shoes
  • Cushioning is very comfortable
  • Grip is better for parkour exercise



  • No cons so far


3. Nike Men’s Free Run 2 (parkour shoe Nike):


As we all know that Nike is an international and trusted brand for a decade and so as its shoes.These good parkour shoes of Nike are multi-layer and comfortable, these shoes have good breathable structure and soft inner comfort for feet. Features of free sites make them more comfortable and make you feel like walking on a carpet.Its rubber heel is very grip and durable. These shoes are probably very good for barefoot-like running as well as parkour.Our best recommendation for you because these are the kind of shoes which best suits you


  • Nike free shoes for parkour are very moderate when it comes to Grip
  • These free run shoes for parkour are very well cushioned
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Very reliable shoes and stylish with attractive look



  • Not made for parkour purpose but people still use them for such activities


4. DOUBLESTAR MR Classical -(Kung Fu Shoes for Parkour):



Doublestar MR classical Kung Fu shoes for parkour are very popular for extreme training and exercises. These are classical parkour shoes with breathable woven fabric upper material.These parkour shoes are oil resistant.Highly preferable for beginners who are involved in parkour activities like martial arts and Kung Fu. Very good for feet safety and muscles.Outsoles rubber covers the toe area from outside.Best Parkour shoes with rubber soles and superb high quality and reliability.


  • One of their kind parkour shoes for extreme sports like martial arts and Kung Fu training.
  • Made up of 100 percent rubber soles.
  • These KungFu parkour shoes have a good grip.
  • Very good and lightweight shoes.
  • Very reliable and durability is good.


  • No cons so far

5. Nike Men’s Flex 2016 -( Best Parkour Shoes Nike):


Another pair of Nike parkour shoes are here known as Nike’s men’s flex running shoes .Very soft and flexible with advanced flexible grooves .Best for performing all kinds of parkour activities. These good parkour shoes are very lightweight which don’t put any more pressure on your feet. Good breathability structure and advanced grip support with ground .Very well cushioned which makes it comfortable and light for your feet. Nike is always our priority recommendation.


  • These shoes gives an elegant look and style
  • Very attractive and comfortable
  • These Nike’s parkour shoes have good flexible soles
  • Good for feet and muscles relaxation



  • These Nike shoes lack thick cushioning which is up to user’s choice whether they want a thin or thick layer.


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