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Best LED Monitors to Buy in 2018

Nowadays, Many people are fond of buying best LED Monitors; your presence here shows you are one of them. People are not bound to what they listen only but in fact; they are attracted by the visual aids, that is

 What they see on screen;

Everyone understands that visual demonstrations are offered by Monitors, TVs, projectors, and screens, etc. But as the advancement in technological globe first the LCDs and then the best LED Monitors were designed to make its users amused and attracted by what they view.

But what is the use of them if colors fade and clutter effect occur on the screen?

Then you must be worried about your money if it gets wasted by the wrong choice of product.

Well here, no worries further!

In this article, you will find the best of the best-LED screens to buy in 2018 and in coming years too. Many of the computer monitor deals offered by various companies all over the world, yet some of them are leading above all.

Because they offer such qualities in their products that are admired by people. Companies like ASUS, HP, DELL, ViewSonic are moving towards the desires demanded by individuals in the next generation that is why their products are also reaching the sky in best quality and specifications.

You will find all the top 15 products mentioned here along with the editor’s pick in the How to buy? |Guide in the table below:

Top 15 LED Monitors to Buy in 2018:

Dell U2715H
Editor's choice
10 lbs2560x1440p
Samsung S32D850T
Editor's choice
27 lbs2560x1440p
Dell U2515Hx14.96 lbs2560X1440p
Samsung S27E390H11.3 lbs1920x1080p
ViewSonic VA2746M
Editor's choice
10.7 lbs1920x1080p
AOC e2752She
Editor's choice
11.6 lbs1920x1080p
Dell U2412M13.73 lbs1920x1200p
HP 27er8.3 lbs1920x1080p
ViewSonic VA2855SMH14 lbs1920x1080p
HP 25er7.4 lbs1920x1080p

 Dell UltraSharp U2715H  (Full HD Monitor):

Dell UltraSharp U2715H LED Monitors as the name shows have the exceptional quality of image display. One of the products which are demanded by the people because of its convenient structure and lovely design. Dell UltraSharp is one of the best Gaming Monitor.

The edges finely made due to which it looks thin and makes one know its actual weight. The perfection and compatibility of Dell UltraSharp are phenomenal as it adjusts with the Mac mini, Windows and Xbox 360 as well.

When you switch it ON, will find that it has a rapid response, i.e., it doesn’t let you wait until it starts functioning. It is a 27-inch computer monitor and has the sufficient number of display ports and HDMI ports. This LED monitor has the In-plane switching (IPS) pane which works on the color variation. In the Dell family of the computer monitors, U2715H has the latest technology and design. Let we discuss the specifications it has.

As you can see from the image, it has thin bezel design. It usually comes in two colors, i.e., black and silver. The outer covering is of plastic material which is 1mm along the curves and 5.9mm wide border.

A sleek Dell logo below the upper rim of the screen with a standard sized and rigid stand at the back.

  • Two-megapixel long-term Camera and dual microphone array.
  • 5-watt speakers that provide little of bass too. However, if you are running a music studio,  attaching high-quality sound production system will be the best choice then.
  • Along with the power button, six buttons for adjustment of pictures and other functions.
  • Display port consists of 1.2 and VGA input. USB ports are 2 in number.
  • At custom color modes, you can adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, and temperature, etc.
  • For gaming purposes, the settings can be done via response time mode.
This can also be called as a monitor computer which shows excellent performance. The IPS panel shows each variation of greyscale. The quality of the picture is commendable as each of color intensity is standard and bright. You can adjust the functions in settings and correct it according to your ease. It’s response time while online or offline gaming does not bother one to get rid of the game, as it synchronizes accordingly with the picture.


  • Assembly is quite easy.
  • No blurring issue and visibility flickering.
  • Low latency, which is quite good.
  • No ghosting and best responsiveness in time.
  • The accuracy of color quality is high.


  • Limited variety of connections.
  • Sometimes uniformity issues.

Samsung WQHD S32D850T  (32-inch Computer Monitor):

Samsung as being the great company in making the digital products yet made another product which offers an excellent resolution of about 2560×1440 pixels.

This HD Monitor can replace any of the big screen monitors in the aspect of quality and performance very easily.

It works on the VA panel technology that is why produces the high variation in the contrasting colors. Due to elite color differences and resolution, its demand is increasing day by day in the areas where big screens are subjected to use.

Samsung WQHD LED monitor displays the high-definition image quality at the different angles of the screen.

As some of the screens show radiance in the colors when viewed from the edges, but is no more found in this type of the widescreen monitor.

The contrast ratio is quite standard, which seems to be perfect to view the images, videos, and games as well. As most of the monitors show the ghosting effect in gaming, but here this problem is not caused.

Let we discuss S32D850T Led monitor in complete detail:

Samsung WQHD has the simple looking screen with an adaptable stand at the bottom of the screen.It can go with the portrait mode as well with the adjustment of 130mm of height. At the side, you will find the rectangular box-shaped area where roundabout four USB ports and two audio ports are present thereby giving the compatibility with more than two connecting devices.
  • Response time is 3ms and response time type is grey-to-grey.
  • It supports HDMI, Display port, DVI video inputs and 3mm audio input.
  • Single ball and socket style joint is used to handle the tilting and the adjustment of the position of the monitor.
  • Detachable cables and integrated power supply.
  • Horizontal and vertical view angle is 178.
Samsung WQHD LED monitor works very well, even for the areas where large screens are required. This 32 computer monitor could be the best choice then.

High resolution with an anti-glare system will make the images and video significantly clear with no attenuation. Although with the gaming console you have to buy separate headsets with HQ sound production or speakers as it has no internal speakers by default.


  • Samsung WQHD can be used between two computers mutually.
  • It provides a high-quality image.
  • VESA mount availability.
  • Allows more connections with computer devices without lagging in speed.


  • No internal speakers.
  • Construction of this product is quite thick.

 Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx  (LED Computer Monitor):

Another product from the same company DELL which is again famous for its widescreen monitor quality offering the resolution same as that of the DELL UltraSharp U2715H that is 2560-1440 pixels.

This Led screen provides the consistent view from 178 by 178 degrees angle. Like the other monitors, it also has the thin bezel design which gives a sleek and shining look on the screen.

One more interesting factor it has is two modes position, i.e., it can be set in the landscape as well a the portrait position. The multi-monitor setup it gives demanded mostly by the people of this growing era.

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The compatibility rate with the other devices is good. It can be easily adjustable with the other computer parts which can be attached to USB. Through the settings, you can adjust the brightness from dim to a high level. The contrast ratio is quite useful in case of this desktop monitor.

Talking about the design, features, and performance; well they are quite impressive because according to its users, it seemed to be very user-friendly. However, it has quite same design as of the monitors mentioned above but still in some areas it differs with an edge. Now let us discuss each of its specifications separately:

It has a rectangularly shaped widescreen with the faceted corners. The stand is silver in color starting from the back center goes down and can be adjusted according to our need.

Silver Dell logo at the upper brim of the backside of the screen. At the front end, a small logo of the company is positioned right down in the middle of the screen. It has several HDMI and Display ports at the back, where you can attach the cable and through this, in turn, connect the devices like mobile phones and see images, videos, and games with the same resolution of pixels.

  • An extended area for the display ports (IN and OUT), HDMI, Audio line and USB ports (upstream and Downstream) as well.
  • The density of pixel is roundabout 117.49 PPI.
  • High contrasting display with the response time of about 8ms.
  • Even viewing angle with the fine-tuning of 90 degrees pivot angle.
  • It has the VESA mount ability so that it can be installed on the wall as well.
  • Compatibility of charging with BC2.1 and other devices.
  • Power management system is made on the advanced technology to go to sleep when not in use.
This full HD computer performs so well to give its best resolution around 2560×1440 pixels. The viewing angle supports 178/178 degrees also with no glare on the screen. Great Responsiveness to the gaming devices such as gaming mouse, laptops, and headsets etc, in fact, it is considered among the best portable monitors too.  Charging can be done through USB port 3.0.


  • No extra tool is required for the adjustment of the screen or stand.
  • The stand is flexible; you can adjust it according to your ease of position.
  • VESA mount availability.
  • The design of Dell monitor is entirely eco-friendly.
  • High-speed charging.


  • Somehow there is a decrease in the contrasting colors on the screen.

 Samsung S27E390H  (1080p Monitor):

Samsung S27E390H is one of the HD computer monitors and is famous for its adjustability with two of the computer peripherals at the same time because it has the HDMI and HDMI switch.

So this can make one play and work at the same time. It provides the users with impressive aesthetics.

This product from Samsung has an excellent control over the contrast and brightness, sharpness, and the temperature of the image quality.

This led monitor comes with pretty good innovation that is the Eye Saver mode. Through this way, your eyes won’t get affected by the brightness and sharpness of the image on the screen. Most of the devices do not support this feature, and you have to buy another product to have this.

Even you can perform different activities on it, especially those tasks which require no pixelation and noisy effects such as video editing and all.

The accuracy of the colors provided by this HDMI monitor is quite well as it provides the vast range of contrasting colors. It works on the PLS technology which provides the user with best enough results during gaming, as the response time is just 4ms which is quite significant.

Such a multi-purpose monitor worth not so high. Now coming towards the design, the features, and the performance of the best-led monitor.

Samsung S27E390H is constructed in such a way that it acquires small space to get positioned and is in glossy black. Height is approximately 16 inches; the screen is 21 inches wide whereas the stand is 17 inches in length.

The design is so sleek and shining, that one feels good because it is neither too big nor too small in size. In fact under the monitor, most of the space is left because of its T-shaped structure.

  • Maximum screen resolution it upholds is 1920×1080 pixels.
  • Aux jack for the bass and gaming headset is of about 3.5mm.
  • Aesthetically made power cable.
  • Accompanied by the small adapter box of about 3.75″ x 1.5″ x 1 dimensions.
  • IPS panel technology.
  • VGA Cable attached along with it in the box.
onsidering the functioning of this led monitor, first, we have to make things clear that Samsung goes for the best visual displays and sound system. As we are considering the screen, so this model has the 1080p which is good enough for video. You can also do image editing using different software like light stream etc. It supports excellent backlight and has an anti-glare system with the help of which you can use it even in the room full of sunlight.


  • Crystal clear screen.
  • Installation is quite easy without using the manual.
  • It works smoothly with gaming consoles.
  • Construction is solid and acquires a little space for positioning.
  • No flickering of the image on the screen.
  • 2.2 Gamma which is perfect.


  • It has no internal speakers.

ViewSonic VA2746M  (Best PC Monitor):

Another product in the list of the best-Led monitors is ViewSonic VA2746M which offers the best image quality of 1080 pixels enough for watching a video. It comes on the list of the cheap monitors still providing the essential quality and specifications.

Most of the monitors which cost more than $500 have somewhat same features like ViewSonic VA2746M. It is the latest version of the model VX2250WM which is almost 2 inches larger.

Anti-glare quality because of the matte finish design and the tiny speakers attached. Although speakers are small, you cannot expect to have the loud sound from them, but still, it works pretty well.

Anyhow you can have the additional speakers even 2.1 speakers can also cope up the demand for acceptable music with it.

It can also work with the calibrated LCD monitors as the temperature of the screen image has cooler as well as the warmer effects. Out of the box, users experience different conditions, but it’s up to you that how you adjust it according to your comfort. LCD monitors mostly work on the TN panel technology, but here in case of the LED monitors, IPS technology has been implemented. A complete review of the design, features and how it performs, actually the experiences shared by the customers are explained below.

Have a check:

This model of ViewSonic is quite elegant in design. However, the stand has the same color as of the screen, but still, it looks cool. It has the VESA mount and can also be compatible with the multiple monitor mounts which is no doubt a plus. Adjustable base allows it to set it up or even down. Buttons to adjust the brightness or more accurately we can say the settings are present at the bottom edge. You can use them efficiently, and they seem nice.
  • Widescreen of length 27 inches.
  • Image quality is good enough with the aspect of roundabout 16:9.
  • It supports 1920×1080 pixels resolution.
  • Response time is 3.4ms which is quite perfect for the videos and picture production.
  • DVI and VGA can be connected via ports.
  • The company provides a three years warranty.
  • Fit in speakers along with it having slightly soft volume.
  • VESA mount of 100x100mm.
It performs great with the image production, videos, and gaming console. This Led monitor does not support the attenuation on the screen, and through the wide viewing angle, one can be able to view from even the sides obviously. Minimal chances, if you get any dead pixel on the screen. Brightness is quite high; you can adjust it according to your ease zone.


  • No dead or faulty pixels.
  • The backlight is uniformly distributed.
  • Brightness and contrast are highly adjustable from minimum to maximum very quickly.
  • Performance is phenomenal.
  • Adjustability of the stand is excellent.


  • It has no HDMI connection.
  • DVI cable is not attached to the box.

AOC e2752She (27 Computer Monitor):

AOC e275She is one of the big led monitors in the list as it gives the resolution of about 1920×1080 pixels. You will get the ATi card in which the instruction to set it up are mentioned. It makes somewhat easy for you to install like; you can set the brightness ON, contrast up to 36 and much more which are the basic settings that can enable the screen to produce outstanding image quality. After doing all the initial configuration, just wait for a while and after some time you’ll have it all in front of you beyond your expectations.

You must be thinking that how to approach all these settings? Well, no issue then. Just have to go to Lagom LCD monitor calibration and find it quickly. If you want a big screen which is compatible with other computer peripherals and gaming consoles as well, so this HD monitor has the potential to get in your cart.

Let us discuss the design, performance and the features along with the pros and cons of AOC e275She separately so that you will find it easy to select the best for yourself.


It has the big screen with a stand at the back which is black. Size of the stand is not too big, which makes it quite stylish to have it on the table. If it comes to place, you can also mount it on the wall as it has the VESA mount capability. The design is quite attractive and slim. Matte look which almost finishes the glare, so that you can be able to view the screen from the sides even clear.

  • The screen can be split into four different screens so that you can work on various platforms at the same time.
  • At the back, connectors are aligned horizontally for natural connections.
  • Audio port of 3.5mm space.
  • GTG response time is 2ms for a precise and even motion of video.
  • VGA and two HDMI ports for the connection with gaming consoles and other devices.
  • 100mm VESA wall mount.
Performance of this HDMI computer monitor is quite good as it has the aspect ratio of 16:9 for the image production. This product has the TFT LCD panel with LED Backlit providing no ghosting effect while gaming or watching videos. It gives the superb picture quality with no dead pixels. Most of its customers recommend It for the price as well as performance. Its high viewing angle is good, but you can not watch from the upside down.


  • Excellent picture quality.
  • Led backlight panel is uniformly distributed.
  • The contrast ratio is perfect.
  • The response time of 2ms makes this reasonable piece of choice for the customers.


  • Default setting needs to be changed by yourself.

 Dell UltraSharp U2412M  (LED Computer Screen):

As I have mentioned above that DELL is a company which comes up with one of the best-LED monitors of all time. U2412M has somewhat the same qualities as the other monitors of DELL is having, still, has a difference and we can say the major difference is between the Price is quite less than the other monitors, make sure then it will have some fewer qualities also. But anyhow this factor cannot state as; it’s not worth buying. Obviously, if we mention this product in top 15 LED monitors to buy, then this will have some commendable specifications too that need to consider.

Dell UltraSharp works on in-plane switching (IPS) technology which is far useful than the other monitors sold out on the market. It has a very adjustable and easy to move stand which can settle according to the position we like. The widescreen helps one to view the images and video from a far distance. It is affordable plus having the high viewing angle along with four USB ports. The technology it works on is simple and latest to carry out as compared to the previous IPS technology.

DesignFeatures Performance
Right above in the image, the screen is wide along with the thin edge of length almost 0.60 mm around the screen. In the lower side of the edge, small sleek and shining logo of DELL is position whereas at the right side you will be able to see the buttons which are 5 in numbers to adjust the settings and power. At the rear aspect of the screen, quite a prominent logo of the company is designed attractively on the matte surface. Right below the stand fixture, input ports are present which helps you to insert different cables and attach other computer peripherals.
  • It supports the aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Pixel response time is round about 8ms whereas the screen brightness can go up to 300cd/m2.
  • Contrast and dynamic contrast ratio are 10000:1 and 2000000:1.
  • The vertical and horizontal viewing angle is 178/178 degrees.
  • One upstream and four downstream USB ports.
  • VGA, DVI, and display output ports are present.
  • The HDCP supports it.
Performance of this computer monitor is outstanding. Latest IPS technology is very affordable to set, and the brightness levels are phenomenal. The variance in the colors are quite diverse, but the dark colors of grey are non-noticeable. We can say that dark grey color it reproduces is far better than the regular image display what you get from the TN display.


  • Latest IPS display at an affordable price.
  • Ergonomic stand and bright viewing angles from distant vision.
  • Excellent image quality with HDCP support.


  • No audio connectors.

HP 27er LED Backlit Monitor (Best PC Monitor):

As the trend of graphic designing and video editing is increasing day by day. So people into it prefer to buy such screens which display right color variations, clear imagery, and no pixelation. The best part in this HP LED monitor is that; it is comparable to MacBook screen. Up till now, we have come across those screens which have slightly curved edges. But HP to give an elegant look to its product has designed the screen with sharp edges. The businessmen mostly prefer to buy this because it seems suitable for the use of the office.

HP 27er LED monitor is somewhat a great investment because it supports its users in many of the tasks provided by the company. It is better to buy this product rather than changing your monitor every year to get the good image quality.

TaIt has a very adorable design as it comes in bright silver color. The ultra slim body makes it look elegant with a smart stand right down the screen. The image above shows clear impression of this LED monitor. Sleek logo of HP right down the frame and input ports at the back which is positioned horizontally for the ease of its customers. The horizontal array of input ports helps in a way that you can easily insert the cables with no problem.  It is edge-less giving its users the edge to edge display which makes it quite different from the other monitors having the similar specifications.
  • At the frequency of 60Hz, it gives the native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
  • Aspect ratio is 16:9 and brightness go up to 250cd/m sq.
  • The static and dynamic contrast ratio is 1000:1 and 10000000:1.
  • Pitch of the pixels is 0.311 mm whereas the response time is 14ms.
  • The vertical and horizontal angle of 178 degrees each.
HP LED monitor’s fair and crisp resolution of the images is quite liked by its customers. Considering the interface; it’s quite user-friendly as right from the setting button you can fly to the main menu where brightness, saturation, contrast and other important settings up to individual level can be adjusted. It works same as if you are using an apple screen. However, the specifications are different, but in the necessary process; features it supports makes it worth high to get in your cart.


  • Light-weight and slim LED monitor.
  • HD quality screen which stands out the affordable price range.
  • Easy installation to control the picture in any dimension.
  • Works with many of the image editing software with no broken pixels and high image quality.


  • Glare can prove as an issue for somebody.

 ViewSonic VA2855SMH  (Best Monitor Screen):

In the list of the best-LED monitors, ViewSonic VA2855SMH quite has the similar specification as in the ViewSonic VA2746M. Although its price is quite less but has almost the same a very good quality. This  LED monitor has the excellent resolution which can make as a good option for use at home, office, and mini cinemas. From mini cinemas, I mean that its brightness is convenient to utilize in the dark room. However, it can also use in the room full of sunlight.

ViewSonic VA2855SMH has the great reviews on Amazon as most of its users have described the qualities in a very detailed way. It can split the windows screen so that you can perform the different tasks at the same time. We cannot question on image flickering because the display shows the picture with crystal clear quality from end to end or we can say from corner to corner with no hick-ups. It can be the best pick for your house, and you will not regret your choice after buying it for sure. Let us discuss full details of this computer monitor so that you will be able to choose with no confusion.

The design is somewhat similar to ViewSonic VA2746M. Right like this, it has a black covering with a thin bezel around the screen. Bezels are covering the screen to give it a protective appearance not making it look thick maintaining the slimness of this HD monitor constant. According to the extensive research on the product reviews all over the internet, what I found that most of the people are quite happy with the design; as it is space saving and compatible with other computer devices. Monitor mount is not a big issue because you can have the VESA mount or any of the multiple computer mounts to position it. Monitor stand is flexible to adjust in a way you like.
  • It works on the SuperClear Pro MVA panel technology.
  • Built-in dual speakers inside the monitor.
  • It supports the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
  • Size of the screen is 28 inches with bezels covering the screen.
  • The static contrast ratio is 3000:1.
  • VGA and HDMI input ports supported.
  • Energy saving eco mode switches it off while no use to conserve the power.
Coming towards the performance, so this HDMI monitor works on the flicker-free technology which helps the viewer not to suffer eye strain if watching the screen from a distant position. The Large screen of this LED monitor increments its efficiency as you can split the screen into two and productivity of your work will automatically increase. It exhibits 8-bit color performance whereas providing roundabout 16.7 million colors through the SuperClear Pro MVA panel technology.


  • It supports two HDMI/MHL inputs.
  • VGA cable comes with the box.
  • The consistency of colors displays at a wide angle.
  • No pixelation with high image quality.
  • All-in-one Installation and extremely affordable.


  • It has tiny speakers.

HP 25er LED Backlit Monitor (Flat Screen Monitor):

HP 25er LED Monitor is one of the affordably priced monitors having the resolution of 1080 pixels. It provides the best practical results in the dark and grey scale performance. We cannot say that the green side performance is also good, but this is not bad even. The purpose of its listing in the top 15 best LED monitors to buy in 2018 is that of its 25-inch widescreen display with the in-plane screen technology at an affordable price.

This 25-inch monitor provides the best solid black display along with the defined clear and precise shadow features. Wide viewing angles from corner to corner are just perfect for the shifting of colors. High definition of the colors, brightness, sharpness, temperature and the saturation can customize up to the mark. However, it is somewhat similar to HP 27er LED Backlit Monitor in some features but 27er has quite latest aspects which give it an edge over this flat screen monitor.

Just like HP 27er monitor, it is in shiny silvery color with an elegant short sized stand down the screen. Its bezel-free design enables it to look more stylish and sleek among others. As HP has made monitors with no bezel surroundings for the display so that it comes up with a different look. Finely curved edges supported by the solid back having input ports in the horizontal array. At the front of the screen, you will find the four function buttons from where you can do the settings like contrast controls, power, etc.
  • Moveable stand (5 degrees forth and 25 degrees back).
  • The possible brightness of 250cd/m sq with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • It supports the contrast ratio of about 1000:1.
  • Grey-to-grey scale pixel response is 14ms whereas in the overdrive it supports 7ms for gaming problems.
  • Two HDMI port, one Display port, and a power jack right at the rear cabinet.

When you open it and switch ON, it might be possible that you’ll find it with quite disturbed or can say with such default settings which need to be customized. At that time don’t think of performance. When you are done with the settings by the guide (manual) attached along with the monitor, then performance can be measured. It provides high color variance and proved to be displaying the best enough results for dark black and sold grey to grey scale through the IPS technology implementation. Great image quality and can work with the bright surroundings very well.


  • Attractive design with sleek and shining logo.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Come up with HDMI, guide CD in the box.


  • Greens display color are not that much good as black and grey-scale.

 View Sonic TD2230  (Best LED Monitor Under 300):

No doubt with the emerging technology, every company tries to introduce something new then its predecessors. The ViewSonic TD2230 22” 1080p 10-Point Multi-Touch Screen Monitor is one such example of portable monitors in the list that has used the latest technology and stands apart from all those discussed in the list of best portable monitors.

Providing a 7H hardness touchscreen, along with frameless edge-to-edge glass faceplate with an ultra-slim bezel beneath the glass up to 10 simultaneous touch points, this durable display allows users to tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom with ease. It is also provided with a durable, protective glass faceplate for increased scratch protection to ensure durability, as well as a consistent, high-quality touch experience in high-traffic areas. It’s also VESA compatible mount allowing flexible mounting options on a monitor stand or wall.

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With a Super Clear IPS-type panel and 10-point projected capacitive touch technology, this display delivers stunning front-of-screen performance with a responsive and accurate touch experience. Such Touchscreens with projected capacitive touch can recognize up to 10 points of simultaneous contact, allowing for a highly accurate, smooth and ultra-responsive touch experience. Thanks to the super clear IPS-type Panel Technology, you can enjoy the wonderful experience of accurate and vivid colors with consistency in brightness levels no matter what the vantage point is. This portable monitor delivers the same image quality whether you are looking at the screen from above, below, the front, or the side.
  • This portable monitor provides a vast number of options such as Display Port, HDMI, and VGA inputs giving you the liberty for connecting with a large number of devices.
  • It is even Cross compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Windows 10, and certain Android and Linux versions.
  • View Sonic’s exclusive and Mode feature provides intuitively presets for optimized screen performance in different applications.
Moreover, the Flicker-Free technology and a Blue Light Filter help to minimize eye strain from extended viewing periods. Industry-leading warranty protection and legendary View Sonic product quality make this high-performance multi-touch displays a great long-term investment for all touch applications.

In addition to this, a stable, integrated bookstand design makes it easy to adjust the angle of this display for a better user experience. The display can tilt or laid completely flat on a tabletop for a more comfortable work environment.

With such advanced functions, great portability, high quality, and durability still if you doubt buying this awesome product, keep that in mind that this portable HDMI monitor comes with a 3 years warranty! So don’t even take a second to think about using this awesome set of the latest portable monitor.

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  • Built-in speakers.
  • VESA mount.
  • Resolution matches HD laptop resolution.
  • Reaching for the screen to click a button actually works!.


  • DVI only might be an issue for some.


Here in this article, we came across the world’s most selling and top-rated LED monitors of all times made by well-known brands. Each product mentioned along with its outstanding features, design, and performance. You will find the several positives and negatives of each product to make the best enough choice to add the selected product to your shopping cart.

Most of the products mentioned above have very considerable positives, but still, by reviewing each of them individually. I make a recommendation for you to select Dell UltraSharp U2715H, Samsung WQHD S32D850T, ViewSonic VA2746M and AOC e2752She. I have recommended these four products from four different companies because each of this company has implemented the best enough specifications in their these products.

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