7 Best Headphones For PS4 [Reviewed ]
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7 Best Headphones For PS4 [2023 Reviewed ]

7 Best Headphones For PS4 [Reviewed ]

7 Best Headphones For PS4 [Reviewed ]

Headphone, the ally which can complete your gaming console, there is no doubt that in its absence you might feel that there’s something is missing. So, surely it is an important component for your gaming console. But the market is full of headphones of all types which makes it very difficult for one to decide for which headphone to go for.


You won’t find yourself in short of options on the internet too, but the thing that matter is which headphones suits your gaming machine and the games you play on it. Yes, before buying headphone one should really take notes on the following few factors.

What kinds of games you are going to play in it, this point matters the most because if you are going to play those games in which you settle in for multiple hours, in this case, you must have those headphones that provide comfort when wearing even for hours. If you are playing games like first-person shooting or arcade games, then you need a headphone that has best surround system so that you will be fully aware of enemies coming direction because these little details are so important.

The details can easily help you win and their absence will cause you to respawn. The second and another important factor is sound cancelling. Consider yourself playing in a noisy surrounding, which will be very disturbing for you. To overcome this issue, some headphones come with noise-cancelling capabilities so that you can focus on your game and your communication with your teammates will be clear as crystal.


Last but not least, the most important factor is the price of headphones. If you don’t have money issue, then the whole market is open for you but there is an always maximum line of the price that can’t cross. So, here we got the best headphones for PS4 and these headphones will surprise you because we dig deep and find the headphones that will be within your reach and will offer a high-quality experience.

After considering, these few factors now you’ve at least got an idea what are you looking for or what qualities you want in your headphones and to save your time, we have written the whole guide for you which will suggest you the best headphones for PS4

Best Headphone for PS4

This guide is based on three parts, and the first part will be listing the best wireless headphones for PS4. In the second part, you will find the best-wired headphones for PS4 and in the last part, you will see the best budget headphones. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Best Wireless Headphones

Steel series Arctic pro wireless (Best Headphone for PS4)

7 Best headphones for PS4 [Reviewed ]

Steel series Arctic pro wireless Review

Steel series has been in this business from years, and that’s why they are called the master of all. They offer all kind of headphones from budget-headphones to expensive headphones. The things that make it worth the attention is its build, quality, performance and features. It offers a dedicated transmitter with its screen for adjusting sources, and you can also mix audio without even using a PC or gaming console.

It also offers EQ settings. The battery can last more than longer because it comes with two batteries, so you won’t have to run to charge it subsequently. It has both Bluetooth connectivity option and wired option so that you can easily connect it to your phone. It is one of the Editors choices because of these major features strong audio performance and comfortable fitting.

Coming to its design, the wireless Arctic pro is probably identical to the wired arctic pro, only the major difference is that obviously wired arctic pro doesn’t have Bluetooth feature. In contrast, the wireless arctic pro has colour lightning. Arctic pro is understated with rubber-sized plastic ear-cups and black.

The earpiece is made up of soft, breathable fabric –created material that makes it easy to fit the ear. The black anodised metal holds both earpieces on the quarter-circle arm, which also allows to fold flat and pivot slightly vertically.

As we know that most of the wireless headphones have headset’s control at the left earcup. Artic pro has all on the left side too, at the back and downward there is a microphone mute button located. A clickable multi-purpose volume wheel then an audio jack is available to convert the headphone to wired headphones and then a 3.5 mm pass-through by which other users can also hear the audio which is going through headphones, afterwards a USB port for charging.

The microphone is moveable and placed inside when not in use. The right side contains the power and Bluetooth button. On the bottom, there is an indicator light.


  • Excellent audio quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • More connectivity option.


  • Expensive.
  • Not as premium as the price.

Sony PlayStation wireless platinum (Best Sony Headphone for PS4)

7 Best headphones for PS4 [Reviewed]

Sony PlayStation wireless platinum Review

Here is a product you are looking for, if you are dedicated PS4 user then your name is written on these Sony PlayStation Wireless Platinum. These headphones are specifically designed for PS4 gamer with a comfortable fit and some heavy sound features. Its price tag suits it very much, these headphones are built-in compatibility with PS4 or PS4 pro but it won’t take much if you are willing to use them in PC or Xbox One and here is a line from Sony that PlayStation users must give a chance to this headset.

Coming to its design, the headphones are slim and circular in design. The headband is quite flexible and arch contains metals on the top and plastic behind the earcups. The rubber strap, which is running under the metal headband, provides basic padding to it and lift the headset above your scalp. The feature which makes it light and springy is the plastic mounds on the earcups which connect the rest of the headband on wide hinges and this let the headphones fold inwards when not in use.

The earcups are circular and in the black plastic disc with memory foam that is covered in black fax leather. There is a blue fabric inside the earcup with providing comfort to the ear. Most of the options are placed on the left earcup which includes a 3.5mm auxiliary port for wired use, a micro USB port for charging, a mute button, a volume rocker, a game or chat balance rocker and three-way switch which help in changing the EQ models.

There isn’t boom mic on this headphone but there is a pinhole microphone on the bottom side of the left earcup. The pinhole microphone offers clear communication which defines the headphone as a gaming headphone. On the right side, the earcup holds a switching slider that enables the 7.1 channel stimulated surround and 3D audio features.

The earcups are made from comfortable pleather that get warm after a little use, but the good thing is it doesn’t produce much amount of clamping force. One can easily wear them for up to 2 hours. The headphone offers a surprising experience. These headphones aren’t made for movies and music but we are sure they won’t disappoint you there too. Overall speaking the headphone are well priced according to their specs and offers you better value for your money.


  • Incredible audio performance
  • Dedicated to PS4 and PS4 pro.
  • Great value.


  • Not good for movies.
  • Plastic parts give fragile feels.

Logitech G Pro X (Best Headphone for PS4)

7 Best headphones for PS4 [Reviewed]

Logitech G Pro X Review

The headphones that not only look like a beast by its design but they stand out in-game performance also. The Logitech G Pro X delivers high- tournament-grade performance at reasonable prices. The feature which sets these headphones apart from the completion is its black aesthetic design. The headphones come with flexible and highly comfortable foam makes them easy and joyful to wear.

Games are quite joyful to play with this headphone. There is no doubt that Logitech hasn’t created or designed any headphone like this before. There is a metal substructure that supports two black earcups. Each earcup has a silver circle with a G logo on the back. Both earcups are connected by the help of stretchy wires which gives it kind of industrial looks.

The headphones are quite comfortable able so that one can easily wear them for hours without feeling any pressure. One good thing which is worth considering is that the Logitech G pro X offers a ton of options, depending on you that how you are going use the headphones. You can connect it to devices by 3.5mm audio jack, and there is also a mic/audio splitter for gaming PCs. One can also connect the headset with a USB adaptor which might be of use to you so that you can advantage of the software.

The boom mic is fully detachable while you can swap the earcups between foam and leatherette. Seriously, you won’t find a gamer who’d experience uncomfortable gaming with these headphones. The headphones include a mic-mute button and volume dial at the halfway down the audio cord, and that’s where pro players preferred it to be placed.

Using the headphone for gaming is a pretty good experience of many gamers. There is good news for PC gamers that they can download their app, which enables surround sound feature. The headphones offer a pretty good sound, there is a little de-emphasizing in the bass, but otherwise, the headphones output sounds up to around 3 kHz perfectly. Overall, the headphone is quite fun to use. This ally could be a good tool to achieve success in the game. Its smooth and comfortable usage make it worth buying.


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Useful mic features.
  • Versatile


  • Not easily portable.
  • Hard to get a good fitting with an ear.

Sony PlayStation gold wireless headphone

7 Best headphones for PS4 [Reviewed]

Sony PlayStation gold wireless headphone Review

Between you and your console, this would be a great wireless headset to bridge the gap. Sony, from a long time, has been offering its line of headsets. The Sony recently launched a refreshed gold headphone. It doesn’t offer a luxurious look and sound as premium models but still, it is a good deal in its price.

The design of this headset is quite similar to its platinum version, but it is quite simpler with no exposed metal. The headbands are connected by the help of one piece horseshoe-shaped headband. The earcups are wrapped with faux leather which blacks in colour.

The headbands are internal mechanism instead of telescope arms at each end of the headband. Similarly, like others, there are multiple buttons on the left earcup which includes a USB port for charging, 3.5 mm audio jack for making the headphones wired, a microphone mute button, and a volume rocker.  Finally, there is a surround sound button on the top of the back of the same side earcup.

Blue light indicated when the headphone is connected t the console as it is compatible with PS4 so there won’t be any trouble while connecting it to the symbol. These headphones can also work with other devices too.

The headphone will give you stimulated 7.1 channel surround sound system when connected to PS4. Overall, it is a solid and affordable headphone which offers quite good features and the most important thing is Sony develops it so it is compatible with PS4 or PS4 Pro.


  • Inexpensive headphone.
  • Attractive design.
  • Stimulated 7.1 virtual channel sound.


  • No Boom mic.
  • Weak bass.

 Best wired Headphones

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition (Best Wired Headphone for PS4)

7 Best headphones for PS4 [Reviewed]

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Review

Razer is well-known for gaming and very reliable gaming headphones. This Wired beast is fitted with THX simulated surround sound, a dual 50mm drivers and 5.1 channel USB audio adaptor with a comfortable design. Unfortunately, it is not the fanciest headphones out there but it fits a sweet spot that features solid feels, strong performance and a lot of more features in reasonable prices.

The design of Razer Kraken tournament edition is based on Razer’s signature circular, chunky look for gaming headphones. It is available in two colour, black and green with black accents.

The earcups are large and in round plastic shells ringed with solid metal by which they are attached to a metal headband. The headband is comfortable, flexible and easily adjustable with click stops. These clicks stop provide limited vertical pivoting to each earcup so that you can set the earcup to any positions comfortable to you.

The good thing is their large size which reduces the pressure to ear and it features a combination of materials. The inner side of earcups is made up of foam with cooling gel layer to help which minimise the warming of headphones after use of long periods. Is it a wired headphone so there isn’t any button on any earcups. Overall, these headphones deliver a strong bass performance and it is capable of simulating surround sound at very reasonable prices.


  • Solid and comfortable build.
  • THX simulated surround sound.
  • Sturdy fabric-wrapped cables.


  • Somehow weak highs.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S (Best Base Headphone for PS4)

7 Best headphones for PS4 [Reviewed]

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review

The HyperX Cloud is similar to standard cloud revolver headset but something makes it superior to the standard version and those things are its sound stage that is more versatile for music, video entertainment and gaming purposes. The HyperX cloud revolver is packed with 7.1 channel surround sound and special thanks to Dolby Digital signal processing by which it is considered as one of the best-wired headphones for gaming.

The aesthetic design is a great hit to its look. If we remove the microphone, there will be only HX logo indicating on both earcups and this really shouts “gaming”. The headphone colour is a combination of black and white, in which black is more prominent while the white is acting as a minor accent on black on both earcups.

The RED lights make appearances on the USB control box. The physical build of this headphone looks attracting enough to be on the buying list of gamers. At the top, we get a smooth steel frame that is pleasing to both in touch and eyes. The headband under metal frame is covered within leather-like “leatherette” pads that are full of comfortable memory foam that provides comforts every time you wear the headphones.

One weak point in the design we saw is its microphone. The microphone plugs into 3.5 mm jack which is at the bottom of the left earcup and there is no place to bent or hide microphone into earcup when not in use, so it becomes quite disturbing while gaming.

The plus point is, it has an eight feet long wire which make it easier to play from a distance. All of this flexibility suits to you and many platforms of gaming devices. It offers easy connectivity to PS4 pro and other devices too that support USB sound by using the USB dongle. In short, the HyperX cloud revolver is worth considering from outside and while gaming. It’s a great build and strong performance makes the headphone worth having.


  • Excellent all-rounding sound.
  • Refined build and design.
  • All-day comfort.


  • Finicky microphone positioning.
  • Long Cable can be annoying sometimes.

Astro A40 + MixAmp Pro (Best Headphone for PS4)

7 Best headphones for PS4 [Reviewed]

Astro A40 + MixAmp Pro Review

Astro Gaming has been in the gaming industry from a lot of time and they are well-known because of their reliable products and high-quality gaming headsets. The Astro A40 is the latest version of wired headphones that comes with MixAmp Pro TR faces and it is in in the list of high-end wired headphones. There are no additional charges for an amplifier which is compatible for PS4, Xbox One or PC. The headphone has a light, comfortable and gives a very strong audio performance.

The design of this headphone is based on its previous version, and the same tweaked colours and smooth finishes. It is mostly matte black around the headband and earcups. On the portion of the adjustment between earcups and headband, aluminium struts are placed on the sides which allows smooth vertical adjustments.

The inner side earcups contain soft memory foam and breathable black coat. The back panels of the earcups are made up of glossy black plastic with a silver touch of accent. There is a gap above the earcups of 40mm drives so that it provides space to breathe and provide better spatial imaging, because of the gap there is sound leaking so one should be aware when using the headphones in public.

The good thing is the boom microphone is detachable so one can easily can it off when not in use. It also has a removable 3.5mm cord. The plates of earcups are swappable which gives it an aesthetic look. After that, a mic-mute button is placed which is about halfway down to the audio cord.

The MixAmp is redesigned, it is a fourth-gen amplifier for those who have been following the Astro from the start. This time the MixAmp has a horizontal layout with a diagonal incline instead of a vertical rectangle with one tiny and one huge button. Overall, the A40 is a high-end wired gaming headset with Amp that provide a comfortable fit.

If you are looking for serious gaming headphone on which you can rely on, well here they are. But the headphones are somehow over-priced according to the specifications it comes with.


  • Excellent sound.
  • Good for both PC and gaming consoles.
  • Comfortable fit.


  • Not good for living room setup.
  • Expensive.

Wrapping up

Usually, PS4 users look for a headphone that is compatible with PS4 so that they won’t face much trouble in connecting them to the console. There are so many headphones for PS4 in the market that it is difficult for one to decide which one to buy. The guide contains the latest and updated headphones for PS4, and all the headphones mentioned above are tested with PS4 and PS4 Pro.

We hope you find what you are looking for. See you in the next blog.

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