7 Best Gimbals for Sony a6000 in 2023 in Economical Price Range
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7 Best Gimbals for Sony a6000 in Economical Price Range

7 Best Gimbals for Sony a6000 in Economical Price Range

Best Gimbals for Sony 6000

Sony A6000 is one of the prominent mirrorless cameras in the market, so it does produce magnificent results. In fact, this model of Sony camera is the best version of all its previous products and range. So no wonder why this camera has become a favorite one for all the pro and intermediate photographers and videographers.

However, when it comes to finding a good gimbal for Sony A6000, many people are found to be confused. It is because no one wants to buy a gimbal that can be of no use at the end of the day, except a waste of money.

But do you know that the A6000 is so lightweight that it can be adjusted to any gimbal? Yes! Any, but this statement doesn’t prefer using an ordinary gimbal for an extraordinary product. Wouldn’t that be a little unfair?

Comparison Chart

ProductsPayload CapacityBattery TimeRating Price
Crane V2
Best For Features
1800 grams12 HoursCheck on Amazon
Moza AirCross
Best For Price
950 grams12 HoursCheck on Amazon
Rage Gen 2 EVO
Best For Price
1800 grams6 hoursCheck on Amazon
DJI Ronin M V3
Editor Choice
8 lbs12 Hours+Check on Amazon
Feiyu MG V2
Editor Choice
3.6 lbs26 hoursCheck on Amazon
PilotFly H2
Best For Features
2.8 kg12 HoursCheck on Amazon
Ikan MS1
Best For Features
860 grams5 hoursCheck on Amazon

So, it is always recommended to avoid low-quality products for such a piece of art. And to eliminate your concern about the best gimbal for this mirrorless beauty, you must think, research, and take the decision. However, if you are still unsure what to buy, then here in this article, you will be exposed to some of the best gimbals for Sony, especially for A6000.


And don’t forget to see the comparison table at the end of the article to get an entire idea.

Sony A6000 Gimbals for You

“Do not be afraid of experimenting with new gadgets”, that’s what most of the people would say to you, so you might have already tried a few gimbals for your A6000. However, it seems like they didn’t work well for you. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying new things, but only if you have a plethora of extra hours and money! So, if you really want to know about the best gimbal for Sony A6000, then here’s the list for you.

1. Crane V2 Zhiyun  (Best Gimbals for Sony 6000)

Best Gimbals for Sony 6000

Ever thought of using a gimbal without making any special efforts? Well! The Crane V2 has all the qualities a good gimbal must include.

The best thing about this gimbal is mounting. You can easily mount this equipment without any extra physical requirements. And yes! It is a tool-free simple gimbal to help you achieve your capturing goals. However, you need to balance the camera on your own, but don’t worry, the balance adjustment is quite simple to handle for you.

Another important thing you will find in this gimbal is the control interface for camera control. Most of the gimbals in the market are found to be a pain in the hand because they take excessive minutes before adjusting the camera and make it ready for the shoot.

But when it comes to V2 by Crane, then all you need is 60 seconds to begin with your job. Its CCI (Camera Control Interface) feature allows you to handle the gimbal and the footages at ease. So, if you buy this gimbal, then you can surely have a great photography experience all day long.

Most of the gimbals are coming with a smartphone application and so does the Crane V2. The application allows you to control gimbal, as well as, your A6000 remotely. However, the app is not as reliable as expected. So you might need to play with it from time to time.

This gimbal has three modes to cover your shoot. All of them help in creating great cinematic-quality photos and videos. This is a great thing for the users who are new to the gimbal world, as they don’t have to fall in technicalities. Also, it is a great advantage for the professionals, as they can capture great things without wasting their time on selecting modes. Also, you can enjoy the 3-axis feature that allows you to rotate the camera in all the 360 direction.

One of the best things about this gimbal is that it can sense any change in the direction, light, or angles at every 0.02 degree. Thus, making it one of the fastest gimbals by Zhiyun you can purchase.

This gimbal has a good battery life that is up to 12 hours that gives you the ease of shooting videos or images almost the entire day. Also, the maximum payload it can bear is 1800 grams.

2.Moza AirCross (Best Budget Gimbals for Sony 6000)

Best Gimbals for Sony 6000If want to purchase a gimbal that has a magnificent stabilization and also includes remarkable features at a reasonable price, then AirCross by Moza can your favorite gimbal for Sony A6000.

So, if you are looking for a gimbal with 3-axis, then this one surely offers great features in this domain. Of course! As a gimbal for a reasonable price, it does not have excessive options when it comes to rotations. But if you desire to have a simple 3-axis option with all the necessary features, then it is made for you.

One of the main issues which really break the hearts of users is battery life. So it is expected that you are not looking for something similar. So ever thought of having a gimbal with a limitless battery time? You guessed it right!

The AirCross by Moza comes with great power supply technology that allows you to use the gimbal for hours and hours. It has an option of charging the batteries externally, and it also comes with separate dummy batteries. This feature is awesome to let you shoot as long as you want. So no more worries about the battery time.

It is also seen that most of the videographers and photographers want to time-lapse their work. For this specific reason, they use software or built-in camera features. It surely creates a hassle and needs a lot of time. But AirCross is the gimbal that has a built-in feature for time-lapse. You can connect your A6000 with the gimbal with a cable, and begin the time-lapse. The next thing you would see will be magic.

The gimbal also comes with a Mimic Motion Control (MMC) feature to ensure still images and videos. Also, this feature is not that great as people were expecting, but it can somehow be useful.

This gimbal comes with various modes, such as pan-tilt follow, simple pan-tilt, roll-follow, and all-flocked. Also, the gimbal permits you to attach mic, light, and even a video monitor with complete ease.

Nevertheless, one of the major drawbacks in this gimbal is the twitchy smartphone application. And also, if you want to use all the features of this gimbal, then you have to buy separate accessories. Also, this gimbal only has a payload of 950 grams.

3.Rage Gen 2 by EVO (Best Gimbals for Sony 6000)

Best Gimbals for Sony 6000

The Rage Gen 2 by EVO is another great gimbal that can work awesome on the weight of 1800 grams. This means that you can include as much as accessories, which can come under the weight limit. Also, this gimbal has three different settings for power, which can be used as per the payload. So, if you are using the A6000 with medium payload, then you can switch to the middle power. However, if the load is excessive and up to the limits of the gimbal, then you might need to switch to the strong power. Also, in case, you forget to set the right power, this gimbal would vibrate to make sure you know the issue.

The stabilization of Rage Gen 2 is great that allows you to use a 3-axis feature with an unlimited pan, roll, and tilt. Moreover, the gimbal is fast enough to ensure quick completion of your projects due to the CoreMark MCU (32bit).

The gimbal can be used without any handling problems. So, whether it is about using the shutter, recording a scene, or zooming, the gimbal can be used without any efforts. Also, the EVO smartphone application allows you to control everything through your fingertips. And unlike Crane V2 or AirCross, the smartphone app is quite easy to use and without any problems.

You can also mount the Rage Gen 2 gimbal to any monopod, extension poles, tripod or any other mounting equipment. This allows you to freely choose any platform to record. And also, you can use two distinct positions for shooting, such as inverted and right. However, the inverted mode is great for shooting on the grounded positions.

Also, the battery time is great, as it can help you to control your shooting for up to 12 hours. However, the best part is that this gimbal allows you to customize your shooting profiles, as it has a great speed of reaction.

4.Ronin M V3 by DJI (Best 3-axis Gimbals for Sony 6000)


Best Gimbals for Sony 6000

It is a two-handled gimbal that looks almost like a giant, but when you hold it, then you will find small enough to take it everywhere. This version of Ronin enables you to pack your bags and capture the journey through your A6000 lens.

And do you know what’s more awesome? Well! The capacity of payload it can bear. You can attach external equipment as much as 8 pounds. You might be thinking that there won’t be any need for such a heavy gimbal for Sony A6000, but who knows you might need to add accessories later. Also, it can beneficial for you, if you have multiple cameras, as it can carry the load of most of the DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Most of the heavy-duty gimbals seem to be hard to set. But for this gimbal, all you need 5 minutes to make sure the camera is attached accurately. So mounting a camera on this gimbal is not hard, also the balancing is great.

The technology used in this gimbal is the Auto-Tune Stability (ATS). So all you need to do is to press the button and let the gimbal do its job. In case, of any unbalance, this gimbal can adjust the camera on its own. So in both ways, there is a Win-Win situation.

The body of this gimbal is solid enough, as it is made from good quality magnesium. This helps you in giving strong support and great stabilization. The U-shaped arm keeps your grip tight so that you can capture videos and images without worrying about losing the grip.

Lastly, the gimbal has a full-featured remote mobile application, which can runs smoothly on every operating system.

5. Feiyu MG V2 (Best Long Battery Gimbals for Sony 6000)

Best Long Battery Gimbals for Sony 6000


So the DJI M V3 has the option of two grips, but this one is great when it comes to handling. The MG V2 by Feiyu allows you to hold the gimbal by a single hand, as well as, you can use the two-bars to hold it tightly. This helps in providing flexibility in all scenarios.

The design is great as there are no extra things on it, which can come in your way. So easy handling is one of the best things about this gimbal, and such features are not available in most of the gimbals. Furthermore, you can easily twist the bars as per your shooting needs.

It has a ‘Briefcase mode’ that you won’t find in other gimbals. It is a special shooting mode that is used for special situations. So imagine you have to get a clear straight shot. And you don’t want any movement in the footage, what are you going to do then? Well, this is where the briefcase mode is built for.

Thanks to the manufacturers who have considered the need and have given this feature in this gimbal. Now you can capture everything without being tensed about the hand movements, which can surely ruin the footage.

This gimbal also comes with a joystick that is 4-directional. So just by pressing a single button, you can easily adjust the gimbal to four different modes as per your requirements. And as the design is simple, similarly, the operation for this gimbal is way too easy.

You can assume putting a load for about 3.6 pounds, but not more than that or else you may not get the desired results. But if the payload is in the limit, then you can expect the awesome quality of work.

However, one drawback of this gimbal is the battery time. The battery time can only help you record up to 6 hours. Another negative side of this gimbal is that the base plate has screws, which are required to tighten every time. But you can always buy another base plate to ensure it stays fixed with the overall equipment.

Another problem in this gimbal is that the pan mode does not work well. It takes much longer to be configured.

6.PilotFly H2 (Best heavy Gimbal for Sony 6000)

Best Gimbals for Sony 6000


If you want something professional, then try the Pilotfly H2. Though it’s full of mind-blowing features as compared to other gimbals, its availability at affordable prices is a blessing. It is another heavy-duty gimbal that is created with strong aluminum alloy. Also, it’s durable nature keeps you flexible when it comes to recordings.

It has a magnificent performance, and one of the best stabilization features in the entire gimbal market. It has dual and strong brushless motors with 32bit Triple-MCU technology. Also, it comes with 2 built-in IMU sensors. So no wonder why PilotFly H2 is a choice of professionals.

Despite a heavy-duty construction, this gimbal is not heavy-weight. It is because the features are so beautifully designed and compact together that it leaves a lot of space when holding it. Hence, it permits easy handling, as well as, clear display.

This is surely an important feature to understand because some gimbals, although with great features, are unable to provide a clear view. They block display and create a lot of hurdles for the user. Thanks to the makers for carefully designed everything that keeps you on track. Also, you can help yourself with single or dual grips without any effort.

And because of three built-in screws, you can easily attach the PilotFly H2 with a series of tripods. Also, these screws are great relief when it comes to microphone or light attachment.

This gimbal for Sony A6000 is a great tool to capture amazing work. However, it can only survive a payload for about 2.28 kilograms. So it is better not to put extra load if you wish to see extraordinary results at the end of the day.

The rotation is quite smooth that helps you to record professional footages. So, whether you want to record a music video, an interview, or anything. The PilotFly H2 can be your buddy all the time. Plus, the application for smartphones works tremendously fine. And guess what? The battery time is around 26 hours. OMG, no one can beat that stuff!

7.Ikan MS1 (Best Gimbals for Sony 6000)

Best Gimbals for Sony 6000


Ikan MS1 is a small but good gimbal at an economical price. However, don’t expect much from this in terms of weight, as it can only grab the weight up to 860 grams.

It is a very lightweight gimbal that is only suitable for mirrorless cameras such as the A6000. The design is ordinary that includes a single-handle. So, it is recommended not to use this gimbal for any challenging projects. But on the contrary, if your purpose is to make Vlogs, then this product can be sufficient.

Remote controlling for Ikan MS 1 is not good enough as compared to the other models. However, stabilization seems great in such a normal price. Nevertheless, you may find the gimbal a bit shaky in the windy days.

Ikan MS1 is a great gimbal but it is not recommended for professionals. The design is good enough to carry from one place to another as it comes in a briefcase box, which appears to be quite beautiful. The performance is not up to the mark and this is why the gimbal has a fewer market share.

Final Recommendation

Where all these gimbals exist, it is really hard to get the right one without knowing their specifications. So, the only way to get the best gimbal for Sony A6000 is to understand your needs. Undoubtedly, the camera can serve professional needs. You can attach a plethora of accessories with this camera model, but again, it depends on the gimbal.

On the other hand, the most recommended gimbal, among all these 7 names, is the PiltoFly H2. Due to exceptional battery timing and great features, this gimbal can help you record or click professional video footage and still images with ease. So getting this gimbal for your gig can be a boon because the battery life wouldn’t run out even if you use it for the entire 24 hours.

If you love to record scenes as a hobby, or you have a social media channel where you update and share your traveling stories, then Ikan MS1 can be beneficial for you. But over time, you might need to switch to other gimbals for better performance and results.

Q1. What is the best cheapest gimbal for Sony A6000?FAQs

Through the list mentioned above, it is quite clear that the cheapest gimbal for Sony A6000 is MG V2 by Feiyu and Ikan MS1. These gimbals include all the necessary features, which would let you perform small projects in a good way. The results may not be much clearer, as compared to the other gimbals mentioned in this article. But at reasonable prices, MG V2 and MS 1 are quite acceptable.

Q2: What is the best gimbal for Sony A6000?

One of the best gimbals for Sony A6000 is PilotFly H2. The price is also economical, especially as compared to the gimbals with the lowest ratings. But you have to take care of the payload capacity to ensure everything goes perfectly.

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