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8 Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 Dollars [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

Are you Looking for the Best Gaming Monitor Under 200?

In this Article, We Reviewed Some of the Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 dollar In the Market.

Gaming monitors verily differ from the commonly used monitors in several features and high-performance visual quality. Usually, the widely used monitors can employe to play much low graphics quality or some medium range visuals.

List Of Best Gaming  Monitors Under 200 

ProductsSizeWeight Price
Highly Recommended
24-inch10.4 lbs
Acer GN246HL
Full HD
24-inch7.7 lbs
AOC G2460PF Highly Recommended24-inch14.4 lbs
BenQ ZOWIE 24 24-inch9 lbs
 Dell SE2417HGR24-Inch13.8 lbs
Samsung LS2727-Inch9.92 lbs
 Sceptre C325W-1920R
Highly Recommended
32-Inch12.1 lbs
 VITEK NB27C27- Inch10.25 lbs

While the gaming monitors not only provide a better gaming experience. But also a very high-quality display of graphics which induces a lot of elevation in the gaming action of the player. In short, the gaming monitors now a better available option your Ps4 & Xbox Gaming Consoles.

Nowadays the market stocks piled up with various gaming monitors to use for PS4 and Xbox One. There are a diverse variety and massive range of models with varying but surprising specifications.

This article provides you with the range of selection of gaming monitors based on essential features and specs for some of the most efficient and top-ranked gaming monitors for PS4 and Xbox One. There are many good options available for you depending on your desires and what you seek in a monitor. The low budget under $200 monitors is a must reference for all gamers.

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1: ASUS VG245HE Review ( Best 144hz Monitor Under 200 ):

The 1st in the list of Best Gaming monitor under 200 is ASUS VG245HE. A well-known manufacturer of digital devices provides a wide range of multi-featured and well-performing monitors at very economical prices even under $200.

Asus VG245HE model is a 24″ Full HD 1080p monitor that has an efficient response time of 1ms and comes with Dual HDMI ports.  That makes it easy and much feasible for the user to use with any suitable device.

Its primary and distinguishing feature is its Eye Care Console feature that makes it way different and unique as compared to other competitors. It is indeed an efficient gaming monitor that will increase your gaming experience by leaps and bounds, and you will love all your gaming session without any eye strains. It verily equipped with a Free Sync/Adaptive Sync feature that makes it compatible and feasible to use as desired with any wanted device.

Featuring the ASUS Game Fast Input Technology. It becomes one of the most preferred low budget monitors that serves to be a rocking gaming monitor. Its display quality and pixel resolutions are way much elite as compared to many other devices in this arena. VG245HE monitor is very optimal for all casual and extreme professional competitive gamers.

Main Features:

ASUS VG245HE is a full package in one box for those who seek a low cost but extremely efficient, high performance and thrilling display gaming monitor. It contains console-ready dual HDMI ports that help a lot for user-friendliness.

The very high and suitable 75Hz refresh rate enables the user to get well-displayed graphics and superior image quality. Fast motion and still effects very pronounced to observe during all type of visual sessions.

It has a specific 1ms response time that aids that gamers in their thrilling gaming sessions. The package completed by the addition of dual 2W speakers that enable you excellent sound support in gaming sessions.

Eye Care:

ASUS Eye Care technology being very significant in reducing eye strain. Having an exclusive Game Visual & Game Plus functions makes it a very well-suited device for all gamers. The hi-tech and efficient 1ms response time in ASUS makes it a very responsive and efficient graphics display monitor. It comes with a flicker-free and exclusive blue light filter technology that minimizes the eye fatigue for the gamers.

Dual 2W speakers efficiently deliver smooth sounds and all the effects according to the visuals without any lapse of time. Its unique feature helps engaging gameplay. Coming up with an exclusive Game-Visual & Game-Plus function it is skilled enough to enhance and improvise the color quality and controls the graphical effects in best contrasts.
It offers a tremendous tear-free experience for the users with its very specialized AMD Radeon GPUs. Considering this entire feature, we get on the platform to mark it an exclusive offer for those who seek an economical device for their gaming experiences.

Final Verdict:

Reviewing all the above features of this ASUS product I concluded the fact that having all these features loaded inside it becomes a preferable option. Purchasing it is an all win situation for you if you seek a low budget professional gaming monitor. Due to its strain reducing features and high quality displays it is a must choose to buy. You get a fantastic box loaded with all what a gamer seek in a gaming monitor in the shape of this ASUS product. We recommend going for it!

2: Acer GN246HL Display ( Best Computer Monitor Under 200 ):

Acer GN246HL especially crafted full HD widescreen monitor. It efficiently sports a very super-slim profile equipped with an X-shaped elevated stand that easily allows it to fit nicely in spaces of any dimensions. Its outstanding performance, eco-friendliness by ACER and brilliant use of the energy enhances the sleek design and looks all on a low budget.

This monitor comes with a standard 24-inches Widescreen LCD with an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080 that allows all extra excellent details and makes it a perfect build for a widescreen HD gaming monitor.

Efficient multimedia displays and all-purpose productivity applications will enable the user to get the best of this device. Having some real jaw-dropping specifications, it proves to a useful and significant featured device. It comes supporting a 144Hz refresh rate that enables it to deliver an outstanding gaming experience.

Main Features:

With both standard DVI & HDMI input ports, you can very quickly power and enable an enjoyment from your phone and tablet on a Full HD display with real high-quality features. Connecting a cell phone or a media player to this monitor and playing any content, videos or graphical source from a mobile device without any tedious setups.

The monitor is a real slim profile that depicts a beautiful and attractive look to the monitor. A fantastic Full HD Resolution screen fully supports its amazing graphical content. Evident, clear and spectacular pixel quality makes the monitor the best option for a gaming monitor.

Exceptional Image Quality

Exceptional Image Quality turns out to the best part of the whole loaded features. The 100Million:1 contrast ratios radiate and elevate the image quality. It turns it to be the brightest whites & deepest blacks that give you a very crystal-clear imaging experience of all your perfect gaming sessions.

A very rapid and hi-tech 5ms response time allows an apparent reduction in deviations and transition timings to deliver some very high-quality mobile graphics. This fact brings up an immersive graphical elevation to all your movies and high graphical content games.

The monitor comes up with a standard NVIDIA 3D Light-booster that provides an extreme immersive 3D imagery which is useful for some very bright displays. With the remarkable and advanced active shutter 3D technology. The monitor’s 3D exposures ideal for the home entertainment systems, and many multiple pairs of glasses employed for more exceptional experiences.

Efficient and Affordable:

The GN246HL monitor employs a new mercury-free white LED backlighting feature that meets all ENERGY STAR requirements of the monitor. ACER Eco-Display technologies allow up to 68% of significant power savings. With a specialized VGA, DVI & HDMI input ports you can very quickly power the monitor. This best portable and gaming featured monitor is the best option for all who seek great devices for their gaming.

Final Verdict:

Thus, we come to conclude the general fact that by a general overview of all features and specifications. That happens on this monitor; it is an indeed must preference for all gamers. Its NVIDIA loaded specs and extremely efficient response time, refresh rates make it a product worth purchasing under $200. In such high economic range, this product is a goal to score for the professional who desires some low-cost monitors for great visual experiences.

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3: AOC G2460PF (144Hz Console for Gaming)

AOC’s G2460PF an all-new fully equipped Free Sync Best gaming monitor Under 200. That very efficiently redraws the display screen up to about 144 times/second for an extreme ultra-smooth and great, brilliant image quality. The all run professional display screen also boasts a sensitive 1ms for all quick and spectacular graphical production.

The G2460PF counters the issues of connectivity by the array of all connections you desire for any of your gaming and entertainment demands. This professional gaming portable monitor in the low-cost range is fully adjustable as user desires and very sleek in design.

Main Features:

Unique and efficient AMD Free Sync Technology by AOC is an excellent addition to this product. All very Direct-Insert Horizontal Connectors are present there for your ease of connectivity issues. A very user-friendly graphical OSD Menu introduced in the device to maintain a beautiful and high-quality graphical content display.

A standard VESA 100mm Wall Mount Compliant is built in for your fabulous, thrilling graphical features. Kensington Security Slot is an excellent feature for this monitor. AOC’s saver Software a known signature feature by AOC that is very useful as it enables a sizeable graphical content and software support.

Refresh Rate:

The monitor is fully equipped with a high-speed frame rate possible and enables you a lag-free, smooth and thrilling gaming experience. It’s a handy and efficient feature is its 144Hz refresh rate that is effective and 2.4x faster as compared to an ordinary display monitor. A good frame rate allows you to visualize all those critical missing details on the screen like enemy movement in an ultra-smooth motion. In this way, your gaming experience will become far more thrilling and full of action.

AMD Free Sync Technology:

This latest technology provides the perfect high-performance resolutions for gamers who seek an excellent gaming experience. Free Sync eliminates all tearing and stuttering by efficiently synchronizing the whole GPU with the monitor. So all frames are displayed when prepared.

AOC G2460PF also allows a very efficient and fastest possible frame rate that verily prevents any lag and stuttering input signals from the gaming mouse used by the gamers. This technology not only helps to reduce delay but also enables a tremendous visual action synchronized with all aids in the monitor.


With its hi-tech G2460PF features VGA, an efficient Dual-Link DVI, HDMI-MHL, Display Ports, a 4 x USB 2.0, a 1 x upstream (USB HUB) connection. And a broad connectivity link panel all sum up to ensure an all-purpose connectivity allowance for the user. One of the USB ports are thee on each side enables a very fast-charging port that helps the user to enjoy regular gaming sessions.

AOC G2460PF monitor loaded with the two 2-watt speakers and a headphone jack for those who seek comfortable, smooth sound experiences during their entertainment sessions.

This monitor a Normal LED-backlit monitor and has the very spectacular feature to self-adjust the brightness levels by using the Pulse Width Modulation system. In case if this feature is absent, high brightness levels that are uncontrolled can cause eye discomforts. Its Flicker-free technology employs a DC backlight system that efficiently provides a more comfortable and a desired good visual graphical content.

1ms Response Time:

It allows you to enjoy a fast-moving action with all details that cannot miss. This enormous response rate efficiently reduces the image smearing or ghosting effects that occur with a slow response time in ordinary monitors.

The monitor has an efficiently useful and unique level of brightness about 350 cd/m2 that makes it a must choice for the user who seeks an uninterrupted gaming session. The tremendous Dynamic Contrast Ratio – 80,000,000:1 allows you to get maximized visuals with all the possible effects on the screen.

Final verdict:

In concluding decision, we recommend this monitor to be one of the great options available in the range of such economic gaming monitors. Due to its flicker-free technology and efficient response times, refresh rates. It has become a must option to overview when you seek a gaming monitor loaded with different multi-features. This will make your gaming experience increased by leaps and bounds.

4: BenQ ZOWIE 24(Best Gaming Monitor Under 150)

This monitor by BenQ is indeed a professional gaming monitor that well suited for all console gameplay modes. It is a 24″w LED monitor loaded with all latest features which include the Black equalizer display mode.  And very efficient smart scaling, a swift 1ms GTG, a multipurpose connecting HDMI, and 12M: 1ports, and a hi-tech dynamic contrast ratio.

In comparison with any TV or a regular monitor. Every minor detail of this RL-series is efficiently designed and finely-tuned for an exceptional console gaming experience.

The ZOWIE RL-series has been widely adopted all over the globe by many professional e-game tournaments and professional gamers. It is an all man all-purpose device as it is highly compatible with all PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, Wii and Wii U depending on your desire and likings. RL-series monitors are also PC compatible. Each of your actions and movements is shown in all real-time visuals.

Main features:

Black equalizer –This feature is unique and is the benchmark of BenQ. It improvises all poor visibility conditions in the dark scenes that can make gamers strive against enemies in their games. To ensure your unprecedented levels of adequate controls and clear visibility for the console gaming.

The Black Equalizer technology aids to brighten the dark scenes without any over-exposure to the bright areas. This helps to preserve and craft many vital details thus improves your experiences in visuals.

Minimize Visual Distractions Concentration:

It is a significant feature for e-gaming monitors. The RL-Series has a dark-grey frame that specially designed to efficiently reduce all light reflections from the screen into the eyes of a gamer.

It comes with an adjustable height stand to allow you an easy adjustment for your view at points where you desire. With a head to head combat setup, your gaming experience increases far beyond the limits. And you’ll get amazed by the visual strength displayed on the screen. It comes supported by standard dual speakers for uninterrupted, smooth sound quality.


The monitor has a very fast 1ms (GTG) response period & an ultra-low input lag technology for all optimal console experiences, without any unpleasant effects of smearing or ghosting on screens.

VISUAL CLARITY: BenQ ZOWIE’s exclusive color enhancer aids to create a natural visual sense for an image that seems to look genuine instead of sounding like a designed graphical animation. Its Black equalizer increases the dynamic visibility conditions in dark scenes without any damage or overexposed brightness levels.

EFFICIENT DISPLAY MODES: The monitor comes up with optimized presets for featured RTS, FPS, & Fight gaming modes. Efficient Smart Scaling/Display Modes are there to precisely simulate all custom screen sizes that help to complete total control for an individual viewing preference.


A specially designed large frame to reduce any annoying glare & reflections is an integral part of this monitor. Angular, compact slip-resistant base efficiently provides you an ideal space ample enough for a controller storage point. It has a full tilt adjustment that enables you to adjust the screen as desired. VESA mount ready is present in it. It superiorly loaded with two speakers that allow a great gaming experience.

CONNECTIVITY ASSURANCE: The monitor is very efficiently compatible with an all Console & PC platform. It loaded with multiple input ports that allow a vast experience of gaming with any desired accessories you want.

EYE CARE & COMFORT FEATURE: Zero-Flicker technology has been an integral part of all gaming monitors of this series and its Low Blue Light filter aids to reduce all eye strains, optical muscle fatigue and enhances the comfort levels for an intensive gaming session for players.

Final Verdict:

Thus, we came to conclude the fact that this monitor by BenQ series is an efficient multi-purpose device well suited for gamers of all genres and people who seek a low cost professional featured monitor. Due to its excellent visual clarity and high response rates. It has become an evidently preferred option for you to purchase it. While seeking the right monitor for your professional gaming sessions. You can grab this device by the wholehearted rust of reliability and warranty assurances. We prefer this monitor to be your first choice while considering other devices in the same slots.

5; Dell SE2417HGR: (Best Monitor Under 200)

Dell SE2417HGR is a stylish 24″ 1080p LED Gaming Monitor that is highly equipped with great features. These Features give you a fantastic gaming experience in your long or short both gaming sessions.

Dell known the brand of this arena where monitors and digital devices of real high quality build. Due to dell image evident pixel technologies dell is all the way superior to other monitors. Dell provides an all long service durability features that help you out to get real experiences of gaming and visualizations.

Dell has been offering some very efficient and great featured monitors. This monitor is a full win package as it contains all relevant, necessary features with swift response time and refreshes rates.

Main Features:

Dell provides an efficient resolution of 1920 x 1080p that provides a bright magnified visual display for the user. Very smooth and indeed responsive gameplay features a stylish design that not only attracts your devotion to gaming. But also enables you to enjoy a swift gaming experience based on all must features. Fast gameplay options will allow you to get free from worries of readjustments and settings for different modes of gaming or standard graphical content.

Responsiveness And Display: 

In this device, you will experience a very smooth and indeed responsive action loaded with a minimum input lag hurdle at a speedy 2ms screen panel response time for synchronization. You will get a superb clarity in screen display with a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution level.

You’ll enjoy all the useful and efficient features of this stylishly designed monitor with custom glossy bezels at edges. With a matte screen and a sturdy base, it is a great device to use and enjoy your games. Smoothly tilting options allow you to set the screen display as desired.

The monitor is just 13.8 pounds of weight that makes it a real lightweight product for portable function. Being a thin device, it can be easily placed at any desired place and can be used as a portable monitor also.

The great blur-free screen display features of Dell display technologies make the screen panel a full win situation for you to get an efficient image quality. Dell has also induced multi ports for connectivity like HDMI.USB ports. The monitor is fully compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and other gaming devices.

Final Verdict:

Concluding the reviews about this monitor, we state that this device is a great and efficient make by Dell that is specialized enough to tackle all your gaming experiences and visual desires. Dell provides its customers with a very reliable and worldwide trusted guarantee for this monitor. Being a low-cost monitor and having such impressive features it is your must choice to consider. It is an indeed a superior competitor in a range of all low budget under $200 monitors.

6: Samsung LS27: ( 1ms Gaming Monitor under 140)

Samsung a known brand of digital age competitions. It provides excellent superior quality devices loaded with many practical features and skilled enough to fulfill all that you desire from an excellent low-cost monitor. 27″ Full HD monitor it contains a broad screen panel for an uninterrupted view and evident pixel distribution feature that makes it a unique device for your gaming sessions. It comes with a speedy 1ms response time for real smooth and undisturbed gameplay.

The darker blacks and awesome crisp colors with a different game mode availability an addition to your gaming consoles.  The main feature it entails is its ability to reduce eye strains through the Eye saver modes. It’s ECO saving plus feature help you out in keeping power and makes it an energy efficient device.

Main Features:

A broad 27” screen is a significant part of all its features which being full HD enables the user to get all minor details thick open on the screen. Its dynamic contrast ratios and pixel adjustment automation aids in creating a bright visual display for you. Due to fast gaming actions and moving objects monitors typically lag in shows. But is equipped with an efficient response rate that makes it suited for the fast-moving and action genres of gaming.

You will get an elevated level of very smooth gameplay options that help you out in your quick gaming sessions. A rapid refresh rate enables you to view all possible minor or even negligible details on the screen. Darker blacks modes in this monitor help in crafting a visible image even in low light, dim, dark scenes or points in a graphical content.

Eye Care

You will get a natural display graphic content due to its eye saver modes. With this eye saver mode, there is a much-reduced strain and damage to your eyes. This feature enables you to visualize and focus more clearly on the even slightest details without any pixel burst o eye strains.
It weighs about 9.92 pounds and so it is a lightweight, portable monitor also. Being lighter in weight helps to carry it with you at different places. This product by Samsung I supported by a very reliable all time warranty that ensures you a safe usage without any fear of loss.

Final Verdict:

So we sum up all the facts and conclude that indeed this monitor under the manufacturing by Samsung is an excellent device for your gaming sessions. Due to its long supported reliable build quality and warranty cover you can trust it for your preferences in gaming consoles.

7: Sceptre C325W-1920R: (Curved LED Gaming Monitor)

It is a 32” Curved LED Gaming Monitor, having a very high range of equipped widescreen it turns out to be very useful for your gaming sessions.  It has a 75Hz 1080P resolution screen that entails every minor pixel to be dead clear with significant focus and visualizations on screen.

Scepture C325W is one of the best gaming monitors under 200 range. It has an HDMI Display Port for ultra-easy connectivity and usage. Its Ultra-Thin body makes it far more stylish and attractive as an addition to your gaming accessories.  Metal Black body color makes it very useful for a regular gaming session that does not hinder your attraction or focus on the screen.

Main Features:

Scepter is one of the latest competitors in the market in this range of under $200 monitors. It is verily specialized and made in an excellent user-friendly operating menu bar panels. Easy to connect and it is very compatible with any popular gaming devices like PS4 and Xbox One.

Having this monitor in your gaming accessories is an all win situation. Due to its active eye care features, no strains produced on your eyes during long sessions of gaming. Display Ports in it are the most versatile connection means, this aid to deliver a quality maintained signal to monitor. It is also capable of verily providing a 1080P video by using a standard passive cable.

Blue Light Shift:

The blue light shift technologies counter reduced eye fatigue, ocular irritation, and eye strains in this monitor. This feature helps you out to work for more extended sessions and do continuous documentation.

COMPATIBILITY: It is verily compatible with Windows 10 and all previous versions.  The most recent and efficient operating systems that are available on PCs are also consistent with this monitor. Windows 10 provides you an added convenience of compatibility with all earlier versions, like Windows 8, 7 and XP.

VESA Wall Mount Pattern: Employing the VESA wall mount patterns. You can easily mount Sceptre monitor on walls in a style that is very aesthetic and convenient in practice. You can save lots of space and easily view the LED screen in the desired position that verily affords the greatest of all visibility possible on screen.

Curve Monitor:

The stylish curved display offers a very revolutionary experience in all visual aspects with a top 1800R screen curvature feature.

Final Verdict:

We mark it to be a preferable choice for all gamers and users who seek a Best Gaming Monitor Under 200. Being a curved display monitor with an all principal 1800R featured screen curvature provides us the images that tend to appear and wrap around your eye focus. It offers an in-depth, clear quality, immersive, and detailed experience. Overall with an extreme ultra slim design, protection and comfort tend to be the hallmarks of this monitor. An outstanding Pattern brush finishing is a very smooth and beautiful addition to the device.

8: VITEK NB27C (Best WideScreen Gaming Monitor Under 200)

It is a multi-purpose 27 Inches Curved screen specialized Computer Monitor with a Full HD 1080p screen to make your visuals displayed in high image quality. The NB27C is an excellent choice for those who seek a multi-functional specialized monitor in the market.

It verily features a 1920x1080p resolution and a contrast ratio of about 20000000:1 DCR. It loaded with a 1800R curvature that makes your view an excellent source of detailed image quality and efficient graphical displays. Viotek NB27C offers a significant and indeed stunning picture quality that you desire and have never seen before.

VITEK NB27C Gaming Monitor Under 200 Review:

With a very speedy 8ms response time (GTG)  for quicker displays and fast moving object synchronizations, it makes you get a featured view graphical display. It has a 60Hz refresh rate that aids in your extreme gaming sessions.

The 27” NB27C curved monitor is an indeed a lightweight 14.8 lbs. A device that makes it far useable as a portable monitor also. Its compact dimensions allow you to place it on a clear desktop or in a busy office space without any worry for the occasional bump and damage to the monitor.

Innovative View: The NB27C verily comes up with a nice curve radius of about 1800R that provides an ultra-immersive image quality. The NB27C comes loaded with a VGA (D-sub), DVI-D, and particular HDMI ports. A VGA cables there to help you out in setting up the right connection. NB27C helps you to make your game battles much more realistic than ever before, and high graphic videos have never been such real and this hypnotic.

Tailor Your Viewing Experience:

The NB27C has built-in options for the present movie, gaming sessions, and document reading modes that allow you to get the desired quality out of your monitor. Watching a specialized foreign flick with high graphic content or reviewing an e-book or reading an online novel, this NB27C helps you all the way to optimize your all experiences via its notable features, useful options and much more in a very easy-to-use OSD menu pattern.

Crisp, Vibrant Picture: The NB27C equipped with a very dynamic 20000000:1 DCR contrast to add up more complexity and induce clear quality, depth in the monitor’s very own 16.7Million color range spots on the full screen. With the NB27C, your image quality and experiences will be even more vibrant than before.

Multi-Purpose Monitor:

The NB27C is a stylishly curved monitor that features a specialized feature of an anti-glare panel that produces a bright, cut clear picture with no worries for any light issues from another source that reflects and reduces the display visuals. Playing games, studying, or normal browsing on the internet is guaranteed to stay bright with no glare and vivid picture quality. It has a 1920×1080 resolution, lag-free fast gameplay. It equipped with a key feature that is skilled enough to eliminate motion blur in displays

Connectivity: Dual Link DV1, HDMI, & VGA are present for more excellent connectivity options and compatibility.It as an efficient and outperforming 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio that provides and ensures a bright pixel display for every negligible detail.

Final Verdict:

Thus, we came to conclude the fact that with both featured standard widescreen size and its high dynamic color contrasts make the picture quality far more efficient and colorful as compared to others in this same range. As a low budget monitor, it is verily equipped to produce all you desired features as a multi-purpose monitor. The anti-glare screen allows you to have low strains and eye fatigue during working on this monitor. In an overall conclusion, we sum up to claim that it should be your first preference in buying a monitor under $200.

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