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9 Best Gaming Monitors For Ps4 and Xbox One In 2023

Gaming Monitors For Ps4

An ultimate experience by Getting  The Best Gaming Monitor for PS4 and Xbox Console

Gaming monitor verily differs from the normally used monitors in diverse features and high-performance visual quality. Normally the commonly used monitors can be employed to play low graphics quality or some medium range visuals while the best gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox not only provide a better gaming experience but also a very high-quality display of graphics which induces a lot elevation in the gaming action of the player.

In short, the gaming monitors and laptops are now a better available option for devices like PS4 and Xbox One.

Nowadays the market stocks are piled up with various monitor for console gaming to be used for PS4 and Xbox One. There are a diverse variety and huge range of models with varying but really surprising specifications.

This article provides you with the range of selection of Best Portable monitors based on important features and specifications for some of the most efficient and top-ranked gaming monitors for PS4 and Xbox One. Beside Gaming and Entertainment Monitors are also used for Baby  Care.

List Of The Best Gaming Monitor For Ps4 and Xbox One X

ProductsType Of MonitorResolutionPrice
Editor's Choice
144Hz Monitor1920x1080
Acer H277H smidxBest 27 inch Gaming Monitor1920 x 1080
AOC i2367Fh Best Gaming Monitor1920 x 1080
LG 24MP88HV-S4k Gaming Monitor for PS41920 x 1080
BenQ ZOWIE 4k Gaming Monitor for PS41920x1080
Acer GN246HL 3D 144Hz Gaming Monitor1920 x 1080
AOC G2460PFG-SYNC Console for Gaming1920 x 1080
ASUS VG248QE 24"144Hz Gaming Monitor1920x1080
AOC G2460PF4K Console Gaming Monitor3840x2160p

Points to be kept in mind while buying The best Console Gaming Monitor:

Forget about the Best monitors of 2023, This list is created with regular research by industry expert for the purpose to give you the real taste of playing games on your Gaming Console with 100% satisfaction.

So without wasting further time, Look into these points and Choose the best monitor for yourself.

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1. Response Time of your Gaming Console Monitor

Monitors with lower response times are verily preferred. The response duration depends upon the types of screen panel used in it. As for a TN panel, the advisable response duration is about 1 ms but in case of the IPS panels, it is around more or less 5ms. The monitors at economical prices nowadays are with lower response rates.

 2. Gaming Monitor Resolution: 

Another most important thing to compare and check while buying a gaming monitor for ps4 is its resolution. Normally advised resolution is 1920×1080 for high-quality visuals. It is advisable to keep in this range as it would be economical and definitely suitable for PS4 and Xbox One.

3. Console Monitor Screen Size: 

The normally suggested screen size is about more than 22 inches. Size can vary upon one’s own choices and duration of gaming sessions. Generally, a monitor desk and player on a chair with a straight focus on screen advised keeping size between 24 inches. If a player is at a distance of normally 6 feet away from the screen that means on a couch, the size should definitely be more than or equal to 27 inches.

4. Refresh Rate of the Monitor:

Any monitor with a refresh of more than 60Hz will definitely be suitable for PS4 Xbox One.

Now for your ease and analytical decisions, we have reviewed all 7 best Gaming Monitor available options nowadays in the market for the best gaming monitor…

Best Gaming Monitor for Ps4

1: ASUS VG245H, 75Hz Monitor (Recommended Gaming Console Monitor):

The ASUS 24-inch is a console gaming monitor that features a very low  1ms response time with a greatly efficient  75 Hz refresh rate that is verily superb for a great experience.

It supported by mainly two HDMI ports having a low input lag as a great feature. This feature enables you to connect up to two gaming devices at the same time with this monitor. The very special low input lag is present in it due to the overwhelmingly efficient “Game Fast Input” technology from Asus.

The Free Sync AMD Technology diminishes any screen tearing. It also helps to reduce the choppy and disturbing frame rates to enable you the exclusive visual and gameplay experiences. The Game Plus hotkey allows the player to get perfect visual displays in gaming sessions for longer durations.

The known Flicker-free technology helps to protect your eyes from many possible fatigues and stressful damage with its very smart and exclusively dynamic feature of backlight adjustment.

There is also four diverse blue light filter setting feature that player can set according to his adjustments. This monitor does its best to keep your gaming area look tidy with the smart cable management on the monitor stand that helps to hide the running cables. The biggest edge it has is its suitable efficient size that makes the player comfortable with gaming sessions.

Best Monitor for Ps4 Gaming Console:

2: Acer H277H Smidx: (27-inch Gaming Monitor For Ps4):

The H277H IPS gaming monitor diverse purpose use device made by Acer to target the gamers as well as the entertainment purpose of the user.

The monitor features a sleek and smart design which adds up to the features. With about 5 to 15-degree tilt angle it has an IPS panel. It gives you a very convenient and comfortable view angle of about 170 degrees.  IPS in monitor allows you a superior color and quality performance of visuals at a given user angle.

An OSD button below the bezel enables a user-friendly control approach. You can also enjoy your sessions by connecting your phones and tablets to it by available ports.

The “True Harmony” is the main feature of this monitor that takes your experience and entertainment to an elevated level of enjoyment. The ultimate full HD and efficient high contrast ratio entail to add up to the performance of this monitor.

This monitor basically designed for filling up the multiple diverse requirements like multimedia, audio and gaming sessions. It has the capability to provide you with immersive and detailed graphics. With all these, superbly astonishing features and specifications, you cannot expect ever to go wrong with this monitor. It can purchase online easily from Amazon.

Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One and PS4

3: AOC i2367Fh Console: (Xbox one monitor):

The monitor under consideration definitely attracts you for its sleek and slim beautiful finishing design. The monitor entails a great dynamic range of contrast ratio of about 50,000,000:1 which enables the better graphics in dark scenarios during the game. It comes up with the resolution of around 1920×1080 full HD with an IPS panel that serves the ultimate display angles and clarity.

As it is loaded with the Kensington Security Slot, the monitor definitely provides you with the anti-theft facility system. This allows the user to protect the monitor and turns it into an ideal choice to employed for use in the office and home environments.

Due to its anti-glare coating, any fingerprints or smudges on screen not expected to harm the panel clarity and picture displays. It comes generally with the two HDMI ports and one single VGA connectivity. With an anti-theft system and cool features, it should be an attention seeker choice of yours.

Best 24-inch Gaming Monitor

4: LG 24MP88HV-S: (Best Gaming Monitor For PS4 Pro):

Being a newly released console gaming monitor it entails a marvelous design and wide range of features. Having a refresh rate of 60Hz and IPS screen made it ever efficient in practical visual displays during gaming sessions for the user. The wide 24inch screen allows a perfect focus on the moving objects and adds up to the features of a monitor.

Having about just a 2.5mm bezel, it competes with the other thin and sleek bezel monitors out in the market. The style of this efficient monitor is unique and novel itself. The stand which used to erect the monitor called the Arc Line design from the LG’s premium monitor series an added feature of efficiency to it.

It has a black stabilizer which tends to be very useful for gamers. This unique feature enhances the darkest scenarios by brightening them up so you not get puzzled in dark night scenes in the game. This Dynamic Action Sync helps to reduce and decrease the input lags.

This console gaming monitor contains all very essential features of a console gaming monitor. It contains many varying gaming modes, black stabilizer feature, clear motion 240, and it will definitely deliver an unmatched gaming experience. To conclude, the LG gaming monitor will definitely satisfy all your gaming session needs. It is available on Amazon.

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Best 27-inch Gaming Monitor

5: BenQ ZOWIE 27 inch console (Best Budget Gaming monitor)

The BenQ’s is a verily renowned gaming monitor that a good number of salient special features appreciated a lot by the users. The professional-style and its sleek designs attract gamers towards it.

Its efficient most features are the lag free and real motion visuals that it provides. It comes with the different modes of gaming depending on the type of game played you can set the modes. The verily improved visibility and clearance of graphics, this monitor comes with the black equalizer feature.

Its artificial intelligence allows it to highlight the darker scenes without overexposure of brighter areas. The zero flicker technology entails reducing all blurs and smears caused in displays.

The monitor contains the basic LCD frame that is very specially designed to reduce light reflections. This monitor specialized gaming equipment from BenQ conforms to all professional standards. Hence you can consider it as part of your choices for successful gameplay,

Best Portable Gaming Monitor For PS4

6: Acer GN246HL: (24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor)

This is a  portable monitor comes from the house of Acer equipped with a 3D full HD screen as the biggest feature. This monitor serves to very slim and sleek in its design with an X-shaped support stand.

The built-in resolution of this monitor is about 1920×1080 gives you sharp image quality. It comes with a widescreen view. Actually, the monitor is ideal in design for different purpose such as gaming, video visuals, etc.

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It has a very good and efficient refresh rate, thus this leads to reducing blurs and smears. Having a good contrast ratio it gives you the best view of light and dull images with clarity and acute clearness. A very impressive 3D imaging is verily possible by the NVIDIA 3D light boost tech in it.

In addition to this, the very advanced and active shutter 3D technology develops a way for a better 3D visual experience. It comes with mercury filled backlight and saves more or less 68% power consumption. It can purchase at Amazon.

7: AOC G2460PF: (G-SYNC Console for Gaming)

This gaming console monitor from the AOC verily known for the very brilliant image quality and efficient display visuals. It serves you detailed lag-free game sessions with very high-performance refresh rate. A good refresh rate allows the player to target the objects or enemies easily in games. A very acute and sharp graphics delivery achieved in it possible all due to good response time. It also shows a clear image of fast moving objects without any smears or ghosts.

The AMD Free Sync technology allows avoiding any tears and it is done by synchronizing the CPU and the gaming monitor in a conjunction with each other. By this action, it prevents any lag from other connected devices like the mouse.

There is a large number of availabilities that are the VGA port, HDMI-MHL, Flash drive USB ports, etc. Due to these wonderful and efficient features, this monitor is always under considerations of gamers. You can’t exclude it out of the list.

Best 144Hz Gaming Monitor

8: ASUS VG248QE 24″ (Gaming Monitor For CS go)


  • Screen size: 24”
  • Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 8.7 x 19.7 inches
  • Product weight: 12.13 pounds
  • Full HD Resolution of 1920×1080 @144Hz Refresh rate
  • Built-in 2W Stereo speakers for immersive audio
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.2768mm
  • Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 2

ASUS VG248QE 24″ HDMI Gaming Monitor Review:

The brand new 24” ASUS VG248QE Full HD monitor, features extensive connectivity options including Display Port, HDMI and Dual-Link DVI-D that expand your visual Horizon, delivers the best performance for consistent gaming and movies as well.

Now you can keep track of games time with the built-in timer function and crosshairs overlay in its GamePlus mode. The four unique features of this monitor, considering which you can’t deny its worth, also can’t resist purchasing it are:

  1. 1ms Trace Free II Technology and refresh rate 144 Hz for smooth motion playback of movies and games so that you can play as fast as you can.
  2. ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio shows you darkest black and whitest bright like true-to-life images.
  3. Full HD 1920X1080 Resolution @144Hz rapid refresh rate so that you can play as fast as you can, and for mind-blowing HD quality visuals in 2D and 3D both.
  4. Ergonomically-designed stand with Full height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments provides your most comfort and an ideal choice for a multi-display gaming setup.

The ASUS VG248QE 24” Full HD Monitor has 3 modes of skin-tone selection and four modes of color temperature selection which you can manage and control from the front-facing switches, that allows you to take full advantage of the lighting which works for you the best.

What’s Good In It

With 1920×1080 Full HD resolution and aspect ratio 1.78:1 on 24” screen, this computer will never look bolder or brighter. Simply speaking, now you can enjoy gaming, movies video playback at a wider, fast and large screen with greater resolutions and easily adjustable positions with its Ergonomically-designed stand.

  • Fast and Affordable.
  • Color settings to help washout.
  • Great looking screen, looks good from various angles.
  • Awesome Display for any Gamer.
  • Have a sturdy and Ergonomic stand.
  • Great color and responsiveness.
  • Have VESA Mounts.
  • It has TN panel
  • Display port may fail to work Sometimes.

Editor’s Opinion:

If you’re a gamer with a competitive nature, this is one of the most popular gaming monitors right now, that you should strongly consider as this display has a TN panel. Well, these TN panels don’t have the greatest color or contrast as an IPS or VA panel, but they feature some of the fastest G2G response times available. So, if you are just a casual gamer and like to do a lot of photos and video editing on the side, you might want to look at an IPS or VA panel.

This is a pretty awesome monitor to go with if you desire for an easily adjustable screen with color accuracy from almost every angle at a very good price as in short its overall fuel is very fluid, very smooth and obviously having free sync reducing technology, it is certainly a really nice monitor.

9: ViewSonic XG3220 : ( 4K Gaming Monitor for Console Gaming)


  • Screen Size: 32”
  • Product weight: 18.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 28.6 x 18.1 inches
  • Stunning 4K Ultra HD Resolution: 3840×2160 pixels
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Having VESA-Compatible Mount
  • It has a Fully adjustable ergonomic stand
  • It has AMD FreeSync technology for Smooth gaming
  • Dual 5W Speakers
  • Display type: LED-Lit
  • Number of HDMI Port is 2
  • It features a future-proof DisplayPort

ViewSonic XG3220 32 Gaming Monitor Review:

A glorious XG3220 32” 4K HDR monitor from ViewSonic for PC, Xbox, and PS4 with FreeSync support is now available on stores.

AMD FreeSync Technology for effortless smooth gameplay, Stunning 4K ultra HD Resolution at 60Hz, Low Input Lag, Next Generation connectivity i.e. future-proof DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 and 22-level Black Stabilization function are the best attributes which all are wrapped in this single product. By this 4K Ultra HD Gaming monitor that features 3840×2160 resolution, you can get everything you need with faster-than-TV responsiveness, as it provides you extraordinary sharp and detailed visuals and its HDR10 standard gives you a high dynamic range of vivid colors and contrast for incredible screen performance.

The ViewSonic XG3220 32” 4k FreeSync is actually a Gaming monitor for Ps4 that maximizes the gaming potential for console and PC gaming, plus maintains brilliantly rich colors and contrast.

It features ColorX gaming mode, and in addition to this, the pre-set customizable visual modes deliver the best speed and visuals so that you can be ready for any FPS, RTS or MOBA gaming scenario. It is a quality monitor with excellent features which you should definitely give a value.

  • Ultra-fast, Pixel pushing the display
  • Excellent Gaming monitor
  • Quality image for a TN panel
  • Perfect for developers
  • High refresh rate
  • Image blur while watching videos


The ViewSonic XG3220 32” 4K HDR monitor is best for you from every aspect as if you’re a PC or Console gamer, a professional user, a developer, or everyday user, this monitor will deliver you the ultimate in image detail and clarity especially for stunning highly immersive gameplay.

It is a fast responsiveness monitor at 4x more pixels than full HD resolution, so provides a bigger picture of your gaming world so that you can see the entire battlefield in all its glory. I personally recommend you to buy this and enjoy its unique and incredible features.

Final Conclusion:

If you are a gaming geek and can’t afford some heavy stuff to fulfill your experience levels. These low-cost monitors are available in the marketplace with all very unique and useful features under the hood of known brands. In our point of view, These Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 and Xbox one are a source of pleasure and thrilling experience for the gamers specifically.

I hope you enjoyed this content. In case of Any query or suggestion regarding Best Gaming Console Monitors, you can use the Comment section below or Drop an Email HERE!

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