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Best Electric Shaver For Women in 2018 Reviews In Brief

Through the years, many new epilator companies have come up and presented us the best epilators with the most modern features. Let me show you some of the Best Electric Shaver for women of 2018.

ProductDimensionsModel Price
Braun silk epil 9
Editor's Choice
10.2 x 3.7 x 7.8 inSE9 579
Philips Satinelle HP64012.2 x 6.8 x 8.5 inHP6401/50
Emjoi AP 18 5 x 1.5 x 5 in AP-18
Remington EP70303 x 8.4 x 4 inEP7030
Panasonic ES-ED901.6 x 2.3 x 5.3 inES-ED90-P
Braun Silk-épil 7 7561
10.2 x 2.8 x 7.8 in7-561
BRAUN 7891
Editor's Choice
7.1 x 7.8 x 2.6 in7891
Braun SE7681
Wet & Dry Shaver
2.6 x 7.1 x 7.8 inSE7681 W&D
Braun Silk-épil 5 5-185
2.6 x 7.1 x 7.8 inSE5185
Panasonic ES2113PC
Best Seller
1 x 1 x 7 inES2113PC

1: Braun silk epil 9: ( Best Electric Shaver For Women):

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With the 40% wider cap, the new silk epil 9 provides a greater area for epilating thus working more in little time. The increased number of tweezers on this cap shortens your time was taken to get smoother, hairless skin. It also catches hair up to 0.5 mm, so short and thin for anything else to catch. Braun Silk is a wet/dry both featured epilator hence you can easily use it underwater or in the shower as the warm water releases endorphins like I already mentioned and the pain is.

It is a wet/dry both featured epilator hence you can easily use it underwater or in the shower as the warm water releases endorphins like I already mentioned and the pain is way lesser, now who wouldn’t want that? Also, it is 100% waterproof. That means stay in the water for as long as you like, it is not gonna get damaged even a tiny bit. It now has a high-density brush with 10.000 fine bristles that gently remove dead skin cells and hence new skin cells grow to give a smoother and newer skin. It has a pivoting head that provides the body more comfortably. Also, it comes with two-speed levels, one for gentle epilation on the sensitive areas of the body. And the other one for extra efficient epilation.

The skin spa set comes with different tools for more comfort to your skin. The sonic exfoliation refines and refreshes the skin with over 3,000 micro vibrations per minute. The angle of the plates allows you to use it in all direction on all curves of your body. It also comes with a trimmer cap to let you trim where necessary and with a power cap for extra fast epilation. The faceplate is designed especially for the unwanted facial hair where the skin is too delicate for the other plates to be used on. It’s your all in one kit with a smoother body. 

2: Philips Satinelle HP6401: (Best Women’s Electric Razor 2018):


The new Philips Satinelle comes with many pros and cons. Now if you are sick of a rechargeable and cordless device which definitely doesn’t work for long without charging, you need a corded epilator that works on power. And this is one of the best ones you’ll fine except for the fact that it’s very noisy. But for simple epilation on the prominent parts of the body, this is the best one. It has 21 tweezers in its place that work too good for the legs and arms. It can work continuously for as long as you like without loss of power.

Philip Epilator is a dry only epilator but it comes with a washable cap that makes it easy to get rid of the hair in it. It is very light-weighted and small and hence very easy to carry. So even if it is coded, it’s still your best pick if you’re a traveler.

The best thing about it is the cheap price.  So if you are on a low budget and you also want a great quality extra efficient device, this is the one for you. Second best thing is that its hair pulling power is really effective and it leaves your skin smooth and hairless for a minimum of two weeks which makes it even cheaper and efficient. The other good thing about it is that it comes with a two-year warranty so in case you damage it, take it back. It also comes with two-speed levels, one for a gentle pull on the sensitive hair especially on the bikini area and the second level for a more efficient pull where the skin isn’t sensitive. For anyone with a low budget and high-quality demand, this is it.

3: Emjoi AP 18 : (Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator)

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The new Emjoi AP 18 is your road to the smoothest and silkiest skin for a very long time. It’s ranked on top of the best epilator on many websites. It’s newly installed features make it one of a kind. It comes with a 17mm disc with more radius than any other epilating machine currently and allows a greater area for quick cleaning.

But so far, the best thing about it isn’t that! It’s the fact that it comes with a whole of 72 tweezers which is more than epilator at present. These increased number of tweezers allow you to epilate more efficiently in a shorter time and hence is very beneficial. It comes with dual heads that keep the skin tightened up during the process for lessening the pain and covering more area of hair in a lesser amount of time hence giving you a cleaner skin in a very short time.

Emoji Ap 18 is also known to be a pro for removing the hair from the roots and therefore, it leaves your hair free and tension free for longer than the other devices and also decreases the risk of ingrown hair by lifting the hair up a bit. It comes in a curved shaped design which helps epilate in areas that you couldn’t otherwise reach very easily. Its silver ion technology keeps it bacteria free for better and more hygienic finish.

It is small and smart and comes with a pretty traveling bag that makes it very easy to carry around anywhere even though it’s coded. I would personally prefer a corded epilator because a rechargeable one takes longer to charge than the amount of time it actually lasts on battery and the last thing you want is your device shutting off on you when you aren’t even halfway done.

It also comes with two-speed settings again for a gentle touch and for more quick epilation. The speed one is mostly used in sensitive areas and the facial hair. Yes, this device works amazing on your facial hair and keeps you free of them for a longer time than threading or hot wax. Plus, the hair starts getting thinner and lesser with time. It also comes with a one year warranty. All so much in one small device.

4: Remington EP7030(Rechargeable Hair Removal System):

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This amazing device is the latest from Remington with many pros for your delicate skin. The best thing about it is that it’s cordless, completely cordless! With a rechargeable battery that takes 1 hour to charge and works non-stop for 40 minutes which should enough to get your work done. It comes with 40 non-slip technology tweezers that will get you smooth and hairless skin in no time at all.

It also comes with a pivoting head to help your epilating be more efficient. Remington EP7030 also includes a perfect angle cap with the help of which you can reach all those areas of your body that were otherwise impossible to cover. The next best thing about it is its built-in flashlight that makes sure you don’t miss a single hair. It has a washable cap which ensures you a very hygienic job. The trimmer cap allows you to trim and shape hair as you like it. An additional massage cap with Aloe Vera leaves your skin irritation free and silky smooth.

It also includes an exfoliating glove for lesser pain while epilating. It comes with 2-speed levels, the first for a gentle touch and the second for more efficient epilation. Lastly, the other amazing feature is that it catches hair as small as 0.5mm and thus leaves you hairless for up to 4 weeks on average. Now, who wouldn’t want something with so many features in only $69.99?

5: Panasonic ES-ED90– (Affordable Electric Shaver For Women):

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This is one epilator that is now in the race of the best epilators with the Braun Silk Epil series because of its price and features. It might not as best-selling as the Braun series but it definitely is marked 5 stars by all customer reviews. It comes with a lot of accessories for better use and comfort. The box opens up to show you many attachments.

It includes the following

  • A fast cap for working efficiently in areas with much thick hair. This makes the whole job very easy and fast.
  • A gentle cap for the delicate and sensitive areas like the bony areas where a normal epilation would hurt more.
  • An epilation head for legs and arms where the hair quite much but not so thick and the skin is irritated easily but doesn’t hurt much. It’s mostly like a normal speed level cap with normal efficiency level.
  • Epilation head for bikini area and underarms where the hair is very coarse and rough and also very thick. One thing epilation ensures is that the hair starts growing lesser and thinner and takes longer to come out. Hence if you have been epilating for some time, this shouldn’t be painful at all.
  • Shaver and trimmer head for trimming where on the bikini area and shaping it whatever way you want to as most people don’t like to remove the hair wholly due to health issues.
  • A pedicure cap: It also includes a foot care cap that is something no other epilator has ever had. It has a file for a pedicure that is quite better than the ones they use in salons.
  • Cleaning brush for wiping away and cleaning the hair after finishing. This ensures a more hygienic job for an epilator.
  • A travel pouch for taking it with you wherever you go.
  • It also comes with a two-year warranty and a 15 days quality check warranty. This is also something no other brand offers and this makes you sure that you’re not throwing away your money. It has 48 metal tweezers that make your epilation time very short. It takes a one hour to charge and 40 minutes work on battery. Panasonic shaver has two-speed settings for gentle and efficient epilation. It also has a beginner cap for reducing the pain if you’re new to epilation. It is also claimed to be the least painful device which makes it the best choice for anyone.

6: Braun Silk-épil 7 7561(Wet & Dry Bikini Trimmer for Women):


 Yet another amazing epilator from the Braun Silk Epil series specially designed for tiny and delicate hair. It comes with many amazing features at a very good price. Let’s start with the basic features. It is a cordless epilator that comes with a rechargeable battery. The very amazing thing about this one is that it actually lasts for a very long time on battery. It takes about an hour or two to charge and works nonstop for a few hours.

This enables you to work without the worry of recharging or of taking care of a cord. You don’t even have to wait for a power connection. It’s wet and dry both features allows you to use it underwater for as long as you may need it. It comes with 40 tweezers that shorten the time of your epilation and takes the hair out of the root hence giving you a silky smooth skin for over 4 weeks.

It comes with a trimmer cap for trimming any hair that doesn’t want to epilate. Braun Silk Shaver also comes with a shaver head and a massaging cap to leave your skin irritation free. It also includes a sensitive area cap and a facial cap to use in the sensitive areas like underarms and bikini area. The facial cap guarantees you a smooth face for up to 3 weeks. It has a smart light installed for getting a better view of the tiny hair that we don’t see. With so many features for a little price, this is the best device for short and thin hair.

7: BRAUN 7891 – (Dual Epilator with Lifetime Warranty):

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This beautifully smart, wet and dry epilator comes with some very amazing features at a very little price. It’s close-grip technology smoothly and gently removes hair as small as 0.5mm and hence leaves nothing behind. It lets you stay hairless for up to four weeks. The best thing about these cordless epilators is that you can use them in your shower which lessens the pain very much.

It comes with Gillette Venus Blades that capture even the most stubborn hair. It’s Soft Tip Lifts technology lifts up the hair for easier removal and decreases the risk of ingrown. It also comes with a high-frequency massage system to give you a silky finish with no redness or irritation. It has a rechargeable battery which takes an hour to charge and works for 40 minutes straight. Braun 7891 has two-speed levels for a gentle and an efficient epilation. The Shaver is 100% waterproof and can easily use underwater and in the shower.

It has a smart angle that works everywhere on the body. It also comes with a traveling pouch and a cleaning brush. The flashlight installed recently ensures that you leave behind no hair.Also, includes a sensitive area cap for easier hair removal from sensitive areas. It’s small and handy and very easy to take anywhere as long as you can recharge the battery.

8: Braun SE7681  (Best Choice For Wet And Dry Women Shaver)

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Like the Silk Epil 7891, this beautifully smart set also comes with amazing features. I close-grip rip technology catches up even the smallest hair and leaves you completely smooth and soft. It comes with 40 tweezers that make the whole job a lot easier and quicker. The high-frequency massage system stimulates the skin for a better and more comfortable epilation.

The pivoting head lets you work on every tiny curve and contour of your body very gently and painlessly. The built-in flashlight ensures that you leave behind no hair. It is a wet/dry both set that lets you epilate in the shower with the warm water lessening your pain and making everything a lot easier. The Soft Lift Tips technology lifts up the hair for a more efficient job and lesser risk of ingrown hair.

The battery is a rechargeable one with 1 hour charging time and 40 minutes working time. It comes with two-speed levels in a beautifully curved angle that makes it very handy for use in all areas of the body. The set includes a facial cap for the facial hair, a trimmer cap for trimming the hair that you want to shape like the bikini area, an efficiency cap to let you finish the process in a shorter time,  a shaver cap for shaving and a precision cap for use on your underarms and bikini area. All this in one set for your convenience.

9: Braun Silk-épil 5 5-185 – (Electric Shaver for Women):

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Like the Silk Epil 7 series, this also comes with many amazing features for better epilation and smoother skin. It contains 40 tweezers that shorten the time spent on epilation and it’s close-grip technology grabs hair as small as 0.5mm and leaves you completely hair free.

Its high-frequency massage system ensures you a very silly finish with zero irritation and redness. The pivoting head lets you work on all curves of your body that you couldn’t otherwise reach and hence gets you tension free of any tiny hair to increase comfort and keep your skin healthy. It has two-speed levels for a gentle touch and second, for an efficient epilation in a short time.

The smart light installed in makes sure you see every tiny hair and pluck it out. Besides all this, this set is fully washable with no worries of damaging it. This way you get a cleaner device every time you epilate. It comes with a charging cable of its own like all other epilators. All the features dermatologically recommended. It also comes with a pouch for easily taking away and with a cleaning brush for a cleaner finish. It’s smart angle lets you work on all the hidden areas of your body without effort.

10: Panasonic ES2113PC – (Best Seller):

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Lastly, let’s take a look at the best-selling facial epilator for those women, who want a separate device for the facial hair. It has a comfortable pivoting head that trims hair from the face, chin, and the neck. The hypoallergenic blades safely trim the hair. The two comb attachments safely and effortlessly clean up the eyebrows. It’s small, smart and handy. Easy to hold and easy to drop into a bag. You’re all in one smooth face device!

Best Electric Shaver For Women Buyer Guide

Women have a complicated life and just too many problems to deal with, I’m sure we all agree with that. For example, when men go out, all they have to do is to grab an unpressed shirt and a pair of jeans and grab the car keys. But women, oh you don’t even wanna count. So that is why today’s article best electric shaver for women is just for the women so that they can also shop online and make their life easy.

 They have too many things to deal with, like the color of that shirt is too dull, these sandals don’t go with the dress, this nail color is too messy and on top of everything, all those unwanted hair. Can’t wear a sleeveless dress, a short skirt, eyebrows are undone, upper lip too hairy, and so much more! And we all look for painless ways to get rid of this HUGE problem. We go to salons and waste tons of our savings on getting a silky, smooth skin. But this article gives you an easy guide to the top 10 best electric shavers for women of 2018 that help you get a cleaner, smoother skin in no time with the least pain!

An epilator is a small hair removing the device that works on the principle of tweezing. It pulls out hair from the roots just like waxing but unlike waxing, it does not damage the cells of the epithelial layer of the skin. It has a plate made of a different number of tweezers for pulling out the hair. The tweezers rotate, and when the plate is rotated on the surface of the skin, it catches the hair and pulls it out of the root.

Types based on construction:

The first epilators were made in Israel with springs in the mouth for pulling out the hair. The motor would cause the springs to rotate and moving this rotating spring around the skin would let the springs catch up the hair and pull them out.

But this method was a failure due to the flexing of the springs too often.

  • Spring epilators are still sold for the facial hair which has a single spring with two handles.
  • Another type of epilator uses rotating metal discs instead of the springs for pulling out the hair.
  • The third type of epilator is the one that has these metal discs advanced as tweezers for pulling out the hair. This is the type of an epilator mostly used today.

Types based on features of Epilators:

Just like everything else in the world advances with time and the errors are fixed, and new features are installed, and everything keeps getting better and better, epilators have also been installed with more and more features for the betterment of the users. Earlier, epilators had only a set number of few tweezers and worked on a single on/off switch and to be honest, were very unhygienic and limited for use. But with time, the new features installed has made it the easiest and most uncomplicated way of hair removal.

The number of tweezers:

The number of tweezers installed is basically the power of the epilator. The efficiency of the epilator is determined by this factor mainly. Now, what do you think does it mean? The tweezers each pull a separate hair and hence this means, more the number of tweezers, more the hair pulled out at a certain time.

This can also be called as the time factor because if the lesser number of tweezers were to pull the hair, it would take forever to get even an arm done. With more tweezers fit in, more hair is pulled out every second as the epilator plate rotates and your desired area is left hairless in a shorter amount of time. Plus, it also makes it easier to get a certain area done because if the number of tweezers was lesser, you would have to rotate the plate over and over on the same spot to get it done.

Washable caps:

Remember when I mentioned earlier how epilators were once very unhygienic. This was due to the fact that their cups/plates were non-washable, and you would have to get rid of the hair trapped in them by different ways which could damage the epilator and still most of the hair would stay behind which would not only disturb the further working of the plate but would also be a threat to the cleanliness of the epilator.

With the new feature of washable caps, you can now take off the cap from the epilator plate and clean it with water or paper towel. This ensures that next time when you’re using the epilator, the cap is good and clean as new with no hair stuck in between to disturb your work. Now, you don’t need to worry about the health threats old hair in the plate could cause to your skin.

A different number of caps:

Let’s look back to the time when epilators were a new and strange thing and all they had was a single plate generally for all kinds of hair on the body. But we all know that our body has different hair in different parts; in some parts, the skin is very sensitive but the hair is very thick and long, in other parts, the skin is hard and the hair is very thin and delicate and could break away easily, some parts hurt more while pulling the hair out and some require more effort. Now for removing all these different kinds of hair, how can we use one single plate? It’s like using a blow dryer to straighten, crimp and curl your hair all on the same plate.

For some parts, it would be a perfect place, but for others, it may carry a great risk. It could break your hair and leave the roots to grow thicker, it could damage your skin and cause irritation or infection on it, it could also cause ingrown hair in certain parts. To end all these doubts and risks, the new feature of removable and replaceable caps was introduced. Now one epilator device could bring with it, two, three, four or more caps which could be easily interchanged. These different caps are for all the different hair on our body, the thick and the thin. A separate one for the body hair, separate for the underarms and the bikini area, separate for the unwanted facial hair, all in one!

Cord/ Cordless Epilator:

Both types come with pros and cons. A corded epilator lets you work on your body for as long as you need to, without a break. Nonetheless, we all know, THE CORD ALWAYS GETS IN THE WAY and stops us from reaching many areas that we need to work on. Also, we may not have electricity connections everywhere, and we can’t always carry it around to places with us.

The cordless epilator is a whole lot better in the case of traveling, you can use it anywhere you like, without having to worry about an electricity connection or without having to stand by the switchboard in the washroom for hours. But alas! This joy is very limited. Because the cordless, rechargeable epilators work on battery for the only limited time that is less than an hour and on average, half an hour. Now if you can finish off in this time, yay. If not, you’ll have to wait for the epilator to charge again. And believe me, it’s a big drawback because getting finished in half an hour is very very difficult.

Rechargeable/ Battery:

In the cordless epilator, you have two choices to go with; a rechargeable battery one or a battery powered one. The built-in rechargeable ones eat up a lot of batteries and hence can be very pricey. The battery powered ones can be easily taken with you when you’re traveling and are quite cheap too. This should be your best option because you can easily take them anywhere with you and you won’t have a cord getting in your way.

Wet/Dry Epilators:

This is one of the most amazing features in the cordless epilators. You can now use your epilator in the shower! This ensures a very clean and smooth skin afterward and also helps with reducing the pain. The warm water opens the skin pores and the hair is plucked out without much pain. But the drawback is the fact that the water weighs down your hair and it also sticks to the skin due to which hair may be left out on the skin. As for the dry epilators, it may hurt just a tiny bit more than in the hot water but the fact that all your hair is in its original shape and size and is plucked out easily. Also, dry hair epilating takes the shorter time than the wet hair epilating but the ability to epilate in the shower is surely very very great. Suit yourself.


The built-in flashlight option is another great feature installed recently. This built-in light is for use in dark surroundings where it is not possible to see the tiny hair on the skin. When the light falls on the skin, it ensures that you see every tiny hair and hence no hair is left behind.

Different speed levels:

Many epilators have this option now and are very useful. Earlier, epilators only had the one-speed level or just an on/off switch. But now, many epilators have this feature installed that allows you two to three-speed levels depending on how much your skin can bear, how much hair there is, and how quickly you want to get done with removing your hair.

Efficiency caps:

Most epilators come with an efficiency cap now. It is a removable cap with the help of which you can epilate more quickly and thoroughly and remove a lot of hair at a time.

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Epilation and its benefits:

We all have known many many ways of getting rid of our unwanted body hair. People who don’t want to take much time to shave them off, people who can take time and want to put some effort go for waxing, there are also many home remedies for getting rid of the body hair such as turmeric, flour, and some pulses. Many women prefer threading their facial hair but again, it’s A LOT of pain. Waxing hair in salons is very pricey and also very painful. Plus, the hair grows back very quickly and you have to do it over and over which gets too costly. Some people also have a sensitive skin which tends to get irritated after waxing or threading. Epilating frees you from all these risks.

Let’s look at the benefits of epilating:

Epilating is Cheaper:

How is it cheaper? It’s a one-time payment! You get an epilator once for $30 to $130 and after that, you’re free of any more charges. Whereas in waxing and other methods, you have to keep paying for it over and over. And the salons charge A LOT for only arms and legs waxing. With an epilator, you are free of all the charges.


It’s a DIY thing, you don’t have to be uncomfortable or shy about it. Besides that, you can do it as you like wherever you like. You could be sitting in your bedroom, washroom or your TV lounge and can easily epilate hair from whichever part of your body you like at any time you like.

The shower benefits:

You can use it in your shower in the warm water. We all know how soothing warm water is to the skin. Epilating in the water leaves your skin very smooth and is also very clean.


With the removable caps, you can easily wash the hair off of it and clean it as often as you like without damaging the epilator. It makes the whole job very hygienic.

Better for your skin:

It is very good for your skin as it doesn’t irritate it or cause much redness as compared to waxing, threading or shaving. It leaves your skin smooth and soft because the hair comes out of the root.

Long lasting:

Yup, you heard it right. The hair takes very long to come out compared to the other ways of removing hair. It normally takes two weeks to one month and the best thing is, it keeps getting better. After some time, the hair comes out thinner and very little.

Lesser pain:

Especially with the wet epilators that you can use in your warm water shower because warm water opens up your pores and thus the hair comes out more easily. But even with the dry epilators, the pain gets better after a few times of doing it and it hurts much lesser.

Choosing the right Epilator:

You must think that if it’s so simple and easy, why not just go and grab the first epilator you find. Nope, there are different kinds of epilators for different areas of the skin with different features and pricing. Here are some tips to choosing the right epilator for yourself.

A number of tweezers:  

The more tweezers it has, the better for you. More tweezers mean more hair is pulled out in lesser time. So it takes you lesser time to get more areas done.


The flashlight feature is very amazing at all times. It helps you see through every tiny hair on your skin and gets you cleaned up in the best way.

Wet/Dry Epilators:

See what suits you, if you like to epilate in the shower and the pain bothers you, it’s best you get a wet epilator so you can epilate in the shower.

Corded/ Cordless:

A cordless epilator is something you need if you are a traveler or an outgoing person. Plus, if you don’t want the cord to get in the way and stop you from working on far-off areas of your body. A cordless epilator lets you work on all parts without any struggle with the cord. But if you can’t get finished in a short while that is maximum one hour, then you need a corded one because a battery powered epilator doesn’t last much longer without charging.


Of Course, the price matters the most. If you are willing to spend a little money on yourself, go for a good quality epilator with good features but since not everyone can afford it, you can suit yourself. There is also good quality cheap epilators but with lesser features.

Conclusion :

And that’s it, there you go with your very own guide to the easiest way to get rid of the most irritating problem we all face every time we have to step out of our door. We hope this article will help you in proves to be most useful to you. So go grab your favorite epilator from this list of the best electric shaver for women. Also, don’t forget that Amazon gives you an unbelievable discount on all of these. have a marvelous day..!!!


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