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10 Best 3D Printing Pen of 2023 (Detail Guide]

Are you an artistically inclined person?   Do you have a knack for drawing and want to take your art to the next level? Then you have got to use the best 3D printing pen. Some kids like to draw using Coloured Pencils also. But for now, let’s go forward towards more details and products of 3D printing pens allow me to begin by defining it.

What is a 3D printing pen?

A 3D drawing pen is a new form of technology which displays your work in three dimensions. It uses plastic which solidifies, unlike the conventional pencil or pen which uses lead or ink.

If you are familiar with a glue gun, figuring out a 3D pen is not very difficult. Because this is still a relatively new technology, we are here to help you figure which 3D printer pen you should go. We present to you below a tabularized analysis of 10 best 3D pens for your choice when you need to make a purchase.

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Here is the list of some Best 3D Printing pens In 2023

Product NameColors3D PENPrice
BeTIM 3D Printing Pen
Editor Choice
Hongdak Pen
smart 3d pen
YEM 3D PenTransperantPLA filament
Dikale 07A 3D Pen12 Different ColorsPLA filament
LEO EVO 3D Pen SetMultiPLA Filament
Dikale 05A 3D PenMultiABS or PLA filament
MYNT3D Professional
Best 3D pen
3 ColorsABS filament
Tipeye 3D Pen12colorsABS or PLA

1: BeTIM 3D : (Best 3d Pen)

A pen set along with 20 pack of PCL filament refills (330 ft). Starter kit by Doodler, best to gift to kids, teenagers or adults. Its super light in weight, safe, single buttoned, quiet and portable.

BeTIM 3D Printing Pen is a cute 3D pen for Kids (starters) be it a girl or boy as well as for people of advanced level and easy to use. It comes with all required accessories and feels lightweight like a regular pen while using although its ceramic nozzle of 0.6 mm is not to be touched when hot but is safe for kids no matter if the kid is right handed or left handed.

Sweet-smelling filament releases from the nozzle of the pen in the form of semi-liquid. Both PLA and PCL filaments of 1.75 diameter which comes along with pen are safe for the use of children and dry almost immediately after coming out of the nozzle.

This pen has a single button to adjust the temperature and speed for releasing ink/filament. This 3D pen kit is portable, i.e., a power adapter (100-240V 50/60HZ 0.35A) and USB cable of 4 ft included in the package allowing you to take it anywhere and enjoy while giving a shape to your imagination.

The pack includes different colors of Eco plastic replacement which is nontoxic and recyclable, stencil book having 20 templates for DIY artwork, a mat of plastic for keeping your desk protected while working with this 3d pen, 2 finger guards for the small artist and 1 wood shovel.

The customized 3d stencil along with easy to follow instructions is a great attraction for kids to get started with this pen. Additionally, if this pen doesn’t satisfy you, BeTIM offer a money back guarantee of 30 days also.

  • Easy to use and best 3D pen to gift
  • Sage, sweet smelling and eco-friendly
  • It comes with a variety of color filaments
  • Noiseless and portable
  • The pen comes with ma the only guarantee of 30 days
  • None so far

2: Hongdak Pen (Best 3d Pen For kids) (Not Available)

It an original 5th generation 3D printing pen with low temperature ensuring the safety of the holder. The package includes 3 rolls of tester PLA filaments. An adjustable speed function for controlling the flow of filament while working, safe, LED display and perfect for the age group of 6 years and above.

Comes in blue color, this 3D printing pen has two modes fit for 1.75mm PLA, ABS and PCL filament. Initially, you can use PLA filaments that comes in 3 rolls along with the package. And once your hands set on this pen, you can get filament from the market for further use.

One of the best 3D printing pen to present as the gift and rated best at Amazon. This advanced 3D pen has adjustable speed, and this enables the user to control speed and flow of ink/ filaments during drawing or creating any artwork. This is the essential feature in 3D pens as without having control over flow and rates it will be complicated to draw anything with it.

Hongdak 3D Printing Pen has a nozzle which designed with ceramic. The temperature of the pen is low and ranges from 60 to 100 ℃, which offers safety during drawing and keeping one’s skin from getting hurt especially of children. However, it’s recommended to use the pen under elder supervision if a child below 6 years of age is using it.

Initially, you will need to inject material in pen, press the button and wait until the temperature reaches 190 ℃, it will take around 3 minutes or so to melt the filament and release from the porcelain tip of the pen. You can then adjust the speed as desired and start using it.

The pen has an additional feature of auto shut if not in use for 5 minutes and LED display enabling you to see information regarding temperature, speed, etc. on display interface.

Also, it nontoxic, fragrance-free and considered one of the best 3d pens for kids

  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The pen has a technology of fast boot allowing the user to draw within 30 sec.
  • Auto shut down when not in use for 5 minutes or more
  • The pen has LED display for showing information on speed, temperature, etc.
  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • Few of its user had difficulty getting used to with this pen.

3: Simply YEM 3D Pen – (Printing Doodler for Kids and Adults)

It’s a heated drawing printer pen along with LED display. It comes with 6 PLA filaments with is 1.75mm, power adapter, and Pen holder. Safe to use and Non-toxic.

Gear up yourself to create models, sculptures, and sketches with SimplyYEM 3D pen. This 3D drawing printing pen is ideal learning and experiencing tool both for kids and adults. The 6 filaments that come along with the package are in a variety of colors and eco-friendly thus safe for children. There are a button and automatic system in the pen to load and unload filaments.

This will be a great addition to your family as everybody can take advantage and enjoy by using it, its lightweight, easy to handle by anyone and portable so children can take it anywhere in the house and spread their creativity. Even adults can draw anything out of their idea. It facilitates children as the drawing made from this pen on a paper can peel off as well adding to the fun for kids. You can even draw two separate pieces of art and join it afterward like glue.

Its nozzles of 0.7mm are Patented as it designed in a way that disperses heat for the safety of its user.

The pen has LED screen display, standby mode after 5 minutes of non-use and power input of 12V 3A 24W.

With its adjustable control system, you can control the flow of ink at your desired speed through a button. The temperature ran for PLA filament is between 160-210℃ and for ABS is between 210-230℃.

The pen needs to be supervised by an adult when in use of children under 8 years. You must detach it from adapter/charger and remove filament if a pen isn’t in use.

This 3D doodler printing pen comes with 30 days of money back guarantee by SimplyYEM.

  • A great addition to family fun time even if you are a starter
  • Children can boost and go wild with their creativity by having this pen
  • Controlled temperature and standby mode
  • LED screen included
  • Comes with the money back guarantee, user manual, charger, and 6 filaments
  • Needs adult supervision when used by children.

4: Dikale 07A : (Best 3D Printing Pen)

Its newest version of Dikale 3d Doodler Drawing Printing Printer Pen and it comes with 12 PLA colors (120 feet each) and eBook for DIY models.

It is a perfect Pen for kids. It can be a great tool to have an excellent quality and creative family time, keeping involved both kids and parents. It’s a good investment for starters as well as professional artists.

The pen is safe for kids as it has an auto sleep and auto power off the system. Easy to use a 3D pen, you need to plug in, let it heat up and start using it.

Its package is a good value for money as it includes a pack of 120 feet PLA 1,75mm filament in 12 different colors which aren’t less than a bonus. However, both PLA and ABS filaments can use in this pen, but PLA ones are safer and eco-friendly. eBook of 250 stencils also included.

Usually, 3p pens buttons are needed to press for long but that’s not the case with the Dikale 07A 3D pen, you have to give it a single press which is easy for even children. Indicator turning from red to light will let you know that the filament is now heated. 3 adjustable Speed and temperature (operating temperature ranges from (190℃-220℃) which can easily see/displayed on its advanced LCD screen.

Dikale doesn’t offer an only money back guarantee within 30 days but also 1-year warranty and lifetime service which is a great relief and surety of its quality and durable life.

  • Pack of 12 filaments with the pen is an added advantage
  • DIY models in eBook which comes with the package are a great way to help starter get new ideas to make the most of this pen
  • Auto power and auto sleep button offer ease of use
  • PLA filaments are safe and eco-friendly
  • Single button press makes it easy for children use
  • 5% of people faced the problem with the pen, i.e., in inserting and adjusting filament.
  • Miss handling of the pen may lead to clogging.

5: LEO EVO 3D Pen Set (Best 3d Pen For Kids)

A best-selling 3D pen set for both adults and kids comes with both PLA & ABS Doodler kit for Quality doodling.

LEO EVO 3D Pen Set is manufactured with high technology for beginners and experienced people and can gift to any gender and age group of 12 years and above. Its good value for your money especially if you are a budget, conscious person. It comes with filaments of 6 packs and 5 stencils.

The pen is lightweight, sleek to touch, user-friendly, having a smooth control and Its PLA filaments are eco-friendly and non-toxic. The pen made in a way to protect your thumb and index finger thus providing a pleasant and comfortable grip.

The pack of 1.75mm filament comes in different colors so you can choose the color you desire and also with the book for getting ideas for doodling.

The specialty of the pen includes its OLED display for keeping track of temperature and adjust it accordingly. This feature is of immense help for kids as they can change the temperature by seeing in on screen. The pen is operated by one button to start and another to stop for setting temperature and flow of speed

Leo Evo 3D pen runs by connecting the external cord to the adapter which is safe for the use of children. The adapter may replace with USB port making your pen portable.

This pen considered not only the best value of your money but also the best 3d pen for kids and adults. The manufacturer promises a 100% refund if the product doesn’t please you.

  • A user-friendly 3d pen easy to handle and use for both kids and adults
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic PLA filaments. You can choose filaments of your desired colors
  • LED display for keeping track and adjusting temperature and speed
  • USB port option to make your pen portable.
  • The best value of your money along with a 100% refund if it doesn’t satisfy you.
  • You may find it difficult to use the pen along with cord

6: Dikale 05A 3D Pen

It’s Another version of Dikale 3D pen which comes with PLA filament of 160 feet and 250 stencils eBook. It’s also the non-Clogging version of a 3d pen.

This pen so beautifully made that you will surely like its catty look with its light weight of only 75gm. You can even please your loved ones by gifting it to them. The pen automatically powers off itself when not in use or active for 10 minutes. The pen is easy to use even if you have never used the 3D pen, it works same as a glue gun, and the technology used in it.

A complete save the 3d pen for kids. The package has 2 trial PLA filament of 1.6m each. The filaments are nontoxic and odorless and release no heat means it’s entirely safe for kids as well as adults. The pen is compatible with both type of filaments

The kit includes stencils for 20 different patterns which is an excellent tool for beginners, and they can get numerous ideas from them.

Its OLED display shows and enables you to adjust the temperature (ranges from170℃-210℃) and speed for the flow of filament and to let you control it through a button.

The nozzle of the pen has 0.6 mm size and is recommended not to touch while it’s in use or hot.

Apart from feature mentioned above the kit also has a power adapter, USB cable, a beautiful pen holder and user manual.

  • A beautiful, lightweight and cat head pen sure to attract kids with its look
  • Automatic power off system on 10 minutes of inactivation
  • A complete safe pen for kids being, non-toxic and odorless
  • OLED display included to keep track of temperature and adjust both temperature and speed for better flow of ink
  • This pen can be made portable as per desire.
  • People have reported an issue with its work efficiency after few uses. However, the problem can solve by proper handling of the pen

7: MYNT3D : (Professional 3D Pen)

It’s a super slim 3d pen with OLED display And FDM technology.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen allows you to showcase your artistic skills at its best be it modeling, sculpturing or anything. Let your inner artist shine with this 3D professional pen.

The package includes ABS plastic filaments in 3 colors, but the pen is compatible with not only PLA and ABS plastics but also for wood and conductive material. It’s one of the most recommended and reliable pens regarding performance and cheap 3D pen available. It’s lightweight, easy to use and handle. The pen is super thin with a rectangular body having a convenient design with aluminum finish.

This 3D pen has relatively large LED display for showing temperature. You can control the flow and release of ink/filaments as per your need through its adjustable temperature (from 130 to 240 C) and speed system. The control over speed also enables you to fastly fill up the big area while drawing or creating or at decreased speed as needed.

Usually, the nozzles of low costing 3D pens are not much satisfying as they have clogging problems in common due to which the efficiency and life of pen decreases. MYNT3D has recognized the issue and offer its 3D pen with the replaceable modular nozzle.

You will also get an AC adapter with 10 watts of power. However, it can make portable when desired or needed as the pen is capable of being operated on 2A battery allowing you hassle-free use even without cable.

This printing pen is FCC (Federal Communications Commission), CE (European Conformity) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified. These credentials make a reliable pen that comes with one year of limited warranty.

  • A pen with unique design, lightweight, easy to use and handle.
  • Compatible with many materials of filaments including PLA, ABS, wood, etc.
  • It has a Large LED display for viewing and controlling temperature and speed.
  • To avoid the problem of clogging, this pen comes with the replaceable modular nozzle.
  • Certified by many bodies for its safety qualities and thus it’s a trustworthy 3D pen available at a low price.
  • According to customer reviews, people find difficulty in connecting this pen with cord and some had handling issues with it.

8: Tipeye 3D Pen

This latest 6th generation pen by Tipeye is 3D doodler printing pen which comes with PLA filaments in 12 colors and with low noise. Can be gifted to anyone on a special occasion which will please your loved one age 5 years or older.

The 12 PLA filaments are 20 feet each means 240 PLA filaments in total. The pen is compatible with both PLA and ABS filaments of 1.75mm. Although PLA filaments are always preferred as they are odorless and non-toxic which is save especially for kids. Advisable not to use CPL filaments with this pen.

The pen also has LCD for the ease of kids to keep a view on filament modes and 3 adjustable speed so children can focus better and enjoy their art time with complete zeal. Adjustable temperature ranged between 180-220℃.

Made with quality and durable material, i.e., aircraft-grade aluminum. Heater nozzle of this pen is replaceable.

The package involves a power adapter of 5V/2A, USB cable, user manual for the ease of user, free eBook having 100 3D drawing stencils and pen holder also.

Tipeye offers 30 days replacement/refund with its 3D Pen and a year of warranty along with complete customer services.

  • A 6th generation low noised 3D pen for 5 years children and older people
  • Both PLA and ABS filament compatible. 12 PLA filaments of 20 ft come with the kit
  • LCD for children to easy view filaments mode and keep a view and adjust 3-speed levels and temperature
  • Made from quality and durable material and its nozzle is replaceable
  • 30 days replacement/refund with a 1-year warranty and customer service.
  • Customers have reported that the pen was broke after few uses and some have difficulty in adjusting it with cable but the problem can address by proper handling.

9: DEWANG 3D Printing Pen

Pen with Multicolor PLA filaments of 20 meter.

The pen offers to give a smooth and easy 3D doodling experience without any jam-up when changing filament colors. You can make many models with it including Eiffel tower, dinosaurs and much more. Let the artist inside you shine with this printing pen by Dewang.  Truly a great tool to keep your children creatively and productively engaged in learning and artistic way.

The adjustable temperature allows you to have a nice flow of ink while making an art piece or drawing. Isn’t it great to have control through multi-color buttons to quickly change nozzle speed and temperature?

It weighs light keeping your hands away from fatigue while creating artwork. You can easily view temperature vis OLED display and adjust the level of speed according to your drawing needs.

PLA filaments of 1.75mm which is free with the kit made with eco-friendly material, i.e., nontoxic, odorless and also smokeless so is safe for the use of both kids and adults. The glowing filaments also included which shines in dark and fascinates children.

The package also includes a power adapter with AC100-240v input and DC12V/2A.

Its recommended unloading the ink/filament when not in use and power it off for more prolonged use and maintenance purpose. Children are also advised to use it under adult supervision.

What else you expect with a complete package of the great product if it offers you a lifetime warranty?!

  • Multi-color filament included with the kit along with this easy to use and lightweight 3D Pen
  • Adjustable temperature and speed for a nozzle with multi-color button
  • OLED display for keeping watch on velocity and temperature and adjusting them as per need and desire
  • Eco-friendly and safe PLA filament along with glowing lamps included in the package
  • It Comes with power adapter, pen holder and lifetime warranty.
  • Children are advised to use it under adult supervision.
  • Unload filament and switch off the pen when not in use.

10: AIO Robotics Premium 3D Printing Pen

It’s a unique 3D painting pen with full Metal which supports PLA filament and has a bright OLED display.

Design to create impressive 3D artwork, models and drawing for individual and for teaching purposes. This pen has a temperature adjustment system for better flow of ink/PLA filament of 1.75 mm in 1 degree as per desired speed to make and create artwork which is best in itself. This AIO Robotics pen has a nozzle with 0.5mm. All these features allow you to create your artwork with accuracy and efficiency.

The pen is super slim in look, allows a comfortable grip even for small hands for younger kids, and Its OLED light is extra bright to view temperature and speed of flow.

The pen supports USB power with 5V DC, 2A and having a high-quality design. The credentials include a certification by CE, FCC, and ROHS which ensures that that pen is reliable and durable.

The kit has 2 plastic filaments, user manual for the easy operational guide, a cable and AC adapter included in it.

The pen also comes with 1 year of warranty with the kit.

  • A differently designed 3d printing pen with a metal body
  • Having extra bright OLED display for viewing temperature and adjusting the speed
  • Certified by CE, FCC, and ROHS which means the enclosure is of quality and from a reliable manufacturer
  • Supports USB making it portable for you and giving you the ease to carry it anywhere you want.
  • For both individual use and for teaching purpose, its designed to be artistic with accuracy
  • Its slim design may not be convenient for everyone, and the tip of the nozzle gets a bit hot while in use due to the metal body.


Whether we like it or not, 3D printing pens have come to stay. They are now part and parcel of our existence, and we would advise you to embrace all the possibilities it has to offer. The entrance of the device to the 3D printing space would only mean there is more still to come regarding creating realities in three-dimensional forms.

Perhaps there are more great pens we did not review in our post. We would like to know what other pens you would recommend and a few specs they have worthy of the mention. We’re listening!

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