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Are you an artistically inclined person?

Do you have a knack for drawing and want to take your art to the next level? Then you have got to use a 3D printing pen. Some kids like to draw using Coloured Pensils also. But for now let’s go forward towards more details and products of 3D printing pens let me start from defining it.

What is a 3D printing pen ?
A 3D drawing pen is a new form of technology which displays your work in three dimensions. It uses plastic which solidifies, unlike the conventional pencil or pen which uses lead or ink.

If you are familiar with a glue gun, figuring out a 3D pen is not very difficult. Because this is still a relatively new technology, we are here to help you figure which 3D printer pen you should go for. We present to you below a tabularized analysis of 10 best 3D pens for your choosing when you need to make a purchase.

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Here is the list of some Best 3D Printing pens discussed here

Product's NameEditor's ChoiceQualityPrice
ELEGIANT 3D PRINTING PEN Recommended View Price
Kuman 100B 3D pen  Recommended View Price
XYZPrinting da Vinci 3D pen  View Price
7TECH® 3D Printing Pen View Price
HATCH BOX 3D PEN - View Price
Joycrafty 3D Printing Pen Recommended View Price
Soyan 3D Printing Pen View Price
SHONCO 3D Printing Pen - View Price


The Elegiant 3D printing Pen is a stand-alone apparatus that can make 3D printing objects without the need of computers or computer Assisted Designs (CAD) software. It allows us to create art without limitations.

With a nozzle diameter or 0.7mm, the Elegiant 3D Pen has a heating temperature of 160-230 degrees. It’s pre-installed intelligence auto standby mode becomes active after 5 minutes of idling. It allows its users to express themselves in endless possibilities. It would make a great gift for both creative children and adults.

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  • The ABS filament heats up quickly and cools down fast as well.
  • Children from aged 8 and adults alike can use it.
  • It has a long power cable.


  • The pen does not turn on unless we press the filament loading buttons.
  • It does not have an OLED screen


Kuman 100B 3D pen – 3D Drawing Pen With LCD Screen and Doodle: [/wpsm_numhead]



According to reviews, the Kuman 100B 3D Printer Pen is the only 3D device that receives a 5-star rating from all its customers. It has an impressive build, provides high-quality performance and is quite affordable for such a good quality.
The Kuman 100B 3D printing pen is loaded with premium features like the LCD which displays temperature speed and filament, button controls to extrude or reverse filament and an unclogging mechanism to prevent jamming.


  • It can use both kinds of filaments which other 3D drawing pens do not have.
  • It is much lighter to hold and use for kids and adults
  • Refills are cheap compared to other brands


  • Some users have complained that it gets broken after using it for a short time duration







The NEXGADGET USB 3D Printing pen has an exotic design through which you can view how the device operates. It has a one-of-a-kind One Button operation for users’ ease. Also, it has a USB port charging unique feature to keep the pen working when it is not connected to an AC power source. We can use it without space limits via a connection to a power Bank. The NEXGADGET 3D Printing pen’s non-blocked design create easy for you to maintain the pen, thereby prolonging its use.


  • It can be used for a longer duration if plugged with a mobile power source like a power bank.
  • It has a sleek design for excellent handling.
  • It does not jam because of its advanced unclogging mechanism
  • It is lightweight enough to be used for long without causing discomfort


  • There is no drawback of this product


XYZPrinting da Vinci 3D pen – (Environmental Friendly Printing Pen): [/wpsm_numhead]





The da Vinci 3D pen has a variety of multicolored plastic material, 9 to be exact, for users to create fun 3D drawings. It is lightweight and can be used on any surfaces. Its plan refill filaments are non-toxic, as they are made from organic materials. The filaments have gone through many levels of testing to ensure that is deep free and heavy metal free for your safety and that of your kids.


  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Filaments last longer
  • It delivers so much value for such price
  • It is a lot of fun to use.


  • The filament takes a little while to load.


7TECH® 3D Printing Pen – (3doodler 3d printing pen)





The TECH 3D Pen has an LCD screen for monitoring temperature with buttons at both sides of the screen for a smooth adjustment of temperature. A step-less speed control manages the PLA\ABS filament’s speed control mechanism by the side of the device.

Other features worthy of mention are its intelligent auto standby mode which becomes active when it is not used for five minutes and its super silence design that is, when in use the TECH 3D printing pen is noiseless and has a slender design.


  • Cool design
  • Adjusting the printing speed makes it ideal for beginners as well as the experienced.
  • The packages come with a bonus spatula for lifting sections as they are cooled


  • It has to be plugged into a power source for use
  • Short power cable which restricts mobility.

HATCH BOX 3D PEN -(Printing Pen with LCD Screen and PLA Filaments): [/wpsm_numhead]



The Hatchbox 3D printing pen is very lightweight with its all plastic construction and ceramic nozzle. As a newcomer to 3D pen scene, it has no listed features and specifications on the Hatchbox website. Like in other pens, its speed and temperature can be adjusted to one’s desires. Also, extrusion and unload directions are present. The pen holds a promising future as it is affordable and quite competent.


  • Very lightweight
  • Compatible with 1.75 mm filaments
  • 5 feet power adaptors


  • Switching between ABS and PLA filament is tricky


Joycrafty 3D Printing Pen -(3D printing pen):


The Joy crafty 3D pen comes with a host of user-friendly features like the temperature controlled button, LCD screen with power indicator light, and a loading – unloading button that works for both ABS and PLA filaments.
It also uses an intelligent auto standby mode which becomes active after 2 minutes of non-use. It also comes with a portable USB option, making it very mobile to use. Although it does not come with a power bank, users can purchase one and use. The pen is the perfect tool for the creatively minded child, adult, artist, craft lover or amateur.


  • USB port option
  • A long power cable
  • Auto standby mode


  • None


Soyan 3D Printing Pen–  (Best 3d doodle pen of 2017)



The Soyan 3D printing pen is a well-tested product with high quality. It is lightweight, and it has a slim design for ease of use. It also boasts of an intelligent standby-by functional design. The has a nozzle of size 0.4-0.7mm with a hot melt extrusion molding accumulation.


  • It is perfect for making repairs to materials from 3D printers
  • It is a lot of fun
  • Lightweight design


  • No temperature controller
  • It breaks easily

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SHONCO 3D Printing Pen – (lix 3d printing pen) : 





The Shonco 3D pen is a great gift for kids of an imaginative and creative mind to create their visual ideas into reality. It is a second generation 3D modeling pen with LCD for filament and temperature management. It uses both PLA and ABS Printing filament.


  • It is made with environmentally friendly plastic
  • Temperature controllable ability


  • It does not have an auto standby mode.


Whether we like it or not, 3D printing pens have come to stay. They are now a part and parcel of our existence, and we would advise you to embrace all the possibilities it has to offer. The entrance of the device to the 3D printing space would only mean there is more still to come regarding creating realities in three-dimensional forms.

Perhaps there are more great pens we did not review in our post. We would like to know what other pens you would recommend and a few specs they have worthy of the mention. We’re listening!

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