Best 308 Scopes In 2023 | Buyer's Guide | Cartvela

Best 308 Scopes In 2023 Buyer’s Guide | Cartvela

Before talking about the best 308 scopes lets know about the history of Ar 308. Introduced way back in 1952, the .308 Winchester is a bottleneck and rimless rifle cartridge. After the announcement of these cartridges, Winchester’s .308 rifles particularly model 70 and model 88 became widespread. Formerly developed for the battlefield and then used to hunt in forests, it is now the most multipurpose and useful rifle due to its dominant performance, overall structure, and barrel life.

Mother is the need of invention.

The users of .308 rifles today are not limited to military or law enforcement people, but it’s being used by many other shooters for versatile purposes, and so the need for the scope arise as to fulfill the requirement of these people. Best 308 scopes work like a bull’s eye on your target at a certain distance, ensuring to shoot more accurately. These are primarily needed when you are in a racing position with your rival, competitor or anyone, be it war or any shooting competition.

Although there are certain things, you must know before buying the best 308 scopes. The first step is apparently to recognize your own needs, i.e., for what purpose would you need it, how much distance you want your scopes to be clear at and vice versa.

Regardless of the fact that there are numerous scopes are being offered in the market and online, only a few of them designed for .308, however choosing from those few options is not a piece of cake when purchasing online. Let us help you in considering some essential features for buying an appropriate scope. In this article, we review Best 308 scopes for Your rifle. Have a look and Pick the best one for your ar 308.

1: Nikon M-308 Editor’s Choice

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Key Specifications:

  • Tube: One-piece main body tube
  • Lenses: Multicoated-fully
  • Technology used: Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic Match Technology, caliber-specific
  • Body: shock-proof, waterproof, fog-proof
  • Eye-piece: quick focused
  • Reticle: BDC 800
  • Zoom control: 4 times zoom technology
  • Exit pupil: 2.6-10.5mm
  • Field of view: 6.3-25.2ft @100yards
  • Diameter:
  • -objective outside diameter: 49.3mm
  • -eyepiece outside diameter: 42mm
  • Light transmission: up to 95%

A well-known 13.5 inches long scope designed for long distance 308 rifles with a large magnification of 4-16x42mm (up to 25 inches) offer a full field of sight to hunter/shooter. Its quick focus eyepiece with 800 reticles allows instant achievement of the target at an adjusted level. The lenses are fully multicoated and filled with nitrogen gas which adds to its durability. These are resistant to water, fog shook and is accessible to offer a bright and clear vision of your target having Light transmission of 95%.

It also provides a 4 inches eye relief and is about 13 inches long. Additionally, it has BDC (bullet drop compensation) means Nikon m-308 turrets have built-in spring and the system allows feasibility from shook’s and drops keeping you at ease from making adjustments. The scope is most recommended, although it has a higher price of $500approx (at Amazon) but completely worth it and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Gives superior light transmission
  • Gives maximum brightness
  • Wider low-to-high magnification range
  • Keeps brow safe


  • No mount included
  • The scope is not very good at over 8X magnification
  • Enhanced texturing on the power adjustment ring could be included

Bottom Line:

Nikon M-308 is a quality riflescope. You will enjoy it to the range on your trips for sure. While sitting on the bench it will give you an enjoyable time with its bright and clear optics. Despite few above-mentioned cons, Nikon M-308 is the thing you will be pleased with, with no regrets.

2: Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-223(Best 308 scopes)

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Bushnell optics is one of the most admired ar scopes by hunters/shooters with the fact that I was the first released online scope, readily available for $87 approx. This scope fulfills the need of almost each of its user. Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-223 with size 5 x 5 x 5 inches and weighing 1.31 pounds has completely multi-coated optics for bright and bright vision. It also has O-ring sealed to avoid moisture and dust.

The scope has aluminum alloy body which is ultimately scratch and rust proof with an advanced technology including sides parallax adjustment. The scope has a magnification of 3-9x40mm. Its objective lenses are of 24mm small, and lightweight, fast focus eyepiece is for achieving the quick and reliable target. This scope has reticle to place rounds on target out to six hundred yards accurately. Read More about Bushnell Optics…

3: Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm

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A true scope with a magnification of 3-9x40mm designed and manufactured with aiming to point for 500 yards. It’s an entirely multi-coated scope for clear and bright sight. Made up of highly durable aluminum alloy with anodized sealed and finish for providing the range with increased protection. This Leupold scope has turrets and side focus parallax for custom adjustment and long-range accuracy. Also, contain a fast focus eyepiece.

The scope made to cater and survive in every weather condition be it humidity or fog thus serving you for a more extended period. Its outer lens coated with Diamond coat to make it shook, and the scratch proof is allowing you the ease of use in rough surroundings and more extended period. Some other features involve Protective lens coating for higher light transmission and abrasion resistance. Also, the scope filled with an argon/krypton gas mixture for durability.

4: Primary Arms

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The Primary arms scope with a magnification of Mil/Mil 4-14 X 44 Front Focal Plane has Mil-Dot for easy reticle adjustment. Primary comes with three years warranty. The scope made up of Aluminum and Matte anodized black finish. Also, this scope comes with patented ACSS HUD/DMR reticle, and its side parallax offers a sharp target sight at distant ranges. The scope’s ability to resist water, fog, and shocks give it durability. This scope provides excellent clarity with 30mm FFP optics.

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5: Burris 200261

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Burris 200261 is a scope with 12 x 3 x 3 inches length, weighing 13 ounces and has multi-coated lenses for extended clarity and magnification of 2-7x32mm. Designed to the perfection of your hunting and shooting needs the scope has double internal spring force to extend its reliability.

The extent manufactured with the post-lock system to lock accurateness for continuous clicks.  Burris 200261 Scope offers to provide low to medium magnification. Filled with nitrogen gas this scope is resistant to fog, water, and shocks. This Burris scope offers Ultra-fast target acquisition with the unbelievable clear image without distortion. Read More about Burris 200261


Undoubtedly ar 308 rifles long known and used for its accuracy, while scope would give you an additional edge in targeting and shooting your desired object and getting it killed neatly in one go. For instance, if you are targeting a deer in woods, an animal known for its speed and jumpy nature. Firstly, have to estimate the distance she is standing or wandering.

Secondly, you will need to point her to shoot, third precisely, the possibilities are that she will run for her life sensing your presence or intention to shoot her, accordingly you have to move and adjust your rifle. Also, you cannot ignore or forsake weather conditions which will undoubtedly affect your firing activity. You may be doing it in scorching sunlight, or in the night, there may be humidity or dust and so on. Below are some features of scope you have to keep in mind before buying the best 308 scopes for yourself.


The capability of scope to cater the need of covering distant comes first. As designed for shooting from distant .308 cartridge rifle is commonly accurate within the range of 250-300 yards. Therefore you need a scope to accommodate in remote range of 300 and yards (300-500 or more). 


Lenses have reticle or crosshair to target object. Consider a scope with scratch proves set of lenses while buying. Usually, there are two parts in .302 ranges, i.e., objective lens and the ocular lens. The objective lens is the larger one who sends light to the ocular lens which is closest to you and is responsible for allowing the right amount of light in the scope. A proper scope should offer you an excellent focus without straining your eyes. Scopes filled with nitrogen or argon gas believed to be the best one as it prevents lenses from fogging, distortion and any other climate conditions.


It controls the size of the object which will appear in the scope. Magnification can fix or adjustable. Adjustable magnification takes some practice. High magnification will allow narrow view and therefore less light to enter scope and vice versa. A good magnification should be comfortable to use and quickly adjustable. Dials must make accessible not only to adjust but to hold it at desired setting until changed by the user.


The scope should have a solid body and proper sealing to bear shocks during handling and shooting. As the use of rifles is not within tranquil surroundings, it is in woods or battlefield where gravity will cause drops. The scope Gas filled (argon or nitrogen) scopes are most durable and protect the interior


Not needed to mention how much the clarity of object matters while targeting and shooting a distant object. Distortion free view required. Your surrounding may vary from bright to dark, dusty to humid. Your targeted object may not be still in one place. Consequently, a scope that can adjust to these changes is required to give you hassle-free and balanced sight.

Ease of use:

The best features also include that the best 308 scopes must give ease of use to hunter/shooter. A range of suitable distance capability, clarity, durability, lenses, and magnification must all together provide a good value of money regarding the use to its user.


You have seen a noticeable difference in the price of high quality and another quality scope. Usually, the scope of high quality will cost more top, but the case may vary. The right value of your money could only derive from the fact that for which purpose scope is intended to use. Scopes may cost less than $50 or more than 1000$, depending on their features. Scope charging around 50$ may have a Compact tactical scope with good quality, Lightweight with less than 8 inches and usually fixed magnifications.

These scopes will give good experience for shooting in the range of fewer than 100 yards. With more than $1000 value scope expected to have high-quality components and features. However, research revealed that a proper range of .308 would cost between $350-$1000.


Concluding, if you have .308 rifle than no doubt you will need an excellent scope to maximize its complete experience on your terms and ease. Understanding the words (like magnification, clarity, distance capability, etc.). The purpose you will be using scope is foremost vital while choosing to buy range. We have already guided you what to look for when buying the best scope for your .308 rifle. Hence minimizing your efforts and time to select the best one for optimum use within your budget.

However, you may still undecided to select one which ar is pocket and user-friendly for you. So, let’s know about the best Ar rifle for you along with its features best suited to your needs.

                                                                       Good Luck and Have A Nice day

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