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Best 1440p Monitor is the Top Choice size in Monitor. With the growth of technological advancements due to the marvelous innovations in IT and technology the demand of a user-friendly, efficient and most preferably a portable monitor is growing day by day. The digital market entails man useful devices available with many brands and specifications. Here you can analyze and get the know-how of one of the best available monitors in a market that satisfy your needs on economical rankings.

There is a wide range of these LED monitors offered by many popular brands of electronics like Dell, ACER, ASUS, and many others. We have a detailed analysis of your ease to purchase the best gaming monitor or the best-LED monitor you want for multipurpose use and experience a great output. Below are discussed some of the top products available at for you to buy so that there can an easy choice for you to get the desired thing you want. So here is a detailed analytical review for you…

1: Dell Ultra-Sharp U2715H

Dell being a known product for their extremely safe and reliable technological builds qualities. One of the best options available in this slot for a monitor. The product Dell Ultra-Sharp is not only an economical product for use but also an equipped workhorse because of its high 2560 x 1440 resolution levels. This high resolution and good display detailing induced in this monitor allow the user to enjoy a nonstop overwhelmingly awesome experience by a Dell badged trusted product. The major feature that comes in it is the existence of not a single one dead pixel in screen display when you receive this unit and for this Dell proudly claims to replace the whole unit under its trusted guarantee program.


A large number of many trustworthy 1440p loaded panel are available in the market, depending on your desired choices and need of specifications. Some feature an efficient support to AMD Free Sync, while others support NVIDIA’s G-SYNC, but the very best option we have is a multipurpose featured display that can be used for long and tiring work sessions and extemporaneous gaming experience on best LCD monitors. The U2715H  model by Dell also had been in the limelight for some time but now it still stands somewhere far in the competition and newer models.

Unfortunately, Dell has not tried to include the support for its much-known synchronization technologies, but it’s fine when a target is not looking to pay for said features. For the visual experience part, Dell has loaded up with a standard LG IPS panel that works efficiently to a very high standard and even prior to its calibration it functions awesomely. For the functional connectivity, it has 2 HDMI, a Mini Display Port, 1 single Display Port and also 1 Display Port out. It comes up with 5 USB 3.0 ports that allow the connective access to no. of devices.


Dell’s Ultrasharp U2715H is better available option in the slot if your target is a good multipurpose display monitor with great features and IPS technology that comes under the hood of Samsung trusted warranty and durability.


ASUS offers it with a 1440p resolution. The very swift and efficient 165Hz refresh rate adds a lot of hi-tech efficiencies to display features of the monitor. The claimed 1ms response time is a major quality for this monitor. For gaming experiences and high-resolution display images, this high response time and refresh rates are a source of positive reviews for this product by ASUS.  It is loaded to support the latest known NVIDIA G-SYNC technology in monitors for extremely detailed and fine display quality.


ASUS monitor being a multipurpose and especially gamers first choice supports a dual USB 3.0 port and allows the connectivity access with many other devices also. ASUS took this product build quality and added great features to it by addition of its known latest Eye Care technology that comes with the TUV certification that helps out gummers during high graphics content viewing.


This ASUS ROG is an advisable option for you if you are looking for a high response rated, and 1440p monitor that can add up to your viewing experiences and with NVIDIA G-Sync your gaming experience can increase the thrills in image quality.

3: Acer G257HU

This product by the known brands of technology market ACER comes up to be the most economical and user-friendly support features to provide the user a multi-functional and great display quality for any purpose either gaming or high graphic image displays.


This product loaded with a panel that is supremely is ideal for low budget buyers as it has many great features like the high refresh rates, latest IPS technology, and a very low input.  The negatives come out to be in shape as it has no built-in speakers and unfortunately it is un-compatible with VESA mounting options available for performance.


To buy this product by ACER there is good news for you to purchase at Amazon. Buying this is an efficient approach in terms of fully loaded features and the VESA mounting options on it enables you to have a marvelous connectivity benefits for enjoying the ultra- fair quality images and display.

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4: ASUS MG278Q (AMD Free Sync):

ASUS offers this product within a bit expensive range but in this monitor, ASUS provides a multipurpose display which is supported by the great AMD’s Free Sync technology. It is more or less similar to the G-SYNC also but it works efficiently with the AMD graphic card. It is also loaded with ASUS Eye care technology and higher refresh rates.


StyleWQHDFull HD
Screen typeIPSIPS

This ASUS ultra-widescreen monitor is a full best option LED monitor for you if you like a very charming gaming experience. Another important fact about this monitor it is fully supported and trusted warranty by the makes. This monitor is the best gaming monitor in the slot.


Asus AMD free sync is a relatively featured product of your choice if you are seeking a dual gaming and normal use monitor.

5: AOC Q2778VQE: Best  1440p Monitor

AOC is targeting the gaming market with its new and very well equipped product “Agon monitors”. It’s a 27-inches stunning product for you if you are looking for a new and efficient display option. The latest QHD resolution comes up with a very responsive and useful 144Hz refresh rate that makes it awesome gaming monitor for you. Agon comes up with both the G-Sync and latest Free-Sync features for users to increase the display quality of monitor this product is available in economical range at


  • Screen: LED Extra narrow Bezel
  • Size: 27”
  • resolution: 2560*1440
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP: Available


AOC Q2778VQE is the preferable choice for multipurpose usage and because of efficient display options and features, it is a highly recommended choice for the G-sync lovers.

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6: Samsung S32D85OT

It is a great product by Samsung having the WQHD technology. It allows you a whole new experience of a totally awesome level of the display by Samsung. With the all new latest “ Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD)” this product got an elevated rank in your choice for the best-LED monitor with 2560*1440 resolution.


The product comes up with the standard sRGB 100% Color Compliance for good “Split-Screen feature” and the demanded Picture-in-Picture View feature for the Multi-Screen Functionality of the gaming monitor. The very renowned quality builds and its very clean, sleek design allows the extra efficient display by monitor.

WQHD SD850 Monitor by Samsung comes up with a widescreen of about 32-inches, 4 times increase and efficient performance pixel resolution with HD allows you to see multiple details at the same moment. You can positively optimize your experiences and display productivity using the SD850’s ergonomic stand that tends out to be useful in office environments. The latest and ever charming hinge technology allows a good range for the height adjustment, swivel, and tilt of the monitor.


It comes to preferred choice by users as in the box there is a wide range of connectivity lies for you. The standard Display Ports 1.2, HDMI 1.4, DVI-D Dual Link support is available with it to enhance your PC experiences with this monitor. Also, the USB 3.0 and the 4 fast USB connectors verily reduce the ever demanded need for a major docking station.

USB Super Charging that comes with it allows fast charging options for a durable and long-lasting use of a monitor. Samsung proudly induces its Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2.0 technology in this product for you. This monitor will allow you to watch your entire favorite graphical content in a single window while it can manipulate simultaneously you’re working on an office spreadsheet or stuff.

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7: BenQ GL2706PQ

The BenQ is an FHD (Full HD) IPS and TN display monitor.Suitability for this product matches up with the gamer’s demands and normal usage.


  • Size: 27”, 28”
  • Brightness: 350cd/m2
  • Refresh rates: 60 Hz
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • HDMI: Available
  • VESA: Mounted
  • Display Ports: Yes
  • Speakers: Built-In

It is a dual version product that is available in two sizes of 27” and 28”depending upon your demands. It has some great features as discussed.


Keeping in view the available features it is a preferable choice for you to buy it for multi-tasking and efficient graphical displays.

8: ASUS Designo MX27AQ

ASUS Designo is also an efficient product introduced in the monitor range by ASUS. It is also a standard WQHD IPS screened monitor for user elevated graphical and fine quality displays.


  • Size: 27”
  • Resolution: 2560*1440
  • HDMI: Supported
  • Eye Care: Yes


Indeed due to the great resolution features and HDMI slots, ASUS elevated the preferable choice for you to purchase it.

9: DELL Gaming S2716DGR

It is basically a gaming wonder by Dell including the G-sync Lit technology for you. It is definitely useful and performance device for gamers. High graphics and visual content can view at great angles from the screen.


  • Size: 27″
  • Screen: LED
  • Sync: G-sync Lit


Due to G-sync technology, it is a recommended version by Dell for gamers that can increase their thrilling experiences.

10: ACER Predator XB271HU BMIPRZ

The name reflects the performance. It is an ACER predator equipped with multi efficient features for a great gaming and visual display experience. The ever known WQHD screen and G-sync support provide the monitor to fully accessed by gamers for their thrilling experiences. This monitor is indeed the best gaming monitor in range by ACER as IPS display allows you to view minor details of the images and view graphics even at slight points on a screen.


  • Size: 27”
  • Screen: IPS
  •  HD Type: WQHD
  • Resolution: 2560*1440
  • HDMI/Display Ports: YES
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • NVIDIA: Supported
  • USB Ports:  Yes


Thus we conclude the fact that ACER predator is recommended the purchase for you as its awesome features will never let your experiences down at any performance level.

11: ASUS PB27Q8

ASUS manufactures this product under the great build and efficiently featured theme. IT provides you the very known eye care and DVI feature. Being a WQHD monitor it helps the user to experience very fine picture quality and graphical content.


  • Size:
  • Resolution:
  • HDMI:
  • DVI Eye Care:
  • Screen Type: 


Thus we conclude it to be a useful product worth purchasing for use.


ASUS ROG is a great build by ASUS in the ROG series. Asus monitor comes with a great feature of Eye care technology that countlessly saves you eyesight and reduces strains on eyes in long-term work sessions or fats moving gaming displays for gamers.


  • Size: 27”
  • Resolution: 2560*1440
  •  Screen Type: IPS
  • Refresh Rate: 165Hz
  •  Response Time: 4ms
  • G-Sync; Available
  • PD, HDMI Port: Yes
  • Eye Care: Supported


It is a highly useful device and recommended for purchase due to high eye care technology features that save you from strained sessions on work.

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