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BenQ Sw2700PT Review | Photo Editing Monitor

BenQ Sw2700PT Review | Photo Editing Monitor

Photography requires only the best monitor for photo editing in the market. In order to edit a photo, you have to witness the best possible quality yourself. Therefore, the display industry has come up with extraordinary displays from time to time. In this article, we give you a BenQ Sw2700PT Review for Photo editing.

The BenQ SW2700PT is one such fabulous display that is probably the best in the market. It has every quality feature any photo editor would need.

Starting off would be the 27-inch screen that is big enough and backed up by a fantastic resolution of 2560×1440.

Color reproduction is as precise as possible with 99% Adobe RGB rating. The display uses IPS technology and is astoundingly clear and crisp. This monitor has designed catering in mind the needs of professionals.

Thus, there are options for tweaking with the calibration software that can adjust palette element color.

A very wide angle display of 178 degrees ensures that you can view it from any corner as long as you are in front of it.

Astounding display with great resolution

This monitor has one of the highest resolutions in the market and a pixel density of 109 per inch. This alone makes it one of the sharpest and clearest displays, ideal for any photo editor. The awe-inspiring definition of this monitor will surely bring out the best in any artist.

Very accurate color reproduction

It employs a 10-bit display for reproducing colors with the maximum accuracy. BenQ has the capacity to accurately reproduce over a billion colors and, therefore, it produces silky smooth gradients. It is rated for 99% Adobe RGB and the color space is really huge.

Customizable hardware calibration

The hardware can calibrate by the user. Thus, images are consistent with the originals even though the graphics settings are different. This feature is a great tool for professionals and can really increase freedom and flexibility for editing photographs.


  • Awesome QHD resolution of 2560×1440 and very accurate color reproduction with a large color space.
  • The large screen size of 27 inches with a wide display angle of 178 degrees.
  • Hardware calibration software can keep photos consistent with their original copies despite graphics settings.
  • Single click Black and White mode for viewing photos in monochrome.


  • The price is a bit too high, but still highly recommendable.


A large number of pros definitely make this product one of the top monitors for photo editing. The high resolution and accurate color reproduction with a large color space are ideal features for a professional to have. On top of that, this photo editing monitor has a very wide viewing angle and can be viewed from anywhere in front of it. Its custom calibration mode is very useful for professionals in order to stay true to the original copies of the photographs irrespective of the graphics settings. A shade is also provided in order to isolate from ambient light. However, it cannot ignore that it is a little bit pricey for the average photo editor or the beginner who may not require so many features.

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