Complete Guide of AR 10 vs AR 15 Riffles | Which One Should I Go for ?
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Ar 10 Vs Ar 15 | Which One Should I Go for?

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Are you confuse about AR 10 vs AR 15? Like which proves to be better? Here you will find the complete comparison of Ar10 vs Ar15 Rifles. I have selected these two because they are trending now a day especially those who love hunting are eagerly buying them.

If you wish to stay updated having the latest guns, then you have first to study them individually, make a comparison for AR 10 vs AR 15 and then, in the end, make a pretty choice to buy. But here now let’s discuss the aspects of both for the sake of knowledge.

Check Ar 10 Scope

History of the Rifle:

If we jump into the history of the rifles, so we will find that it is quite long. Before studying what AR 10 or AR 15 is? we will first study the history of the term rifle to have the proper idea about each. The term rifle came from the French word “rifler” which means to scuff.

A gun which has the long vat and is held against the shoulder for shooting purposes is a “rifle.” Most of the hunters use scopes along with the rifle to see the target magnified. We cannot entirely rely on this definition that rifle is somewhat a gun which always held on the shoulder because in the previous time (1664) cannons were also held at the shoulder to shoot.

But there is a minimal dissimilarity in the mechanism like stock, vat and triggering which sets them apart from each other.

Do You Know?
Rifles were the most used weapons in the Word War I. Combat troops used them as their primary weapon. They proved to be the best performance weapon at that time with the sufficient availability. Rifle works on the fact that it does not have the firepower of a machine gun or can say the specific effect of a hand grenade.

But it has unique features that are: sufficient amount of availability, even only one person can use a rifle, easy to manage by one in the war like we can say to shoot continuously, ease of use and commendable trust.

You almost got the basic idea of what is a rifle. Now let us jump towards the question that what is AR 10 or AR 15.

Here we go!

AR 10 vs AR 15 Riffles Comparison:

What is a AR 10 Rifle?

Later in the 1950s, an American Firearms designer named Eugene Stoner developed a rifle ArmaLite AR 10 which is almost sized equal to 7.62x51mm. The name ArmaLite used as a prefix here because it’s manufactured by ArmaLite.

In the starting years, it has the innovative design made by using the combination of phenol formaldehyde which is the synthetic polymers and the impure alloy parts.

This rifle is designed in a way which helps to control the automatic fire and is quite light weighted as compared to the trending guns used now a day.

Although it has been in the service in Portugal (1960-1976) and Sudan (1958 – 1985). Still, it missed developing the service orders from military clients of domestic and foreign countries.

Design of AR 10:

The design of AR 10 is quite impressive if we count the time from when it was developed. Back in the 1950s when there were not many resources to design a product efficiently and attractively, still the design is followed by the latest rifles of current times.

The most astonishing part is that of its lightweight. Usually, when people are into hunting or in a war, they expect to have a weapon which is light-weighted. The air cooled and magazine fed design is so appealing that it named after the Big Brother of AR 15.

The proper guide to open the several parts of the AR 10 rifle is provided by the FAL. The specialty of its light weight which is 3.29 to 4.05 kg without magazine and ammunition is due to the manufacturing components used in it. The lock of the bolt is subjected to the barrel.

The straight stock which mounted above the barrel of the rifle helps to set the target with ease even the side lever can adjust with no difficulty.

ar 10

What is a AR 15 Rifle?

As we are studying the AR 10 vs AR 15 rifles, so it is quite apparent to judge every aspect of AR 15 as judged for AR 10.

So talking about the successor of the previously discussed gun. AR 15 as the name shows is resultant and uses the same feature of direct gas impingement. This feature enables it to perform the 800 rounds per minute cyclic rate with the tremendous velocity of 875 m/s. This rifle is a semi-automatic form of M-16 and is developed in 1963. Usually, it is named as ArmaLite AR 15 which is produced by the same American Firearm designer Eugene Stoner.

ArmaLite then sold the product to the Colt due to different crises.  This company later made several versions of AR 15 such as AR 15A2, AR 15A3, AR 15A4 and many more.

This rifle uses the entirely different mechanism for its operation. The carrier of the bolt is cylindrical and is movable too whereas the bolt is a stationary piston. This is similar to its predecessor.

Design of AR 15:

As in the family of AR 10, this rifle also designed in a way which proves to be lightweight and straight line recoil. The manufacturing done with the heavy usage of aluminum and synthetic polymers same as that in AR 10.

Talking about its system, so it is a modular weapon, and the assembly is so handy. The trigger is located on the lower side. It has the handiest feature of assembling it from the rear side.

ar 15

AR 10 vs AR 15 Scopes:

Let’s look at what makes a scope a good scope. Is it the multi-coated objective lens? Is it a simple reticle that is easy to line up your gun with your target?

It conveniently placed adjustment knobs that allow you to adjust the settings with ease? Is it the magnification power? Is it the size of the tube or scope body? Or the scopes of AR 10 prove to be best or AR 15?

Each of these specific characteristics works together to make a riflescope an excellent scope for whatever your needs are. We recommend that you investigate the options available and make your own informed decision on which scope to buy.

The old rule of thumb from experience hunters used to be that you should spend twice the cost of the gun on buying the scope. I don’t think that philosophy is valid today. However, buy the best AR 10 scope that you can afford.

Don’t waste your money on a cheap, inexpensive scope that you can’t see through. You will disappoint with it, and you will end up returning it.

With all of the riflescopes that are available for purchase. It can be hard to find the right one for you. Based on our knowledge and experience. We have selected five of the best scopes for you to look at and consider for your application.

ar 10 and ar 15 rifles


Pros and Cons of Ar10 vs Ar15:

As far as the comparison between AR 10 or AR 15 is concerned. Let us review each one by one.

AR 10 riffle
  • It is a lightweight rifle with the operation of air-cooled gas.
  • Regarding size, so AR 10 has standard 7.62×51 mm loads and 20 round magazine bucket which can be removed at any time.
  • The weight of AR 10 is 3.39 and 4.05 kg in the case when the ammo and magazine are not attached.
  • It is manufactured with the phenol formaldehyde with the collaboration of forged alloy parts.
  • The complete round of fire rate that it produces is round-about 700/min with 2772 FPS and the velocity of almost 845 meters per second.
AR 15 riffle
  • AR 15 has taken the design from AR 10 so that it can prove to be the parent rifle.
  • The similar gas impingement operation with the AR 10.
  • AR 15 has the 5.56mm light-weight structure.
  • The weight of this rifle as compared to the AR 10 is 2.2 and 3.9 kgs.
  • The complete round of the fire rate of AR 15 is 800 per minute with 3200 FPS and the velocity of almost 975 meters per second.
  • However, the range it covers is 600 yards.

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Now here comes the question after reading the entire information on Ar 10 vs Ar 15 that which is best. This thing is quite difficult to sort out because both have their significance. But as you know the assault rifles have gained enough coverage in the modern times.

Although if one wants to go hunting at the large scale like where no one compromises on performance related to sharpshooting: than AR 10 goes best. But if somebody wants to do it on a small scale as in the home area; somewhere outside in the garden, so AR 15 proves to be a convenient choice.

Now you must be pretty much clear about both the riffles. As discussed in the few paragraphs before that the famous scopes used with these excellent rifles.

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Especially those who don’t know the complete information about the fact is that AR 15 also named as M16 by US military also get enough information about rifles along with the scope that suits.

So it all depends on your area of using this rifle and to select which scope suits best either AR 10 vs AR 15 . Simply see the different posts on scopes below and make your own choice to buy.

Good Luck!

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