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Nikon Buckmaster II Review | Best 308 Ar Scopes to Buy in 2018

308 ar scopes

Nowadays Ar 10 optics is seen to be the most important development in rifle accuracy. When 308 Ar Scopes was not invented, most of the marksmen are forced to aim and secure their targets through the iron sights.

On a current note, this process can be very hard to master and can cause too many inconsistencies in the shoot.

It also takes too much time in making sure that the aim is good and that the target is really within the “ZONE” of accuracy or NOT.

With the commencement of 308 Ar Scopes, the identification, location, and aiming of targets are made simple.

You just have to point the crosshairs at the target and get set ready to fire away. Securing the target is made easy due to this added magnification of the target through the scope’s lenses. These and many more advantages are brought to the table by the best scope for Ar 10

It does not even matter if you are shooting in a very wide expanse of space or in a situation where you need to take long-range shots. All you need is the right scope on the right rifle, and you are ready to go hunting with precision.

There are many options for best optics for Ar 308.

All it depends on YOUR CHOICE!

List of 5 Best 308 Ar Scopes:

Best 308 Ar ScopesMagnificationLens Diameter Price
Nikon Buckmaster II

Berris 200261

Nikon P-223

Bushnell Drop Zone -223
Bushnell Trophy Sight

You might be engaged in a close quarter battle or hunting in an environment where the range is not an issue. You can also be hunting in a wide expanse like a ranch where your game is bigger, and you need to shoot farther away.

Maybe you are fond of hunting but in a different way. Like we can say, not to shoot but to put a mark. You might be a good target setter with crossbow scopes and wishes to have such compound bows through which your plan of hunting on a weekend goes awesome.

Coming back to rifle scopes, so there are such Ar 10 optics out there designed to be used in a more versatile manner where you can shoot in wide ranges.

Long range scopes or optics are usually designed and mounted with a rifle that specifically compliments the caliber of the bullet. This allows the scope to have some measurement of compensating for the drop of the bullet and other features that can help in considering for wind deflection and other long-range shooting factors.

When you have the right long range scope in the right rifle, there is little chance for you to miss even a distant target.

Nikon Buckmaster II (308 Ar Scopes):

When two of the best names in the world of SPORTS and OPTICS companies come together, the result is obviously world class, and that is what you get in Nikon Buckmaster II 308 Ar Scope.

This rifle scope is famous for hunting purposes. From that aspect, you must be known that hunting requires those rifles which are of high quality, parallax-free, straight LOS, great undeniable accuracy and lightweight. Nikon Buckmaster II entails all these prominent characteristics dominantly.

Features of Nikon Buckmasters II:

It is a 308 Ar Scope with high-quality optics which has been possible because of Nikon. The clarity is such that it would be great in the toughest hunting condition.

If we consider the best Ar scope under 200, then Nikon Buckmasters II is very popular for hunters for one very good reason that stood the test of time – simplicity or ease of use.

You do not have to strain too much in aiming through your iron sights. All you have to do is put the crosshairs zeroed on your target and fired away.

Aside from the ease of aiming targets from a very clear “cross” you can also magnify the target. If you are hunting down small games like rabbits, then you might want to have high magnification scopes with high-quality rifles to make your shots more accurate.

The best thing is that it is resistant to fog, shock, and water and you can have a hassle-free viewing experience at a price which cannot be offered by any other brand. The lenses have anti-reflection coating to provide 92% clear view even when the light is more.

The 308 Ar scope has 4.5x to 14x magnification and the other features together will let you aim simply at a various shot distance. In short, it is one of the best in its class.

The Bullet Drop Compensating [BDC] reticle is the most certain feature has it is designed in a way that offers fast and simple aiming points, especially for short distances.


  • Anti-reflection coating on the lenses that reduces reflection and gives 92% Clarity.
  • The product is resistant to fog, water, and shock.
  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • It is easy to use while aiming at different distances.


  • Turrets are not aligned well.
  • The Buckmaster 4.5-14×40 Riflescope is a bit difficult to set up, but that can be solved with the manual.


As the entire information regarding the best 308 Ar Scope has been shared with you. All the characteristics it has and the arena for which it is suitable to use. The purpose of it usage and goods and bads make you able to select it now. For sure!

According to me as Nikon making the cool products concerning design, features, and performance, Buckmaster II is fair to the production. So what are you waiting for, Go and buy it as soon as possible?

🙂  Good Luck! 🙂


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